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Families covered: Heriot of Edinburgh

Harriot (p116) provides a copy of the 'Pedigree of Heriot of Trabroun and Edinburgh' shown in William Steven's book on Heriot Hospital (referred to below as "Steven"), noting that that has been followed by later sources, but whilst pointing out that that pedigree "was not done as an in-depth genealogical study", reports that it is incomplete. That pedigree starts with "George Heriot, son of Laird of Trabroun, supposed to be the first to settle in Edinburgh, Goldsmith" (who m. Christian Kyle) but does not specify exactly how that George fits into the family of Trabroun.
John Heriot of Ravelston (b c1478, d c1562)
m1. ??
1. George Heriot of Edinburgh (b c1500, goldsmith)
  Steven's pedigree shows George's wife, and mother of the next George, as Christian Kyle with Elizabeth Balderson being a wife of his son, George. Harriot suggests as follows.
  m1. Christian Kyle
  A. George Heriot (b c1540, d 1610, goldsmith)
George may have had as many as 40 children! The following is a considered attempt to allocate the known children to the right marriage but, for some of the children, there remains some uncertainty as to who their mother was. Note that George's eldest son, David, was illegitimate and so is shown below the legitimate children.
  m1. ??
  i George Heriot (b 06.1563, d 12.02.1623/4, goldsmith & jeweler, Founder of Heriot's Hospital)
  m1. (01.1586/7) Christian Marjoribanks (d c1603, dau of Simon Marjoribanks)
  a.+ issue - William (bpt 08.02.1595), Robert (bpt 25.11.1599), John (bpt 14.05.1601)
  m2. (24.08.1609) Alison Primrose (dau of James (not Jean) Primrose)
  partner(s) unknown
  d. Elizabeth Band, later Heriot (b c1611)
  m1. James Josey or Jossie
  (1)+ issue - Robert, James
  m2. William Dun
  e. Margaret Scott (b c1619)
  ii. Patrick Heriot ("Settled in Genoa and married into an Italian family")
  a. Francischetta Heriot (bpt 16.10.1600)
  m. (01.09.1620) John Cesaris
  (1)+ issue - Peter, Francis, Mary
  iii. Michael Heriot (b c1580)
  m. (10.07.1633) Margaret Wallace
  a. David Heriot (b c1634)
  iv. Adam Heriot (b c1583)
  v. Margaret Heriot b c1567, d 22.05.1628)
  m1. James Scott
  d. William Scott (MD)
  e. George Scott
  m. Janet
  (1)+ issue - Robert, James, Janet, Mary
  f. Janet Scott
  m. George Scott of Leith (skipper)
  g. Margaret Scott
  m. Alexander Ramsay
  (1)+ issue - George (bpt 29.11.1616), John (bpt 24.09.1620), George (bpt 28.02.1622), Alexander (bpt 10.07.1623, d infant?), William (bpt 27.07.1624), Alexander (bpt 25.10.1632), Margaret (bpt 28.12.1617), Agnes (bpt 31.01.1619), Jonet (bpt 12.03.1626), Barbara (bpt 06.05.1628), Margaret (bpt 22.01.1630), Catherine (bpt 15.06.1631)
  m2. (12.05.1697) Robert Kincaid
  a. Anna Kincaid (bpt 14.08.1600)
  m. (1629) James Kintor
  (1) William Kintor (5th son)
  m. Christine Cullen
  (2)+ other issue - James (b c1631), George (bpt 07.09.1632), Robert (b c1633), Mungo (b c1634), Ludovick (bpt 11.08.1640)
  b. Barbara Kincaid (bpt 23.02.1602)
  c. Marie Kincaid (bpt 07.06.1603)
  m. (c23.09.1622) Ludovick Keir
  (1) Janet Keir (bpt 25.05.1630, d 25.05.1672)
  m. (23.10.1666) George Heriot (d 26.02.1672)
  (A)+ issue - Ludovick (bpt 17.06.1669, d 1672), George, John
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 29.11.1622, d infant?), Walter (bpt 01.03.1625), George (bpt 23.03.1626), Ludovick (bpt 07.09.1631), Alexander (bpt 29.11.1632), James (bpt 27.07.1634), Richard (bpt 24.11.1635), Thomas (bpt 30.03.1637), John (bpt 28.05.1640), Marie (bpt 09.12.1623), Margaret (bpt 03.08.1641, d infant?), Anna (bpt 10.08.1638), Margaret (bpt 29.05.1627), Marion (bpt 11.07.1643)
  vi. Elspeth Heriot (b c1571, a 1632)
  m1. Alexander Adamson
  m2. Henry Cleghorne
  a.+ issue - David (bpt 29.07.1621), James (bpt 04.11.1624), Thomas (b c1626), Catharine (bpt 22.03.1629), Isobell (b c1632)
  m2. (before 1591) Katherine Ousteane (Houston?)
