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Families covered: Heriot of Aldinston (Aldingston), Heriot of Edinburgh, Heriot of Lymphoy (Lumphoy), Heriot of Trabroun

(1) This page was originally developed using Ballingall's work. It was redone in 2020 using Harriot's book & correspondence and provides a good example of how an understanding of a family's ancestry can be developed when new documentation is found that contradicts previous assumptions.
(2) Although he notes that there is no real evidence to support the claim, Harriot suggests that it is not improbable that Sir Robert Heriot (d Otterburn 08.1388) was the father of ...
James Heriot of Niddry Marshall (b c1380, a 1414)
1. John Heriot of Trabroun (b c1405, d c1440?)
Ballingall shows that John, who obtained a charter for Trabroun in 1423-4, was succeeded by Simon, leaving the impression that Simon was his son. However, Harriot favours the view that Simon was his brother rather than his son.
2. Simon Heriot of Aldinston & Trabroun (b c1420, a 1488)
  Ballingall indicates that Simon's son James inherited Trabroun c1460, implying that Simon died around then. Harriot reports (1) that Simon was still alive in 1488 and apparently preferred to live at Aldinston rather than Trabroun, and (2) that Simon was succeeded at Aldinston by his son William, who is not mentioned by Ballingall.
  A. James Heriot of Trabroun (b c1438, d(sp?) by 1483)
  m. ?? Congalton (sister of Patrick Congalton, younger of Congalton)
  Ballingall shows that Simon's son James was succeeded at Trabroun by Andrew, omitting David. Harriot reports evidence that James's successor at Trabroun was his brother David.
  B. William Heriot of Aldinston (b c1440)
  Ballingall shows that the Andrew of Trabroun who succeeded the above John of Trabroun was Simon's grandson, son of James, and shows Andrew as succeeded by his grandson, James son of James who dvp. We follow Harriot in showing that Andrew's successor was James, son of this William's eldest son, Thomas.
i. Thomas Heriot (b c1470, d 1510)
  a. James Heriot of Trabroun (d 04.10.1580)
Harriot mentions one source that suggests that his first wife (m. before 08.08.1531) was a Helen Brown but does not mention her again and supports the view that he married two or three times, first to Janet Cockburn, secondly to Helen Cockburn, and possibly also to a Katherine Lawson. We wonder whether or not Helen Cockburn was the same person as either Janet Cockburn or Helen Brown. Provisionally, we show all his children as by ...
  m1/2. Janet (or Helen) Cockburn (of Ormiston family)
  (1) James Heriot of Trabroun (d 04.06.1618)
  m. (mcrt 01.10.1560) Isabel Maitland (d 24.12.1621, dau of Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington)
  (A) Richard Heriot (dvp by 1604)
  (B) Robert Heriot of Trabroun (d 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Dundas (dau of John Dundas of Newliston)
  (i) Anna Heriot
  m. (1625) James Brown of Coalston (d 1668-9)
  (ii)+ other issue - James (dvp), Barbara
  (C) Elizabeth Heriot
  m. (mcrt 01.08.1595) James Sandilands of Calder, 2nd Lord Torphichen (b c1574, d 08.1617)
  (D) Anna Heriot
  m. John Hoppringill of that ilk
  (2) Andrew Heriot of Burnturk (d unm c1587)
  (3) Peter Heriot (d 1587)
m. Margaret Wardlaw
  (4) George Heriot of Collielaw (d by 1620)
  m. Katherine Loutheane (a 1620)
  (5) Margaret Heriot
  m. Thomas Fawsyde of Tranent
  (6) Elizabeth Heriot
  m. (mcrt 23.06.1558) Thomas Hamilton of Priestfield
  (7) Alison Heriot
  m1. (1571) William Pringle of Torwoodlee (d 1581)
  m2. John (probably not David) Renton of Baillie (Billie)
  (8) Agnes Heriot
  m. Alexander Dalmahoy of that ilk
  (9) Janet Heriot
  m. John Borthwick of Ballincrieff
  (10) Helen Heriot
m. George Home in Gullane
  m2/1. Helen Cockburn or Helen Brown
  m3. (?) Katherine Lawson
  b. Janet Heriot shown by Ballingall as dau of Andrew of Trabroun
  m. (1553) John Acheson (captain)
  ii. Andrew Heriot of Trabroun (d 1530/c1532)
  iii. David Heriot of Edinburgh
  a.+ issue - William, Andrew, David
  iv. George Heriot of Longniddry (a 1504, 1531) possibly of this generation
  C. George Heriot (a 1477)
Harriot reports that George "is the father of several children that are erroneously attributed to James Heriot, Laird of Trabroun, in Ballingall's work."
