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Families covered: Harington of Corston

Benjamin Harington of Corston (bpt 06.05.1673, d2 8.11.1711)
m1. (c09.1692) Elizabeth Lyde (d 12.12.1693, dau of William Lyde of Knighton Sutton)
m2. Elizabeth Baylie (b 10.09.1680, d 28.12.1734, dau/coheir of Zachary Baylie of Westbury by Abigail)
1. John Harington of Corston (bpt 10.04.1702, bur 06.05.1763)
  m1. (09.1726) Mary Bushell (b 1706-7, d 16.04.1732, dau of James Bushell of Bath by Mary Sherston)
  A. John Harington, last of Corston (b 26.03.1732, bur 10.06.1795, Rector of Chalbury then Thruxton)
  m. Rachel Hawes (b 1741-2, d 12.02.1782, dau of Rev. Henry Hawes of Bemerton)
  i. John Herbert Harington ("A Member of the Supreme Council of Bengal")
  m1/p. ??
  a. John Harington (Rector of Little Hinton) had issue
  m. Ann Spencer Young (d 04.06.1871, dau of Admiral _ Young)
  b. Hastings Hawes Harington (d c1862, curate, 5th son) had issue
  m1. Jane Tucker Lyne (d 1889, dau of Joseph Lyne)
  m2. (1841) Eliza J. Piers (dau of Rev. Octavius Piers of Preston-cum-Sutton)
  c. Mary Harington
  m. _ Muston
  d. Fanny Harington
  m. _ Irvin
  e. Elizabeth Harington
  m. _ Johnstone (Captain, brother of Ameila)
  f.+ other issue - Thomas Cuthbert (b c1798, m. ??, dsp 01.02.1863), Herbert (d young), Henry (d 10.04.1850, physician)
  m2. (c1807) Amelia Johnstone (dau of _ Johnstone by _ Campbell)
  i. James Thomason Harington (b 22.03.1814, d 25.01.1881) had issue
  m. (29.09.1853) Fanny Thomas (dau of Thomas Thomas)
  j.+ other issue - William (d young), Amelia (d young), Helen Bird (b 22.03.1816. d 1855), Camilla Campbell (b 26.02.1825, d 1841), Agned Herbertina Maunoir (b 14.09.1826, d 1846)
  ii. William Harington (bpt 30.01.1768, d 14.12.1821, Rector of Thruxton)
  m. (10.11.1793) Ann Collett (d 1820, dau of Jonathan Collet of Kensington)
  a. William Harington (b 1797, d 1841, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Martha (b c1805, d 08.12.1878)
  b. Ann Harington (b 1800)
  m. Robert Waller Poe of co. Tipperary
  c. Henrietta Cecilia Harington (b 1803)
  m. John Jonathan Sullivan (m1. Frances Lowth)
  d. Elizabeth Harington
  m. _ Campbell (Lt. Colonel)
  e.+ other issue - John (b 1795, dsp young), Benjamin Edward (b 1801, d 04.04.1823), Henry (b 1805, d 22.04.1823)
  iii. Henry Hawes Harington of Madras (Banker) had issue
  m. Martha Nicholls (b c1789, d 26.09.1873, dau of Captain Robert Nicholls)
  iv. James Eyre Harington of Salisbury (b 16.06.1774, d 16.08.1836, Rector of Chalbury then Sapcote) had issue
m. Margaret Moffat (dau of James Moffat of Rochester & niece of William of London & Payne's Hill)
  v. Thomas Tablot Harington (b 19.09.1780, d 1837-8, Captain) had issue
  m1. Jemima Douglas (of the Queensberry family)
  m2. Mary Amelia Fishwick (b c1794, d 09.02.1880)
  vi. Hester Harington (d unm)
  vii. Mary Harington (d c1845)
  m. (1791) Charles Maddison (b 1770, d 1845 or 1854, son of Colonel George of Stainton Vale by Mary, dau of Captain Baugh)
  viii. Elizabeth Harington (dsp c1844)
  m. (01.1796) William Moffat of London (d c1824, m1. _ Bowland of Payne's Hill)
  ix. Frances Harington
  m. (1794) Robert Lowth (Rector of Hunton Ampner, son/heir of Robert, Bishop of London)
  x. Sophia Harington
  m. Robert Henshaw (m1. ??)
  m2. Mary (bur 23.03.1786)
  B. Benjamin Harington (bpt 05.04.1747, a 1762)
  m. (02..10.1781) Hannah Vele or Vile (b c1746, bur 26.08.1806)
  C. Elizabeth Harington (bpt 18.06.1749, a 1762)
2. William Harington (bpt 05.07.1705, bur 27.05.1780)
  m. (c06.1767) Brabazon (b 1736, d 0704.177, relict of _ Gaylor)
3. Abigail Harington (bpt 10.05.1703, bur 09.08.1773)
  m. (15.01.1740-1) Hudson Martin (d 08.05.1755, Rector of Saltford, Vicar of Corston)
4.+ other issue - Mary (bpt 14.05.1704, bur 04.06.1707), Elizabeth (b 20.12.1707, d 17.11.1797)

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), 'Harington of Corston, co. Somerset', p275+ & p291+)
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