  vii. Janet Heriot
  m. (04.07.1599) John Dickson
  a.+ issue - John (bpt 01.11.1607), George (b c1608)
  viii. Agnes Heriot (b c1591)
ix. Marion Heriot
  m. (31.03.1614) John Houson
  m3. Christian Blaw
  x. James Heriot (b 30.09.1598, d c1634, jeweler to King Charles I, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. (04.06.1624/5) Elizabeth Joyce (dau of Robert Joyce or Jossy (Keeper of the Robes to King Charles I), m2. David Cunningham of Robertland)
  a. Elizabeth Heriot (d 03.1672)
  m. (1654) Richard Cunningham of Glengarnock (d 10.1670)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (b/d c1626), David (b/d c1627), George (b/d c1629), James (b/d c1633), Joseph (d 1660), Alexander (d before 1660), daughter (b/d c1629)
  xi. Christian Heriot 
  m. Archibald Lindsay (MD)
  a.+ issue - George (b 04.1621), Thomas (b 13.06.1626), Archibald (b 16.09.1626), James (b 11.03.1631), Patrick (b 14.10.1633), Sibilla (b 03.05.1624)
  xii. Sibilla Heriot (bpt 25.06.1607, d before 1645)
  m. (21.06.1626) Andrew Ahannay
  a.+ issue - John, Richard, Grissell
  xiii.+ other issue - Clement (b c1596), Robert (b c1601), Alexander (b c1601), Thomas (bpt 07.1603)
  partner unknown
  xiv. David Heriot of Edinburgh (b c1560, bur 26.03.1661, goldsmith) legitimised 1593, shown by Steven as 3rd son of Christian Blaw
  m. Margaret King (dau of Alexander King of Edinburgh)
  a. David Heriot of Edinburgh (b c1596, bur 06.11.1686)
  m. (23.04.1622) Margaret Makgill (McGill) (b c1600, bur 09.11.1662)
  (1) David Heriot (b 10.03.1626?, 2nd son)
  m. (29.11.1655) Catherine Primrose
  (A) David Heriot (bpt 01.05.1662, d c1713, 3rd son)
  m. (before 1690) Margaret Elies (d 09.06.1741)
  (i) Catherine Heriot (bpt 25.03.1690, d before 1717)
  m. Andrew Spottiswood (d before 1717)
  (a) John Spottiswood (bpt 11.08.1709)
  (ii)+ other issue - David (bpt 02.10.1694), James (bpt 24.10.1697), Margaret (bpt 28.05.1692)
  p. Marion Steill
  (v) Catherine Heriot (b 03.05.1655)
  (B) Margaret Heriot (bpt 24.10.1667, d 17.10.1757)
  m. (05.02.1701) James Smith
  (i) Christian Smith
  m. James Reid 'of Gorgie'
  (a) Margaret Reid (b 1741, d 08.09.1814)
  m. John Hay
((1)) Isabel Hay
  m. Thomas Brougham
  ((2))+ other issue - Christian, Frances, Catherine, Mary
  (b) Jean Reid (b 1745)
  m. (1768) Robert Williamson
  ((1))+ issue - James Reid (b 25.10.1768), Robert (b 15.09.1771), Christian (b 31.01.1770)
  (c) Catherine Reid (b 1747)
  m. Alexander Hamilton
  (d) Isobel Reid
  (C) Jean Heriot (bpt 24.03.1672)
  m. John Reid
