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Families covered: Hawley of Auler, Hawley of Brentford, Hawley of Buckland, Hawley of Duncannon (Donamore)

BEB1841 reports that the 1st Lord of Donamore was descended from Francis Hawley, MP for Corfe Castle temp Elizabeth (who r. 1558-1603), who may therefore have been father of ...
John Hawley of Auler, Somerset
m. Dorothy Walmot (sister of William Walmot)
1. William Hawley of Auler
  BP1934 reports that William was ancestor of the Lords Hawley. TCP identifies the parents of the 1st Lord.
  A. ?? Hawley probable intervening generation
i. Sir Henry Hawley of Wivelscombe
  m. Elizabeth Paulett (dau of Sir Anthony Paulett)
  a. Sir Francis Hawley, 1st Bart of Buckland, 1st Baron Hawley of Donamore or Duncannon (b c1608, d 22.12.1684, 2nd son)
  TCP reports that some confusion exists (or existed) as to Francis's title, with early reports indicating Donamore or Donaghmore but later reports showing Duncannon.
  m. Jane Gibbes (dau of Sir Ralph Gibbes of Honington by Gertrude Wroughton)
  (1) Francis Hawley (dvp)
  m. Gertrude Gethin (dau of Sir Richard Gethin, 1st Bart of Gethin's Grot)
  (A) Francis Hawley, 2nd Lord (b c1672, d 30.05.1743)
  m1. (21.01.1696/7) Elizabeth Ramsay (b c1679, d 02.1712, dau of William Ramsay, 3rd Earl of Dalhousie)
  (i) Francis Hawley, 3rd Lord (dsp 24.08.1772)
  m. Margaret Tyrrel (d 03.08.1783, dau of Thomas Tyrrel of London)
  (ii) William Hawley
  m. (1725) Anne Atkins (dau of _ Atkins of Gravesend)
(iii)+ other issue - Rachel, Elizabeth (bur 19.05.1776), Gertrude
  m2. Elizabeth (d 1744/5)
  (vi) Samuel Hawley, 4th Lord (b c1719, dsp bur 19.12.1790)
  (B) Richard Hawley
  m. Jane Harbin (dau of _ Harbin of Somerset)
  (i)+ issue - Richard, Elizabeth, Mary
  (C) Catherine Hawley
  m. (sp?) Robert Napier of Punknoll (d 1686)
  (2) ? son possibly father of ...
  (A) Henry Hawley (b c1679, d 24.03.1759, Lt. General)
  (3) Unton Hawley
  m1. John Malet of Enmore (d 1656)
  m2. Sir John Warre (d 1669, MP)
  b. Gabriel Hawley of Buckland shown by some web sites as of this family, of this generation
  m. Margaret Portman (dau of Sir Henry Portman of Orchard)
2. Jeremy (Hierom) Hawley of Boston, near Brentford (d 06.1592)
  m. Kynburgh Saunders (dau of Valentine Saunders of Sutton Court)
A. James Hawley of Brentford (b 1558)
  m. Susan Tothill (dau of Richard Tothill)
  i. Richard Hawley of London (b 1592, a 1634, 3rd son)
  m. Dorothy Ashworth (dau of Henry Ashworth of Oxford)
a. Henry Hawley of Brentford (b 1629, d 1706)
  m. Alice Curtis (dau of Robert Curtis of Tenterden)
  (1) James Hawley of Brentford (b 1676, d 1734)
  m. Dorothy Musgrave (d 1729, dau of Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart of Eden Hall)
(A) Henry Hawley (b 1703, dsp 1756)
  (B) James Hawley of Leybourne Grange (b 02.03.1705-6, d 22.12.1777)
  m. (08.11.1744) Elizabeth Banks (dau of Joseph Banks of Revesby Abbey)
  (i) Sir Henry Hawley, 1st Bart (b 12.11.1745, d 20.01.1826)
  m1. (10.08.1770) Dorothy Ashwood (d 04.12.1783, dau of John Ashwood of Madeley)
  (a) Sir Henry Hawley, 2nd Bart (b 20.10.1776, d 29.03.1831) had issue
m. (29.11.1806) Catherine Elizabeth Shaw (d 15.03.1862, dau of Sir John Gregory Shaw, Bart of Kenward)
  (b) Dorothy Elizabeth Hawley (d 17.05.1816)
  m. (1809, sp?) Sir Brooke William Bridges, Bart (b 1767, d 1829)
  (c) Harriott Hawley (d 11.1842)
  (d) Charlotte Hawley (dsp 25.08.1847)
m1. (1810) Rev. Brook John Bridges (dsp 03.07.1812)
  m2. (1823) Thomas Gardiner Bramston of Skreens
  m2. (05.09.1785) Anne Humphreys (d 07.11.1829, dau of William Humphreys of Llwyn)
  (e) James Hawley (b 19.07.1790, d 20.01.1870, Rev.)
  m. (13.10.1831) Henrietta Margaretta Pegus (d 31.01.1870, dau of Peter Pegus)
  (f) Frances Anne Hawley (d 11.12.1872)
  m. (18220 Charles Shaw (Captain, son of Sir J.G., Bart)
(g) Eliza Hawley (d 28.10.1864)
  (h) Louisa Hawley
  m. (1825) Tatton Brockman (curate of Frant, son of James D. of Beachborough)
  (ii) Elizabeth Hawley
  m. John Crawley of Stockwood
  (2) Curtis Hawley
  m. Thomas Cullum
  (3) Susanna Hawley
  m. Anthony Lybbe
  b.+ other issue - John, Rachel, Dorothy
  ii.+ other issue - Hieronm (Jeremy, dvp), others (some settled in America)
  B. John Hawley (principal of Gloucester Hall, Oxford) had issue
  m. Amy Studley (dau of Thomas Studley)
  C. Mary Hawley
  m. John Gaynsford of Carshalton
  D. Kynburgh Hawley
  m. Richard Wroth
  E.+ other issue - Henry (d unm), Francis

Main source(s): BP1934 (Hawley), TCP (Hawley of Duncannon) with a little support from BEB1841 (Hawley of Buckland), Visitation (London, 1663-4, Hawley)
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