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Families covered: Hobson of Cropton, Hobson of the Isle of Wight, Hobson of Kirkby Moorside, Hobsonn of Marybone

William Hobsonn
m. Isabell
1. Thomas Hobsonn (d after 21.02.1506)
  m. Jane
  A. Richard Hobsonn of Marybone Park, Middlesex (d after 21.02.1520)
m. Parnell Frowick
  i. Thomas Hobsonn of Marybone
  m. _ Hotteste (dau of John Hottoste)
  a. Thomas Hobsonn of Marybone, later of the Isle of Wight
  m. Margaret Holborne (dau of Nicholas Holborne of Chelsea)
  (1) Thomas Hobson of Ningwood, Isle of Wight
  m. Mary Jenkinson (dau of Anthony Jenkinson of Sywell)
  (A) John Hobson
  m. Anne Bromfield of Southwark (widow of William Keeling)
  (B) Margaret Hobson
  m. Anthony Earlesman
  (C)+ other issue (a 1634) - Richard, Thomas, Anthony, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Mary
  B. William Hobsonn
  i. Thomas Hobsonn
  m. Julia Harewood
  a. James Hobsonn of Hasting, Sussex
  m1. Ellen Stant
  (1) Thomas Hobson
  m2. Anne Stokes (dau of Henry Stokes of Sussex)
  (2) Winifrid Hobson
  m. _ Ferrys of Hasting
  (3) Mary Hobson
  m. _ Butler of Kingston
  (4)+ other issue (a 1634) - St. John, James, Elizabeth, Anne
  b.+ other issue - William, James, Thomas, John



(Richard?) Hobson (d by 1675?)
m. Ellen (a 12.1675)
1. George Hobson of Cropton in Middleton (near Pickerin) (a 04.1702)
  m. (23.06.1683) Jane Strickland (dau of Thomas Strickland, widow of _ Knowles)
  A. Rcihard Hobson of Cropton, later of The Hall, Kirkby Moorside (b 1684, d 02.03.1711-2)
  m. (01.03.0702-3) Eleanor Hobson (dau of Richard Hobson of Newton) @@ below
i. Richard Hobson (b 1703-4, dsp bur 09.04.1750)
  m. (02.1727-8) Mary Statham (b 1704-5, dau of Sir John Statham by Bridget, dau/coheir of Henry Wigley of Wigwell)
  ii. James Hobson of Kirkby Moorside (bpt 03.03.1711-2, d 11.12.1791)
  m. (01.05.1743) Elizabeth Preston (bpt 07.11.1717, d 23.08.1799, dau of Edward Preston of New Malton by Elizabeth Frankland)
  The following is supported by 'Pedigrees of The County Families of Yorkshire' (Joseph Foster, vol III, North and East Riding (1874), 'Pedigree of Serjeantson of Hanlith and Camphill').
  a. George Hobson (bpt 02.1743-4, bur 01.03.1743-4)
  b. Elizabeth Hobson
  m1. (07.08.1770) William Serjeantson of Hanlith & Wakefield (b 02.1737, d 04.1782)
  m2. (29.03.1784) Benjamin Heywood of Stanley Hall
  c. Eleanor Hobson (bpt 27.07.1743, d 22.06.1830)
  m. (04.11.1772) Rev. James Willoughby (bpt 23.01.1731-2, d 10.02.1816, Rector of Guiseley son of Hon. Thomas by Elizabeth Sotheby)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - George (b c1706, bur 20.05.1742), Thomas (bpt 02.08.1708, d young), John (bpt 02.08.1708, bur 19.10.1709), John (bpt 26.09.1710, bur 28.08.1717)
2. Richard Hobson of Newton in Pickering (d 1702, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Norcliffe, later of Scarborough (a 01.1719, dau of Thomas Norcliffe)
  A. Eleanor Hobson (bur 03.01.1766)
  m. (01.03.0702-3) Richard Hobson of Cropton @@ above
  B. Jane Hobson
  m. Robert Garbutt of Scarborough
  C. Ann Hobson
  m. Robert Dowker of Sawton
  D.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 08.08.1680), Elizabeth (bpt 18.07.1675)
3. Jane Hobson
  m. Nicholas Mede of Lastingham
  A. Nicholas Mede of Lastingham
4.+ other issue - Thomas (d 1702), Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : CountyGen (Berry, Hampshire, p269), Visitation (Hampshire, 1634, 'Hobson')
(2) For lower section : MGH (NS3 vol 4 (1902), ' Pedigree of the Family of Hobson of Cropton and Kirkby Moorside, co. York, and their descendants and representative', p265+)
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