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Families covered: Gournay of Beverstone, Gournay of Farington, Gournay of Harpetree, Gournay of Inglishcombe, Gournay of Overwere

William de Harpetre of Harpetre, Somerset
1. Thomas de Harpetre or Harpetree
  m. Eva de Gournay (d before 1230, dau/heir of Robert FitzHarding of Were by Hawisa de Gournai of Barew Gournai & Inglishcombe)
  A. Robert de Gournai or Gournay of Beverstone (Gloucestershire) & Harpetree (d 20.11.1269)
  m. Hawise de Longchamp (probably of the family of Wilton)
  i. Anselm de Gournay of Beverstone & Harpetree (d 15.11.1286)
m. Sibilla, heiress of Crofton (a 1300, dau of Hugh Byvon or Vivonia)
  a. John de Gournay of Beverstone & Harpetree (b c1260, d 1291)
  m. (c1275) Olivia Lovel (dau of Henry Lovel of Castle Cary, sister of Hugh)
  (1) Elizabeth de Gournay
  m. (before 1291) Sir John ap Adam of Gorste & Beachley, Lord Ap Adam (b before 1267, d 05-6.1311, son/heir of Reynold ap Adam by Joan de Knoville)
  The information on John ap Adam is supported by TCP ('Ap Adam', p179+). As reported here, TCP reports on others known as 'ap Adam' but does not show how Reynold & Sir John connected with them.
  (A) Sir Thomas ap Adam (b by 1304, d before 1342-3)
  Some web sites show a John of this generation as being of Beverstone (or Bettheshorne) with his son John being father of John father of Elizabeth, an heiress who carried Beverestone into the Berkeley family. However, TCP reports that this Thomas sold Beverstone Castle to Thomas de Berkeley, probably after the castle "had been entered by force and wrecked". RHG (p637) identifies Thomas's (only) wife as Johanna Basset (probably misidentification of his 2nd wife) and reports that he dsp. However, TCP reports that he had the following family, though we are a little concerned that it there may have been some confusion with .
  m1. Margery (a 10.1331)
  (i) John ap Adam (a 05.1375)
  (a) John ap Adam of Sharncote, Wiltshire (dsp 20.11.1424)
  m. Margaret
  (b) Elizabeth
  m. _ Huntley
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1342-3, dsp) - Robert, Hamund
  m2. (before 1341) Joan Inge (dsp before 09.07.1349, dau of Sir John Inge of Corton Denham by Alice Basset)
  b. Robert de Gournay of Overwere
  m. Margaret
(1) Anselm de Gournay of Overwere ( 1318)
  m. Christiana
  (A) Anselm de Gournay of Overwere (a 1359)
  m. Johanna
  (i) Thomas de Gournay of Overwere
  m1. Elizabeth de Counteville (dau/heir of Richard de Counteville or Caundeville of Alwarton)
  (a) Joan de Gournay
  m. George de la More
  m2. (sp) Alianore (m2. Richard Power)
(ii) Robert de Gournay (dsp)
  c. Thomas de Gournay of Inglishcombe & Farington Gurney
  The following is supported by RHG (vol 2, p643+).
  (1) Sir Thomas de Gournay (d 1313, regicide, killer of King Edward II)
  m. Johanna Furneux (dau of Sir Matthew Furneux, widow of Sir John Trivet)
  (A) Thomas de Gournay (d before 1340)
  (i) Thomas de Gournay of Inglishcombe & Farington Gurney (dspms?)
  (B) John de Gournay of Knolle (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of John Carrew)
  (C) Sir Matthew de Gournay, Governor of Brest (b c1310, dsp 1406, 4th son)
  m1. Alice Beauchanp (d 1383, dau of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick)
  m2. Philippa Talbot (dau of John Talbot of Ricards Castle, m2. Sir Robert Asheton, m3. Sir John Tiptoft)
  (D) Joanna de Gournay
  m. Sir Andrew Branch
  (E)+ other issue - George (dsp), Walter, Edmund (precentor of Wells)
  d.+ other issue - William, Joan (a 1325, prioress of Minchin Barew)
  ii. John de Gournay of Were (a 1286)
  B. Walter de Gournay
  C. Hugh de Gournay
  The following is supported by RHG (vol 2, p686+).
  m. Lucia (widow of Robert de Berkeley)
  i. Hugh de Gournay of East Harptree (d by 1331)
  m. Joan
  a. (Sir) Thomas de Gournay of East Harptree (d 1344)
  m. Joan Inge (dau of Sir John Inge, m2. Sir John Devereux)
  (1) John Gournay (b 1332, a 1360, dsp)
  (2) Joanna Gournay
  m. Walter de Caldicot
  (A) Alice Caldicot
  m. Philip (son of Richard de Hampton)
  RHG reports that "In 1500 the heiress of Hampton married the younger broethr of Sir _ Newton, alias Caradoc of Wick, descended from an ancient Welsh family seared at Newton in Powisland".
  b. Hugh de Gournay
  ii. Richard de Gournay

Main source(s): RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of the Gournays of Somersetshire' on pp591-592 & p614+)
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