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Families covered: Harington (Harrington) of Aldingham, Harington of Exton, Harrington of Farleton (Farlton), Harington of Harington (Haverington), Harington (Harrington) of Hornby Castle

This page was first launched on 04.01.04. Either then or shortly after (certainly by early 2008), much reference was made to a book called 'The Harington Family' by Ian Grimble (published by Jonathan Cape in 1957). Unfortunately, when this page was reworked on 12.11.13 we could not find that book. Fortunately, with very few exceptions, which we have specified below, we have found other sources to compensate.
Osulphus or Oswulf or Aculf in Flimby
1. Robert de Haverington of Haverington (Cumberland) & Flemingby (temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  m. Christiana presumed to have been mentioned in the above-mentioned 'The Harington Family' book
  The next 2 generations are as given by 'The Register of the Priory of St. Bees' (Surtees Society, 1915, p117), a copy of which may be found on archive.org.
  A. Adam de Haverington (dsp)
  B. Thomas de Haverington the first mentioned by Whitaker
  i. Michael de Haverington
  a. Robert de Haverington of Aldingham, Lancashire (d 1297)
  m. Agnes de Cansfield (d 1293, dau of Richard (probably not Robert) de Cansfield or Cancefield by Alice, sister/heir of Sir Michael le Fleming of Aldingham)
(1) Sir John de Haverington or Harington of Aldingham, 1st Lord (b c1281, d 02.07.1347)
  Sir John's wife is identified in BP1934 as Juliana, dau of Sir Richard Barlingham, and in BE1883 as Margaret, dau of Sir Richard Barlingham. Whitaker shows 2 wives: Juliana (dau of Richard Berlingham, mother of Sir Robert, Sir John & Thomas) and Johanna. TCP reports that his wife in 1336 was Joan with a note that "She was probably a Dacre. Her husband's guardian had been (Sir William de) Dacre, and the Dacre arms were on (a) Harington tomb". The identification of wives & attribution of children attempts to combine these data.
  m1. Juliana Barlingham (dau of Sir Richard Barlingham or Berlingham)
(A) Sir Robert de Harington (dvp by 1334)
  TCP reports that Robert left 2 sons, John & Michael. BP1934 & BE1883 mention 3 sons, as shown below.
  m. (by 1327) Elizabeth Multon (b c1316, dau of Thomas Multon, 1st Lord of Egremont, sister/coheir of John, m2. Walter de Birmingham)
  (i) John de Harington, 2nd Lord (b c1327, d 28.05/07.06.1363)
  TCP is not clear who John's wife was, reporting that she is "said by some to have been" Joan, dau of Walter de Bermingham. Whitaker identifies her as ...
  m. Joan de Birmingham (dau/heir of Walter de Birmingham by Elizabeth, sister/coheir of John de Multon of Egremont)
  (a) Robert de Harington, 3rd Lord (bpt 28.03.1356, d 21.05.1406)
m1. (1377) Alice Greystock (dsp c1377, dau of William de Greystock, 4th Lord, by Joan FitzHenry)
  m2. (1383) Isabel Loryng (d 21.08.1400, dau/coheir of Sir Nigel Loryng, widow of Sir William Cogan of Huntspill)
  ((1)) John Harington, 4th Lord (b 1383-4, dsp 11.02.1417-8)
  m. (1411) Elizabeth Courtenay (d 18/28.10.1471, dau of Edward Courtenay, 3rd Earl of Devon, m2. William, Lord Bonville of Chuton)
  ((2)) William Harington or Harrington, Sheriff of Yorkshire, 5th Lord (b c1385, d 03/10.03.1457-8)
  m. (1407) Margaret Hill (dau of Judge Sir John Hill of Hill's Court)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Harington or Harrington (dvp)
