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Families covered: Greer of Clanroll, Greer of Lurgan, Greer of Rhone Hill, Greer of The Grange

BIFR1976 reports that "This family traditionally claims descent from the Griersons of Lag, Dumfriesshire".
James Greer of (The) Rock, Northumberland
m. Mary
1. Henry Greer (or Greeve) of Redford, co. Tyrone (d c1675)
  m. (05.02.1649) Mary Turner (d 1691, dau of Robert Turner of Turnerstead)
  A. James Greer of Liscurran, Lurgan, co. Armagh (b 06.1653, d before 18.11.1718)
  m. (21.08.1678) Ellinor Rea (d c1736, dau/coheir of John Rea of Liscurran by Ellinor)
  i. Henry Greer of Lurgan (b 05.03.1681, d 07.07.1756, linen draper)
  m. (06.07.1704) Sarah Henderson (d 05.10.1756, dau of William Henderson of Dunclaudy)
  a. Henry Greer of Lurgan (b 22.04.1716, d 18.12.1766, linen draper, 2nd son)
  m1. (03.06.1741) Elizabeth Turner (dau of John Turner of Lurgan (son of Jacob, son (by Anne Greer) of Thomas) by Jane Eliot)
  (1) John Greer of The Grange & Seloran (b 20.03.1742, d 06.10.1818, Deputy Governor of cos. Armagh & Tyrone)
  m. (17.12.1762) Catherine Cuppage (d 01.11.1812, dau of John Cuppage of Garden Hill)
  (A) Henry Greer of Dublin & Lurgan (b 20.11.1763, dvp 02.08.1814)
  m. (02.1782) Jane Lynam (dau/heir of John Lynam of Dublin by Jane Smith)
  (i) Joseph Greer of The Grange, co. Tyrone (b 17.04.1795, d 22.11.1862, Major) had issue
  m. (05.06.1816) Mary Harpur (d 16.01.1867, dau of Thomas Harpur of Moy by Sarah, dau of Edward Clements of Brackaville)
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (b 10.06.1796, d 07.06.1825, Rev.), Jane, Sophia (b 1778-9, d 03.03.1869), Sarah (b 1794-5, d 07.02.1862), Ann (b 1808-9, d 12.01.1850)
  (B) Thomas Greer (b 15.11.1769, dsp 03.04.1837, Captian, 4th son)
  m. (mcrt 01.05.1795) Catherine Martin of Ballycastle
  (C) James Greer of Turner's Grove, co. Armagh (b 31.01.1775, d 07.08.1842)
  m. (18.03.1805) Catherine O'Hara (b c1780, d 11.12.1866, dau of Henry O'Hara of O'HArabrook)
  (i) James Cuppage Greer (b c1709, dvp 29.11.1826)
  (D) John Meirs Greer (b 04.04.1778, dsp after 1849, Commander RN)
  m. Mary (b c1788, d 26.12.1831)
  (E) George Greer of Woodville, Lurgan (b 17.05.179, d 11.10.1856) had issue
  m. (17.05.1803) Anne Armstrong (b 1780-1, d 31.08.1864)
  (F) Elizabeth Greer (b 29.12.1767, dsp)
  m. (1800) John Malcolmson of Clonmel (brother of Joseph)
  (G) Catherine Greer (b 01.12.1776)
  m. (02.1808) John Lindsay of Dublin
  (H) Sarah Mildred Greer (b 20.10.1786, dsp 18.01.1823)
m1. (03.11.1807) John Overend (Major)
  m2. John Orson Oldfield (Archdeacon of Elphin)
  (I)+ other issue (d unm) - John Turner (b 18.04.1765, d 16.07.1765), John Turner (b 18.5.1766, d 27.12.1787), Alexander of Hamiltons Bawn (b 29.06.1780, d 03.07.1859), Mary (b 20.10.1771, d 19.02.1841), Jane (b 12.04.1773, d 03.05.1859), Sarah Mildred (b 07.5.1782, d 06.10.1783)
  (2) Ann Greer (b 06.10.1743)
  m1. (02.11.1763) Samuel Henderson of Lurgan
