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Families covered: Gurney of Earlham, Gurney of (Great) Ellingham, Gurney of Keswick, Gurney of Norwich, Gurney of West Barsham

Anthony Gurney of West Barsham, Great Ellingham & Gurney's Place in Norwich (d 1556)
m1. Margaret Lovel (d before 1536, dau/coheir of Sir Robert Lovel)
1. Francis Gurney of Irstead (b 20.08.1521, dvp)
  m. (06.08.1543) Helen Holditch (dau of Robert Holditch of Ranworth, m2. John Jernegan)
A. Henry Gurney of West Barsham & Ellingham (b 1548, d by 1623)
  m. Ellen Blennerhasset (dau of John Blennerhasset of Barsham)
  i. Thomas Gurney of West Barsham (dvp 1614)
  m. Martha Lewknor (d before 1639, dau of Sir Edward Lewknor of Denham)
  a. Edward Gurney of West Barsham (b 1608, d 1641)
  m. Frances Hovel (dau of Richard Hovel of Hillington, m2. Robert Longe of Reymerstone)
(1) Henry Gurney of West Barsham (b 1632, dsp 1661)
  m. Ellen Adams (dau of William Adams)
  (2) Frances Gurney (d before 1661)
  b. Thomas Gurney (a 1642)
  m. Bridget
c. Margaret Gurney, heiress of Great Ellingham
  m. William Davy of Ellingham Magna
  d. Martha Gurney
  m1. William Smith of Walsingham Magna (d 1643)
  m2. Charles Calthorpe of Great Massingham
  e. Ellen Gurney
  m. Robert Longe of Reymerston
  f. Elizabeth Gurney
  m. Bosoun Crowe of East Bilney
g.+ other issue - Dorothy (d by 1641), Susan
  ii. Francis Gurney of London (d 1637?) - continued below
  m. Anne Browning (dau of William Browning of Norwich)
  iii. Elizabeth Gurney
  m. _ Salford of London
  iv. Anne Gurney
  m. Thomas Osborne of Mundham
  v.+ other issue - Henry, Edmund/Edward (rector of Edgefield & Harpley, author), Bassinbourn (dvpsp), Anthony, Leonard, Abigail, Amy, Mary
  B. Anthony Gurney
  m. Susan Palgrave (dau of Clement Palgrave of Barningham)
i. Henry Gurney
  ii. daughter
  m. _ Leedes ("preacher")
  C. Thomas Gurney
  m. _ Reanes or Reames of/by Aylsham
  D. Elizabeth Gurney (b 1545)
  m1. William Golding of Farnham named Thomas in Visitation (Norfolk)
  m2. _ Bendyshe of Bumpstead
  E.+ other issue - Anne, Frances (b 1547) one of whom married ...
  m. Francis Bendyshe (cousin to Elizabeth's husband)
2. Ela Gurney
  m1. _ Drury
  m2. Christopher Seyve of Mundford
m2. Elizabeth Tyrrel
3. Elizabeth Gurney (b 03.01.1545)
  m. (25.09.1561) Richard Stubbs of Baconsthorpe



Francis Gurney of London (d 1637?) - continued above
m. Anne Browning (dau of William Browning of Norwich)
1. Francis Gurnay of Maldon, Essex (b 1628, a 1667, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Browning (dau of Jeremy Browning of Maldon)
  A. John Gourney or Gurney of Norwich (b 07.10.1655, d 1721)
  m. (1687) Elizabeth Swanton
  the following is supported by Commoners (vol 1, 'Gurney of Keswick', p484+).
  i. John Gurney of Norwich (b 1688, d 23.01.1740/1)
  m. (1709) Elizabeth Hadduck (b c1690, d 04.01.1756/7, dau/heir of Joseph Hadduck of Little Barningham)
  The following comes from RHG (vol 2, p555).