  m. (by 1442) William Bonvill, younger of Chewton (dvp Wakefield 31.12.1460)
(ii) Sir Robert de Harington (d 1398-9)
  m. Mary Kirkby (dau of William Kirkby)
  (a) John de Harington (d 1401)
  m. Agnes Flete (dau/heir of Laurence Flete of Flete (Fleet of Fleet))
  ((1)) Robert de Harington (d 1419) named John by Wotton
  m. _ de la Laund (dau/coheir of John de la Laund)
((A)) John Harington of Exton
  m. Catherine Colepeper (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Colepeper of Exton)
  ((i)) Robert Harington of Exton, Sheriff of Rutland (d 1501)
  m. Maud Prisett (dau of Sir John Prisett, Chief Justice)
  ((a)) Sir John Harington of Exton, Sheriff of Rutland (d 1524)
  m. Alice Southill (dau of Henry Southill)
  (((1))) Sir John Harington of Exton (d 1554)
  m. Elizabeth Moton (dau/heir of Robert Moton of Peckleton)
  (((2))) George Harrington (dsp)
  (((3))) Robert Harrington of Witham (d 04.01.1558-9)
  m Alice Bois (d 23.11.1565, dau/heir of John Blois of Bourne)
  (((4))) Alice Harrington probably of this generation
m. Richard Flower of Whitwell (d 1540)
  (iii) Simon de Harington ancestor of Haringtons of Bishton
  m. Alice Bishton (dau/heir of John Bishton of Bishton)
BE1883 suggests that John had an only son, Robert, but TCP reports that other sons were John of Farleton, ancestor of the Harringtons of Hornby, plus Thomas & Michael whilst Whitaker, which is the base for much of the following line, confirms the connection with Sir John of Farlton and also mentions Thomas.
  (B) Sir John Harirngton of Farleton or Farlton, Lancashire (d 1359)
  m1. Katharine Banastre (dau of Sir Adam Banastre of Farleton)
  m2. Katherine Sherburne (dau of Sir Robert Sherburne of Lancashire)
  Whitaker mentions only 1 wife for Sir John, Katherine Sherburne, showing her as mother of Thomas & Nicholas. Some sources, including some respectable web sites (and possibly also the above-mentioned 'The Harrington Family' book?), show Sir John's wife (and mother of Nicholas) as Katharine, dau of Sir Adam Banaster of Farleton. The Sherburne records show that Katherine married again after Sir John's death so, if Sir John did marry twice, it is likely that Katherine Sherburne was the 2nd wife. There may have been confusion with another Banister, possibly mother of Nicholas father of William, James & Nicholas (see ## below). We are left not clear who was mother of ...
(i) Thomas or Robert Harrington of Farleton (d(sp?) 1361)
  Whitaker names the eldest son Thomas. VCH (Lancashire, vol 8, 'Townships: Farleton') reports that the eldest was Robert (who died abroad) and notes that there was another son called Thomas (also d 1361).
  (ii) Sir Nicholas Harrington of Farleton (b c1345, d 1403) named John by some sources
  m. (c1363) Isabella English (dau/heir of Sir William English)
  (a) Sir William Harrington of Farleton & Hornby Castle (b c1365, d 1440, "standard bearer at the battle of Agincourt")
  m. Margaret Neville (dau of Sir Robert Neville of Hornby)
  TCP (Harington) notes that "there has naturally arisen some confusion between (William, 5th Lord Harington) and his kinsman Sir William Harington, of Hornby, Lancs."
((1)) Sir Thomas Harrington of Hornby Castle 'of Brierley' (d Wakefield 1460)
  Maddison's 'Lincolnshire Pedigrees' (1903, 'Harington of Stepney') shows Sir Thomas as married to Elizabeth, dau of Henry, Lord Clifford. Whitaker shows his wife as ...
