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Families covered: Grimston of Bradfield, Grimston (Grymeston) of Goodmanham, Grimston (Grymeston) of Grimston

The first section on this page, shown in italics, shows the early generations of this family as reported in BP1934 (Verulam). We show preference to the ancestry shown in BLG1952 in the section below. BP1934 starts off with the following Sylvester de Grimston who "according to ancient tradition carried the Standard of William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings." Dugdale's record of the family in his 1665 Visitation starts with the Thomas who died in 1462.
Syvester de Grimston of Grimston, Yorkshire (a 1066)
1. Daniel de Grimston
  m. _ Somerville (dau of Sir Adam Somerville of Brent Hall)
  A. Sir Thomas de Grimston of Grimston
  m. _ Bosville (dau of Sir John Bosville of Awdesley)
  i. Sir John de Grimston of Grimston
  m. _ Goodmagham (d 12.10.1165, dau of Sir John Goodmagham of Goodmagham)
  a. Sir Martin de Grimston of Grimston
  m. _ Collam (dau of Sir John Collam of Collam)
  (1) Sir Roger de Grimston of Grimston
  m. _ Constable (dau of Sir Fowke Constable of Frishmarshe)
  (A) Sir Gerard de Grimston of Grimston (dsp)
  m. _ Baskerville (dau of Sir John Baskerville)
  (B) Walter de Grimston of Grimston
  m. _ Flinton (dau of Harbard Flinton)
  (i) Walter de Grimston of Grimston
  m. Armatrude Rysam (dau of Sir John Rysam)
  (a) Thomas Grimston of Grimston Garth and Kilnwick - SEE BELOW
  (b) Robert de Grimston of Ipswich - SEE BELOW
  m. _ Spelman (dau of Sir Anthony Spelman)
  (c) John Grimston (a 1418, Dean of Windsor)
BLG1952 starts with ...
Gilbert de Grimeston (a 1150)
1. Ralph de Grimeston
  A. Thomas de Grymeston (d c1267-8)
  i. Thomas de Grymeston of Grimston (d unm 1289, Canon of York, Archdeacon of Cleveland)
  ii. ?? de Grymeston
  a. Andrew de Grymeston (a 1298)
  m. Joan de Hunmanby (dau of Roger de Hunmanby)
  (1) Sir Roger de Grymeston of Grimston and Goodmanham (a 1284, 1337)
  m. Juliana (d 1348)
(A) Sir William de Grymeston of Grimston (a 1343)
  (B) Thomas de Grymeston
  (i) Sir Gerard de Grymston of Grimston & Goodmanham
  The first mentioned by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Grymston).
  (a) William de Grymston (d c1400)
  m. _ Flynton (dau of Herbert Flynton) mentioned by Visitation
  ((1)) Thomas Grymston (d c1436)
  ((A)) Thomas Grymston of Grimston (d 1462)
  m. Alice Flynton (dau of Walter Flynton of Flynton)
  ((B)) Robert de Grimston of Ipswich (a 1421) - continued below
  m. _ Spelman (dau of Sir Anthony Spelman or Spitman)
  ((C)) Gerald Grymston ancestor of Grimston of Nidd
  (b) Alexander Grymston
  (2) Joan de Grymeston
  m. John de Sunderlandwick
  (3)+ other issue - Richard, Thomas, John
  B. Andrew de Grymeston



Robert de Grimston of Ipswich (a 1421) - continued above
m. _ Spelman (dau of Sir Anthony Spelman or Spitman)
1. Edward Grimston 'of Rishangles' (d 23.09.1478)
  m1. Alice
  m2. Mary Drury (dau of William Drury of Rougham)
  A. Edward Grimston
i. ?? Grimston
  a. Sir Edward Grimston, Comptroller of Calais (a 1560)
  (1) Edward Grimston of Bradfield (d 15.08.1610)
  m. (c1580) Joan Risby (dau of Thomas Risby of Lavenham by dau of John Harbottle of Crossfield)
(A) Sir Harbottle Grimston, Sheriff of Essex, 1st Bart of Bradfield (d 19.02.1647-8)
  m. Elizabeth Coppinger (dau of Ralph Coppinger of Stoke)
  (i) Sir Harbottle Grimston, 2nd Bart (b 27.01.1602-3, d 02.01.1684-5, Speaker of the House of Commons, Master of the Rolls)
  m1. (16.04.1620) Mary Croke (dau of Sir George Croke, judge)
  (a) George Grimston (dvpsp 05.06.1655)
  m. Sarah Alston (dsp bur 02.11.1692, dau of Sir Edward Alston)
(b) Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bart (b 07.01.1643, d 10.1700)
  m1. Elizabeth Finch (dau of Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham, Chancellor)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Grimston
  m. (c11.1687) William Savile, Marquess of Halifax (b 1665, d 31.08.1700)
  m2. Anne Tufton (d 22.11.1713, dau of John Tufton, 2nd Earl of Thanet)
(c) Mary Grimston (d 18.03.1719)
  m. (20.01.1647-8) Sir Capell Luckyn of Messing Hall, 2nd Bart (d 1680)
  A grandson assumed the name Grimston and became Viscount Grimston.
  (d) Elizabeth Grimston
  m. (1650) Sir George Grubham Howe, 1st Bart of Cold Barwick (d 26.09.1678)
  m2. (sps) Anne Bacon (bur 20.09.1680, dau of Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Culford Hall, widow of Sir Thomas Meautys)
  (ii) Elizabeth Grimston probably of this generation (only dau?)
  m. Christopher Harris, younger of Shenfield (dvp)
  (iii)+ 4 sons
  (B) son
  B.+ 4 sons and 3 daughters
  m3. (26.08.1471, sp) Philippa Tiptoft (dau of John, Lord Tiptoft, sister of John, Earl of Worcester, widow of Thomas, Lord Roos)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 (Verulam)
(2) For middle section : BLG1952 (Grimston formerly of Grimston Garth)
(3) For lower section : BP1934 (Verulam)
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