a. Henry Gurney of Norwich (d 1777)
  m. Elizabeth Bartlett (dau of Benjamin Bartlett)
  (1) Bartlett Gurney of Cottishall, Norfolk (dsp 1803)
  m1. Hannah Chapman
  m2. Mary Cockill
  (2) Elizabeth Gurney
  m. Joseph Cockfield
  (3) Martha Gurney (b 1751, d 11.12.1822)
  m. (1780) John Birkbeck
  (4) Sarah Gurney
  m. James Sheppard
  (5) Lucy Gurney
  m. Thomas Aggs
(6)+ other issue - Maria (d 1804), Henrietta (d 1828)
  b. John Gurney of Brooke (d 1779)
  m1/2. Lucy Gurney (dau of Edmund Gurney)
  m2/1. Ann Kendall
  (1) Elizabeth Gurney
  m. Samuel Alexander
  (2) Ann Gurney
  (3) Lucy Gurney
m. Thomas Kett
  c. Elizabeth Gurney
  m. Francis Freshfield
  d. Mary Gurney
  m. Edward Pearce
e.+ other issue (d young)
  ii. Joseph Gurney of Keswick, Norfolk (b 1692, d 1750, 3rd son)
  m. Hannah Middleton (dau of Joshua Middleton of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
  a. John Gurney of Keswick (b 1716, d 1770)
  m. Elizabeth Kett (d 1788, dau of Richard Kett of Norwich)
  (1) Richard Gurney of Keswick (b 1743, d 1810)
  m1. (04.08.1773) Agatha Barclay (dau/heir of David Barclay of Youngsbury)
  (A) Hudson Gurney of Keswick & London, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 19.01.1775, d 09.11.1864, MP)
  m. Margaret Barclay (dau of Robert Barclay of Ury)
  (B) Agatha Gurney
  m. (sp) Sampson Hanbury of Poles
m2. Rachel Hanbury (dau of Osgood Hanbury of Oldfield Grange)
  (C) Richard Hanbury Gurney of Thickthorn, Norfolk (b 1783, MP) had issue
  m. Mary Jary (dau of William Jary)
  (D) Elizabeth Gurney (dsp 1808)
  m. John Gurney of Earlham @@ just below
  (E)+ other issue - David (d young), Anna
  (2) John Gurney of Earlham, Norfolk (b 1750, d 1809)
  m. Catharine Bell (dau of Daniel Bell of London)
(A) John Gurney of Earlham (dsp 1814)
  m. Elizabeth Gurney (dau of Richard Gurney of Keswick) @@ just below
  (B) Samuel Gurney of (London then) Upton, Essex (b 1787) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Sheppard (dau of James Sheppard of Upton)
  (C) Joseph John Gurney of Earlham (b 1789, d 04.01.1847) had issue
  m1. Jane Birkbeck (d 10.06.1822, dau of John Birkbeck of Lynn)
  m2. Mary Fowler (dau of Robert Fowler)
m3. Eliza Kirkbride
  (D) Daniel Gurney of North Runcton, Norfolk (b 1791) had issue
  m. Harriet Jemima Hay (dau of William, Earl of Erroll, by Alicia Eliot)
  (E) Elizabeth Gurney (b 21.05.1780, d 12.10.1845, social reformer, "the angel of prisons")
  m. Joseph Fry
  (F) Richenda Gurney
  m. Rev. Francis Cunningham
  (G) Hannah Gurney
  m. Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Bart
  (H) Louisa Gurney
  m. Samuel Hoare
(I)+ other issue - Catharine, Rachel (d unm 1827), Priscilla (d unm 1821)
  (3) Joseph Gurney of Lakenham Grove, Norwich, Norfolk (d 1830)
  m. Jane Chapman (dau of Abel Chapman)
  (A) Hannah Chapman Gurney (b 09.02.1787, d 06.05.1850) probably of this generation, elder sister of the Emma who m. Joseph Pease
  m. (23.04.1811) Jonathan Backhouse of Darlington (b 1779, d 10.1842)
  (B) Emma Gurney (d 11.04.1860) probably of this generation
  m. (20.03.1826) Joseph Pease of Darlington & Marske (b 1799, d 1872)
  (C) Elizabeth Gurney of this generation
  m. (1802) Robert Barclay of Leyton, later of Knott's Green (b 1787, d 1853)
  (D) Jane Gurney (d 20.02.1821) probably of this generation
  m. (08.03.1820) Henry Birkbeck of Keswick Old Hall (b 1787, d 1897)
  (E)+ 4 children (d young)
(4) Rachel Gurney
  m. Robert Barclay of Bury Hill
  (5)+ 8 others (d infant)
  b. Joseph Gurney (d 1761)
  m. Christiana Barclay (m2. J. Freame, m3. Sir William Watson)
  (1)+ issue (d unm) - Christiana, Priscilla Hannah
  c. Samuel Gurney 'of Norwich and London' (d 1783)
  m. Sarah Lawrence
  (1) Sarah Gurney
  m. Samuel Hoare
  (2) Hannah Gurney
  m. Thomas Kett of Seething
  d. Hannah Gurney (b 1714)
  m1. T. Bevan
  m2. Nathaniel Springall
  e.+ 6 others (d infant)
  iii.- other issue - Richard (b 1689, d young), Benjamin (b 1693, had issue (extant in Sheffield and elsewhere)), Edmund (b 1696, d young), Edmund (b 1697, had issue extinct in 1796), Richard (b 1700, d young), Samuel (b 1700, d young)
  B.+ other issue - Francis (b 1657, d 1658), George (b 1659, d 1663), Thomas (b 1662), Charles (b 1662, d 1668), Richard (b 1664), Francis (b 1665, d 1666), Henry (b 1667), Jane, Ann (b 1666)
2.+ other issue - Roger (b 1621), Thomas (b 1636), John (d unm 1681), Dorothy (b 1619), Frances (b.d 1626), Anne, Lucretia (b 1630), Margaret (b 1637)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of the Gournays of Norfolk', pp286-287) with just a very little support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589-1613, 'Gurney')
(2) For lower section : RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of the Descendants of Francis Gurney of London', p523) with input/support as reported above)
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