  m. Elizabeth de Dacre (d 08.04.1484-5, dau/coheir of Thomas de Dacre son of Edmund)
  ((A)) Sir John Harrington of Hornby Castle (d Wakefield 1460)
  m. Maud Clifford (dau of Thomas de Clifford, 8th Lord, m2. Edmund (of) Dudley)
  ((i)) Anne Harington (b c1455, dsps 05.08.1489)
m. Edward Stanley of Hornby Castle, 1st Lord Monteagle (d 06/7.04.1523)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Harington (b c1456, d 1515-6)
m1. Sir John Stanley of Melling (natural son of James, Bishop of Ely)
  m2. (sp) Richard Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (d 10.12.1532/40)
  ((B)) Sir James Harrington of Brierley, Yorskhire
  m. Joan Nevill (dau/heir of John Nevile of Oversley, m1/m2. William Gascoigne of Gowthorpe)
  ((i))+ issue - William, John (dspm 1510-1)
  ((C)) Sir Robert Harrington 'of Hornby' of Baddesworth, Yorskhire (d before 02.01.1497)
  m. (before 26.05.1461) Isabel Balderstone (dau of Sir William Balderstone)
  ((i)) James Harrington (Dean of York)
((ii)) Jane Harrington
  m. Edmund Talbot of Bashall
  ((D)) Joan Harrington
  m. Sir John Savile of Thornhill
((E))+ other issue - Margaret, Anne, Katherine, Agnes
  ((2)) John Harrington of Doncaster, Yorkshire (d 1465)
  m. Isabell Sewer (d 1462, dau/heir of Richard Sewer of Doncaster)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Harrington
  m. Sir Richard Copley
((3)) Katherine Harrington
  m. Sir Richard Molineux of Sephton
  ((4)) Agnes Harington (d 1490)
  m. Sir Alexander Radcyffe of Ordsall, Flixton and Shoresworth (b c1401, d 20.07.1475)
  ((5)) Isabel Harington (d 1441) possibly of this generation, married twice?
  m1/2. Sir John Boteler
  m2/1. Richard Holland of Denton
  (b) Sir James Harington of Wolfege (Wolfage) (a 1413)
  m. _ Urswike
  (c) Nicholas Harington/Harrington
  m. Margaret Lathom (dau/coheir of Thomas Lathom)
  (d) Elizabeth or Isabel Harington (b c1386)
  m. Sir John Stanley of Latham, "king to the Isle of Man" (d 27.11.1437)
Sir John Stanley's wife, mother of the 1st Lord Stanley who was father of the 1st Earl of Derby, is identified in various sources as follows:
- TCP (Stanley) : "Isabel, da. of Sir John and sister of Sir William de Haryington"
- BP1934 (Stanley) : "Isabel (or Elizabeth), dau. of Sir Robert, and sister and heir of Sir William Harrington, knt. of Hornby".
- BE1883 (Stanley) : "Isabel, sister of Sir William Harrington, Knt., of Hornby".
Whitaker shows Elizabeth as of this generation which is supported by (inter alia) geneajourney.com which reports "A recent discovery by Douglas Richardson ... is that Isabel ... was the daughter of Sir Nicholas Harington and Isabella English, and not, as previously thought, a daughter of Sir Robert Harington and Isabel Loring" (see above). The confusion would not have been helped by the facts that:
- various sources show the sister who m. Sir Thomas Tunstall as another Isabel (named Eleanor by Whitaker);
- Elizabeth & Isabel are sometimes confused with each other, presumably because of similarity in early abbreviation/spelling.
  (e) Margaret or Katharine Harington the only daughter mentioned (as Katharine) by the above-mentioned 'The Harington Family' book
  m. Sir Richard Hudleston of Midlum
  (f) Agnes Harington
  m. Richard Sherburne
  (g) Mary Harington
  m. John Redmayne
(h) Eleanor or Isabel Harington (b c1370)
  m. (before 1392) Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle (d 1415)
  (iii) Elizabeth Harington apparently dau of Katherine Sherburne
  m. William de Neville (d c1369)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, Michael
  m2. (by 1336) Joan (Johanna) Dacre (dau of Sir William de Dacre)
  (2) Michael de Haverington (dsp) mentioned by TCP
  (3) Robert de Haverington or Harrington
  Robert is mentioned (only) in Wotton which provides the following. This looks as though it is confusion with generations shown ## above.
  m. _ Banister (heir)
  (A) Sir Nicholas de Harrington
  (i) Sir William Harrington (KG) "from whom feveral families of this name derive their defcent"
  (ii) James Harrington "whofe male line failed temp. Henry VIII"
  (iii) Sir Nicholas Harrington "anceftor of the Harringtons of Heyton"

Main source(s): BP1934 (Harington), Whitaker's 'A History of Richmondshire' (1823, vol 2, p250) with support/input from TCP (Harington or Haverington), BE1883 (Harington of Harington), BE1883 (Harington of Exton), DBART1820 (Collen's 1840 edition, vol 1, 'Harington of Ridlington'), Wotton (Kimber & Johnson, 1771, vol 1, 'Harrington of Redlington', p79+)
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