  (i)+ issue - David (bpt 21.01.1704), Thomas (b 11.08.1708), John (b 17.02.1711), Catherine (b 11.08.1698), Jean (bpt 12.02.1700), Sarah (b c1701), Helen (b 16.9.1706), Anna (b 14.04.1713)
  (D) Catherine Heriot (bpt 25.12.1674, d 19.01.1720)
  m. John Spottiswood
  (i) John Spottiswood (b 11.08.1709)
  (E)+ other issue - David (bpt 13.12.1657, d before 1662), James (bpt 22.05.1659), Sarah (bpt 01.11.1663)
  (2) Alexander Heriot (b 12.03.1634, 6th son)
  m. (09.01.1654) Issobell Mowet
  (A) James Heriot (bpt 17.08.1666, youngest son)
  m. (29.01.1669) Helen Wood
  (B) Eupham Heriot (bpt 08.06.1655)
  m. George Fletcher
  (i)+ issue - Agnes (bpt 27.05.1691), Margaret (bpt 16.08.1694)
  (C) Margaret Heriot (bpt 12.13.1663, d 20.10.1718)
  m. Alexander Clerk
  (i)+ issue - Alexande (bpt 03.08.1682), William (bpt 06.02.1688), Issobell (bpt 23.09.1679), Margaret (bpt 05.11.1680), Elizabeth (bpt 11.05.1684, d 1684)
  (D)+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 23.11.1656), George (bpt 19.10.1658), Agnes (bpt 02.03.1661)
  (3) George Heriot (bpt 27.07.1640, 10th son)
  m. (06.11.1663) Issobell Beg
  (A)+ issue - Archibald (bpt 21.04.1667), Jonet (bpt 30.10.1664)
  (4) Margaret Heriot (bpt 04.03.1624)
  m. (20.10.1642) David Peeblis (Peebles?)
  (A)+ issue - David (bpt 03.10.1643), Hew (bpt 14.04.1645), George (bpt 03.01.1647), Robert (b 04.01.1649), James (b 28.08..1651), Margaret (bpt 13.04.1654)
  (5) Jonet Heriot (bpt 03.03.1625)
  m1. (07.07.1641) John Bailyea (Baillie?)
  (A) Thomas Bailyea (bpt 29.06.1642)
  (B) John Bailyea (bpt 29.06.1642)
  (i) John Bailyea
  m2. (20.12.1655) Hew Softley
  (C)+ other issue - John (bpt 08.06.1657, d before 1659), John (bpt 15.05.1659), David (bpt 31.07.1663, d before 1666), David (bpt 12.06.1666), Jean (bpt 20.04.1656), Margaret (bpt 11.01.1661), Catherine (bpt 05.04.1662), Marion (bpt 21.10.1664)
  (6) Christiane Heriot
  m. Robert Bell
  (7)+ other issue - David (bpt 25.04.1623, d before 1626), James (bpt 24.07.1628), George (bpt 12.04.1629), Laurence (bpt 01.10.1631), Robert (bpt 13.02.1637), John (bpt 14.05.1638), James (bpt 26.07.1639), Andrew (bpt 06.01.1643), John (pt 29.04.1644), Richard (bpt 08.07.1645), Elizabeth (bpt 09.03.1627), Marion (bpt 04.06.1630), Helen (bpt 12.03.1635), Marion (bpt 21.02.1636), Jean (bpt 11.12.1646), Agnes (bpt 09.01.1648)
  b. Alexander Heriot (bpt 28.01.1598, d 1643)
  m. (24.02.1627) Sarah Stalpart (d before 1639)
  (1)+ issue - James (b 14.10.1628), Alexander (bpt 26.06.1633, d 1677), David (b c1634), Ann (bpt 05.09.1630, d 1706), Sarah (bpt 10.03.1631, a 1674), Mary (bpt 15.04.1636), Catherine?
