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Families covered: Hankey of Fletcham Park, Hankey of London

John Hankey (d 1596)
m. (1559) Margery Bawdon (d 1591/2)
1. Robert Hankey (d 1610)
  m. (1581) Margaret Dutton (d 1594)
  A. Robert Hankey (b c1582, d 1657)
  m. Margaret
  i. Thomas Hankey of Hepden, Over, Cheshire (b 1632, d 1682/90)
  a. Sir Henry Hankey, Sheriff of London (d 30.01.1737)
m. (26.02.1694) Anne Chaplin (d 11.1709, dau of Joseph Chaplin of East Bergholt, Sheriff of Suffolk)
  (1) Sir Joseph Hankey (b 25.09.1696, d 28.06.1769, alderman of London)
  m. Elizabeth Johnson (dau of Henry Johnston of the Hermitage, Wapping)
  (A) Joseph Chaplin Hankey of East Bergholt
  m. Catherine Gale ('dau/coheir of Isaac Gale')
  (i) Elizabeth Hankey
  m. (02.12.1786) Samuel Dobree
  (ii) Frances Hankey
  m. John Sweeting
  (iii) Jane Isabella Hankey (d 1844)
  m. (23.12.1786) Sir Edward Hyde East, Bart (b 1764, d 1847, judge in India)
  (iv)+ other issue - Joseph Chaplin (d unm 07.03.1803), Henry (dsp), James (dsp), Harry (dsp, rector of North Wingfield), Sir Richard (dsp 1817), Katherine (d 1832), Mary, Dorothy, Anne
  (B) Joseph Hankey of Poplar (4th son)
  m. Anne Perry (dau of John Perry)
  (C) Elizabeth Ellen Hankey
  m. Joseph Tyndall
  (D) Mary Hankey
  m. James Clark
  (E) Anne Hankey
  m. George Paul
(F)+ other issue - Harry (rector of East Bergholt), Henry, Sarah, Mercy, Martha
  (2) Sir Thomas Hankey (b 21.12.1704, d 03.07.1770, alderman of London)
  m. (19.06.1733) Sarah Barnard (d 15.03.1762, dau of Sir John Barnard)
  (A) Thomas Hankey of Fetcham Park, Surrey
  m. Mary Wyver (dau of J. Wyver)
  (i) John Barnard Hankey of Fetcham Park (b 31.03.1784, d 22.12.1868) had issue
  m. (09.06.1807) Elizabeth de Blaquiere (d 11.01.1870, dau of John de Blaquiere, 1st Lord)
(ii) Thomas Hankey
  m. Louisa Hankey (dau of Thompson Hankey, cousin)
  (iii) Charlotte Hankey (d 1816)
  m. Sir Frederick Hankey @@ below
  (iv) Sarah Hankey
  m. Sir Hugh Dillon Massey, Bart of Doonass
  (v) Louisa Hankey
  m. Matthew Chitty Darby, later Griffith of Padworth House (Major General)
  (vi) Eliza Hankey
  (B) Robert Hankey
  m. _ Penton
  (i) Augustus Robert Hankey (d unm)
  (ii) Matilda Hankey
  m. _ Hartsinck
  (iii) Henrietta Hankey
  m. _ Hirst
(C) John Hankey (b 06.09.1741, d 29.08.1792)
  m. Elizabeth Thomson (dau of Andrew Thomson of Roehampton)
  (i) John Peter Hankey (b 04.09.1770, d 06.05.1807)
  m. (1792) Isabella Alexander (d 14.01.1851, dau of William Alexander of Blackhouse, sister of Sir William of Airdrie)
  (a) John Alexander Hankey of Balcombe, Sheriff of Sussex (b 30.05.1804, d 20.05.1881) had issue
  m. (30.08.1825) Ellen Blake (d 18.04.1891, dau of William Blake of Danesbury)
(b) Henry Aitcheson Hankey (d 24.06.1886) had issue
  m1. (29.06.1839) Caroline Maria Robarts (d 15.04.1844, dau of Abraham Wildey Robarts of Roehampton)
  m2. (30.09.1852, sp?) Emily Arabella Georgiana Butler (dau of 1st Earl of Glengall, widow of Richard Pennefather of Knockevan)
  (c) William Hankey of Middleton Hall (d 1872) had issue
  m1. (1831) Sarah Bell
  m2. Charlotte Ceclie (dau of Comte d'Estampes)
  (d) Julia Hankey (d 21.02.1877)
  m. (06.10.1829) Hon. Thomas Seymour Bathurst (b 1793, d 10.04.1834)
(ii) Thompson Hankey of London (d 1857) had issue
  m. Martha Harrison (dau of Benjamin Harrison)
  (iii) Sir Frederick Hankey had issue
  m1. Charlotte Hankey (d 1816, dau of Thomas Hankey of Fetcham Park) @@ above
  m2. ?? (d 1835, "a native of Corfu")
  (D) Jane Hankey
  m. Thomas Sutton of Moulsey
The following is supported by BEB1841 (Sutton of Moulsey).
  (i) Sir John Sutton (d 08.08.1825, Admiral)
  m. (1797) Frances Hotham (dau of Beaumont Hotham, 2nd Lord)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Sutton, Bart of Moulsey (d 1813)
  m. Lucy Smith (dau of Thomas Ashton Smith)
  (a) Lucy Sutton
  m. Sir George Berkeley (Colonel)
  (b) Caroline Mary Selina Sutton
  m. "an Italian nobleman"
  (E) Susannah Hankey (d 01.08.1799)
  m. (06.06.1767) Beaumont Hotham, 2nd Lord (b 05.08.1737, d 04.03.1814)
  ii.+ other issue
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Barnard-Hankey of Plush Manor), Commoners (vol IV, Hankey of Fletcham)
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