  i. John Heriot of Lymphoy (Lumphoy) (d by 1518)
  m. ?? (probably a Livingston or Sinclair)
  a. Robert Heriot of Lymphoy & Glasgow (a 1500, d 1555-6, "cousin of Henry Sinclair, son of Oliver Sinclair and his wife Isobell Livingston")
  m. Helen Swinton (d 1584, she m2. Edward Henryson)
  (1) Helen Heriot --
  m1. Thomas Craig of Riccarton (d 26.02.1608) --
  m2. Sir John Arnot of Berswick, Provost of Edinburgh
  (2) Agnes Heriot (d 05.08.1593) --
  m. James Foulis --
  (3) Jeane or Joanne Heriot
  m. John Laurie or Lawrie (baillie of Edinburgh)
  b. Gilbert Heriot
  c. Allan Heriot of Glasgow (d(sp?) before 1531)
m. Marion Fleming (m2. Robert Stirling)
  ii. James Heriot (d 1522, Canon of Ross)
  iii. Agnes Heriot shown by Ballingall as dau of Andrew of Trabroun
  m. Thomas Buchanan of Moss
  D. David Heriot of Trabroun (a 1510, 5th son)
  Ballingall shows that the Andrew who succeeded to Trabroun was son of James. Harriot is not certain who was Andrew's father but suggests that it was their uncle William.
  E. Walter Heriot of Lathonis & Ballingall (d c1481) possibly of this generation --
Walter provides the link to the Ramornie branch. 'Beyond Trabroun' (p66) reports that "Nothing has been ascertained about (Walter's) ancestors, but there are strong reasons for believing that he was a younger son of the Heriots of Trabroun".
  F. Robert Heriot
  i. Robert Heriot
  ii. Alexander Heriot
  a. John Heriot of Ravelston (b c1478, d c1562)
  iii. Janet Heriot (a 1505)
  m. Alexander Towris
  iv. Agnes Heriot (a 1505)
  m1. Alexander Creighton
  m2. Richard Littil
  G. Patrick Heriot (a 1504)
3. William Heriot
  A. Andrew Heriot of Trabroun (dspms c1532)
  Ballingall shows that Andrew was succeeded by his grandson James, son of James who dvp (without being clear which of Andrew's wives was that James's mother). We follow Harriot in showing that his successor at Trabroun was James, son of Thomas son of William of Aldinston, above.
  m1. Janet Borthwick
  m2. Marion Cockburn (a 1535)
  B.+ other issue - David, Thomas

Main source(s):
(1) 'Collections and Notes Historical and Genealogical regarding the Heriots of Trabroun, Scotland' compiled by G.W. Ballingall, printed privately in 1878; we understand that a second edition was published in 1894; we have not pursued that, preferring instead to rely on ...
(2) [used for the review in December 2020] 'Beyond Trabroun (Heriots of Scotland 1400-1700)', published in Maryland (USA) in 2012 (ISBN 0-9617653-2-1), with many thanks to the author, Ray Harriot, for providing us with a file copy of the book and for correspondence that helped us redo this page [a copy of the book will be provided in this site in due course]
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