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Families covered: Helyar of Canonteign, Helyar of Coker (East Coker), Helyar of Newton Park, Helyar of Sedgehill

Commoners reports that "This family came originally from the county of Devon, where it appears to have been of importance, for we find one William Helyar representing Melcomb-Regis in parliament, in the reigns of Richard II. and Henry IV." (who r. 1377-1399 and 1399-1413 respectively). BLG1886 starts a generation earlier than Commoners or Visitation, starting with ...
William Helyar of St. Bodeaux, Devon
m. (10.01.1555) Alice Veel
1. William Helyar of Coker (b 1559, d 26.11.1645, Canon of Exeter Cathedral, Archdeacon of Barnstaple)
  m. Mary Cary (d 1607, dau of William Cary of Landford Shebbear)
  A. Henry Helyar of (East) Coker (b 23.03.1591, dvp 18.04.1634, cleric)
  m. (09.1620) Christian Cary (d 1635, dau of William Cary of Clovelly)
  i. William Helyar of Coker, Sheriff of Somerset (b 08.03.1621, d 1697)
  m. Rachel Wyndham (d 29.05.1678, dau/heir of Sir Hugh Wyndham, Bart of Pilsdon or Pilsden)
  a. William Helyar of Coker & Canonteign (Devon), Sheriff of Somerset (b 10.07.1662, d 09.1742, 2nd son)
  m1. (09.06.1690) Joanna Hole (d 11.10.1714, dau/heir of Robert Hole of South Tawton)
  (1) William Helyar (b 08.1693, dvp 09.1723)
m. (10.1717) Mary Goddard (dau/heir of John Goddard of Gillingham)
  (A) William Helyar of Coker Court, Canonteign & Blackhall (Devon), Sheriff of Somerset (b 1720, d 1784)
  m. (01.1743) Betty Weston (d 20.06.1786, dau/coheir of William Weston of Weston)
  (i) William Helyar of Coker Court & Sedgehill (Wiltshire) (b 08.09.1745, d 30.08.1820)
  m. (1777) Elizabeth Hawker (d 24.05.1834, dau/coheir of William Hawker of Luppitt by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Thomas Welman of Poundisford Lodge, son of Isaac of Poundisford Park)
  (a) William Helyar of Coker Court & Sedgehill, Sheriff of Somerset (b 14.05.1778, d 10.12.1841) had issue
  m. (11.1811) Harriet Grove (d 14.12.1867, dau of Thomas Grove of Ferne House)
  (b) Henry Helyar (b 29.11.1784, d 1856, rector of Hardington) had issue
  m. Maria Perring (dau of J. Perring of Combe Florey)
  (c) Hugh Welman Helyar (b 29.03.1793, d 25.06.1877, rector of Sutton Bingham & Beer Hacket, 4th son?) had issue
  m. Honoria Perring (dau of John Perring of Combe Florey)
  (d) Charles John Helyar of Poundisford Lodge, Somerset (b 15.05.1796, d 19.01.1858) had issue
m. (05.06.1839) Charlotte Anne Michel (dau of Gen. (John) Michel of Dewlish House & Kingston Russell by Anne, dau of Hon. Henry Fane of Fulbeck)
  (e) Elizabeth Helyar (d 1867)
  m. _ Farrer (General)
  (f)+ other issue - George (b 06.08.1786, dsp), Harriet, Caroline (d unm 1875), Emily Lucy, other (d young)
  (ii) Harriet Helyar (d 1830) probably of this generation
  m. (20.12.1781) John Morth Woollcombe of Ashbury (b 13.10.1747, d 1802)
  (iii) Betty Helyar probably of this generation
m. Henry Woollcombe (dsp, brother of John)
  (iv)+ other issue - Robert of Newton Park (d young), Weston of Newton Park, Edward (b 09.11.1743), Charles (b 20.12.1750), John (rector of Hardington & Tollard Royal), 2 other daughters
  (B)+ 3 daughters
  (2) Rachel Helyar (dsp 1739)
  m. (31.10.1714) Sir John Coryton, Bart of Newton Park (b 1691, dsp 07.1739)
  (3)+ other issue - Robert of Newton Park (dsp 1751), Mary (d unm), Joanna
  m2. (02.1718) Ann Harbin of Newton
  b. John Helyar of Chard and/then Yatley, Surrey (b 16.10.1664, d before 09.12.1700, 3rd son?)
  (1) daughter
  m. Wadham Wyndham
  c.+ other issue - Henry (b 17.01.1653, dvp 17.01.1674), Richard (b 30.05.1667, d 1736, rector of Hardington), Hugh (b 1669), Mary, others (d young)
ii. Richard Helyar of Butleigh, Somerset (d before 03.06.1684)
  m. Edith Billing of Buley (d before 09.12.1700)
  a. Martha Helyar
  iii.+ other issue - John (b c1622, d by 1641?), Cary
  B. Peter Helyar
  i. John Helyar (b 1647-8, a 03.1664)
  C. William Helyar
  m. Grace Hambridge (dau of John Hambridge of East Coker)
  i.+ issue - Mary, Phillis, Grace
  D. Elizabeth Helyar (b 12.04.1590)
  m. (29.04.1606) John Bridgeman, Bishop of Chester (b 02.05.1577, d 11.11.1652)

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Helyar of Coker), Commoners (vol 1, Helyar of Coker Court), Visitation (Somerset, 1672, Helyar of East Coker)
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