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Families covered: Harman of Crayford, Harman of Crosthwaite, Harman of Ellam

(1) Note that MGH identifies the following pedigree as "Tentative".
(2) Visitation identifies the ams of this family as "Argent, a chevron purple between three perriwigges sable".
Henry Harman of Ellam in Crayford, Kent (d by 1502, "Clerk of the Crown to King Henry VII")
1. William Harman of Ellam (d by 1547)
  m. Margaret Butler (dau of Sir John Butler, "descended from the Butlers of Wem")
  A. William Harman of Ellam & Maxton Court in Hougham this generation omitted by Visitation
m. Margaret Jaye (dau of Richard Jaye of Farnham)
  i. Thomas Harman of Ellam (bur 20.11.1592)
  Visitation shows only Thomas's marriage to Katheryn Rogers, showing her as mother of all of Thlomas's children. Provisionally, we follow MGH which shows Thomas's marriage to Millicent Leigh and identifies her as mother of his daughters.
  m1. Katharine Rogers (dau of Sir Edward Rogers, "Knight Controueler")
  a. Habacuk Harman of Ellam (a 1574)
  m. Mary Cysley (dau of Clement Cysley or Cisseley of Barking)
  (1) Henry Harman (a 1574)
  b.+ other issue - Isake, Nicholas, Edward mentioned by Visitation but not by MGH, assumed of this marriage
  m2. Millicent Leigh (dau of Nicholas Leigh of Addington by Anne, sister of Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington)
  e. Anne Harman
  m. William Draper of Erith & Bedwell
  f. Mary Harman
m. Thomas Harris of Bromley
  g. Bridget Harman
  m. Henry Bynyman (Bynnyman) of London
  h. Anne Harman
  m. William Drax or Drap
  B. Thomas Harman (a 1566, author)
  C. Anne Harman
  m. John Rogers
  D. Mary Harman
  m1. Robert Walden of Erith ## see here ##
  m2. John Lovelace of Hever in Kingsdown (d 1548)
  E. Elizabeth Harman (d 26.10.1585)
  m. John Lennard of Chevening



We are not aware of any connection between the following family and the one shown above. They share the page for our convenience.
Richard Harman of Wood Dalling, Norfolk
n. Catherine le Gros (dau of Sir Charles le Gros of Crostwayt (Crosthwaite))
1. Charles Harman, later Le Gros of Crosthwaite, Norfolk (b c1652, d 14.10.1736)
  m. Elizabeth Turner (d 02.1758, dau of William Turner of North Elmham)
  A. Anne Harman or Le Gros (b c1697, d 01.12.1781)
  m. John Spilman (Spelman) of Narburgh (d 1768)
  B. Catherine Harman or Le Gros
  m. Thomas Weston of Abington Magna (Western of Great Abingdon)
2. Thomas Harman of Crosthwaite (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 19.08.21) : MGH (NS4 vol 2 (1908), 'A Tentative Pedigree of Harman of Crayford and Lennard of Chevening', p227), Visitaiton (Kent, 1574, 'Harman')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 11.02.23) : BHO ('An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 11 (1810)', Francis Blomefield, 'Tunstede Hundred: Crostwick') with some support from Burke's 'Royal Families' (vol 2 (1851), Pedigree CXCV, 'Charles Maximilian Thos. Western')
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