c. Katherine Heriot (b c1590, d c1623)
  m. (30.04.1612) Robert Maxwell (b c1623)
  (1)+ issue - David (bpt 30.11.1617), Robert (bpr 10.12.1620), John (bpt 05.01.1622), Margaret (bpt 09.01.1614), Janet (bpt 06.06.1616)
  d. Marion Heriot (b 06.07.1595, a 1646)
  m. (29.01.1618) Hercules Guthrie (d c1623)
  (1)+ issue - Alexander (bpt 22.10.1620), David (bpt 02.09.1622), Margaret (bpt 27.08.1618)
  e. Euphame Heriot (b 14.02.1602)
  m. (before 1625) James Watson
  f. Helen Heriot (bpt 03.11.1605, d c1626)
  m. (15.09.1625) George Ker (m2. Janet Mowbray)
  g. Janet Heriot (b 1607, d 1652)
  m. (25.08.1629) David Pringle (d 1640)
  (1) David Pringle (d c1687)
  m1. (17.01.1665) Jonet Cochran (d 1673)
  (A)+ issue - David (bpt 11.11.1666, d infant), David (bpt 20.02.1670), Jonet (bpt 01.12.1655), Marion (bpt 15.01.1669), Rebecca (bpt 08.04.1671), Grissell
  m2. (1677) Marion Maxwell
  (G)+ other issue - William (bpt 24.06.1679), James (bpt 20.03.1683), Jean (bpt 17.09.1680), Margaret (bpt 20.03.1682)
  (2) Janet Pringle
  m. (09.08.1667) Thomas Murray
  (3)+ other issue - John, James, Allison (b c1631), Margaret, Jean
  h. Margaret Heriot (b 19.11.1609, d c1648)
  m. John Marshall (Merschell) (d before 1649)
  (1)+ issue - David, Margaret
  i.+ other issue - George (b 21.10.1604), Isobel (b 11.09.1597), Margaret (b 04.01.1601, d infant), Sara (b c1603)
  B. John Heriot (d before 1599, youngest son)
  i. Janet Heriot (b c1588)
  m. (before 1602) John Mackgill
  a.+ issue - David (bpt 20.04.1602), James (bpt 5.06.1608), Alexander (bpt 08.07.1610), George (b 15.06.1617), Janet (bpt 28.06.1612), Marion (bpt 21.11.1613)
  ii.+ other issue - Michael (b c1580, d 1631), Peter (b c1586), James
  C. Margaret Heriot (d 16.03.1622)
  m. John Carmichael (d before 16.03.1622)
  i. Robert Carmichael (a 1632)
  D. Christian Heriot
  m. (13.04.1600) William Gray
  i.+ issue - John, Jonat
  E.+ other issue - Alexander, Michael (b c1547), James (b c1550)
  m2. (?) Elizabeth Balderson
2. Alexander Heriot (b c1500)
  A. Andrew Heriot (b c1559)
  m1. Agnes Fairlie (d 1575)
  i.+ issue - George (b c1572), Jane (b c1573)
  m2. (c1576) Marion
  iii.+ other issue - Mariane (b c1577), Cristiane (b c1578)
  B. Matthew Heriot (d 1587)
  m. Jane Reid
  i. Alexander Heriot (b c1585)
  C. Thomas Heriot
  D. Alison Heriot (b c1522)
  m. Ninian Hamilton
3.+ other issue - Thomas, Isobell, James, Katherine
m2. (mcrt 19.10.1562) Agnes Paterson (m1. ??)

Main source(s): 'Beyond Trabroun' (see Heriot01) with many thanks to the author, Ray Harriot, for helping us prepare this page
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