  m2. (06.02.1768) Rev. Brownlow Forde (d 24.02.1824, son of Rev. Arthur of Lurgan)
  (3) Henrietta Greer (b 07.01.1746/7)
  m1. Joseph Wilson (son of Joseph by Elizabeth, dau of John Greer of Tullyranaghan)
  m2. (c1783) Joseph Malcolmson of Lurgan (son of Joseph of Lurgan by Rachel, dau of Thomas Greer of Clanrole)
  (4) Jane Eliot Greer (b 04.1752, d c1785)
  m. (27.04.1774) William Greeves of Grange (d 03.02.1831)
  (5) Elizabeth Greer (b 27.04.1759)
  m. (1782) John Cuppage (son of Rev. Alexander)
  (6)+ other issue (d infant) - Henry, Jane (d 1745)
  m2. (01.01.1766) Anne Pim (b 11.11.1734, d c09.1768, dau of John Pim of Nurney by Rachel Judd)
  b. Mary Greer (b 07.01.1706/7)
  m1. (16.05.1726) Joseph Bell of Magherameske
  m2. (before 1754) _ Watson
  c. Ruth Greer (b 21.04.1721)
  m. (c1745) Thomas Uprichard
  d.+ other issue - James (b 15.07.1705, d 06.04.1706), James (b 09.03.1718, d 03/4.06.1720), Anne (b 19.12.1713, d unm), Elizabeth (b 18.11.1719, d 23.05.1720), Elinor (b 03.02.1722/3, d 06.09.1723), Catherine (b 12.12.1724, d 14.10.1728)
  ii. John Greer of Grace Hall, Tullyanaghan (b 09.09.1688, d by 1740/1, linen draper)
  m. (03.09.1717) Mary Hanks (a 1740, dau of Jeremiah Hanks, widow of John Chambers of Dublin)
  a. John Greer (b 29.09.1722, d 13.11.1795, 2nd son)
  m. (06.06.1744) Ruth Sheppard (dau of Benjamin Sheppard of Cornekinnegar)
  (1) Benjamin Greer of Moy, co. Tyrone (b c1746, d 24.05.1816, linen draper)
  m. (1775) Elizabeth Bell (d 17.08.1834, dau of Merick Bell of Dungannon)
  (A) Maria Greer (b 1777)
  m. (18.08.1793) John Garratt of Hillsborough
  (B) Elizabeth Greer (b c1779, d 13.07.1863)
  m. (05.07.1813) David Greer of Omagh (d 24.03.1839)
(C)+ other isuse - Thomas (d unm), Isabella (b c1780, d unm 26.08.1857), Sarah
  (2) John Greer (dsp, to America)
  (3) Eliza Greer
  m. (27.02.1782) Robert Bradshaw
  (4) Eleanor Greer
  m. (c1800) _ Thompson
  (5) Ruth Greer
  m. (01.12.1791) Thomas Douglas of Killyman
  b. Thomas Greer of Rhone Hill, Dungannon, co. Tyrone (b 14.01.1724/5, d 05.04.1803-5)
  m. (02.04.1746) Sarah Greer (d 19.04.1797, dau of Thomas Greer of Redford)
  (1) Thomas Greer of Rhone Hill (b 05.09.1761, d 26.02.1840, 5th son)
  m. (14.08.1787) Elizabeth Jackson (d 25.02.1864, dau/heir of William Jackson of Edenberry by Sarah, dau of Daniel Cowman of Dublin)
  (A) Thomas Greer of Tullylagan, co. Tyrone (b 21.04.1791, d 04.06.1870) had issue
  m. (17.04.1826) Williamina Ussher (d 21.10.1879, dau of Arthur Ussher of Camphire)
  (B) William Jackson Greer of Rhone Hill (b 08.06.1797, d 17.02.1841, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (30.06.1827) Margaret Ussher (d 02.10.1873, dau of Arthur Ussher of Camphire)
  (C) John Robert Greer of Monkstown (b 11.09.1800, d 27.03.1873, 5th son) had issue
  m. (10.09.1829) Sarah Dinah Strangman (d 02.05.1891, dau of John Strangman of Summerland)
  (D) Alfred Greer of Dripsey House, co. Cork (b 02.09.1805, d 29.12.1891) had issue
  m1. (19.05.186) Helena Carroll (d 09.06.1849, dau of Joshua Carroll of Cork)
  m2. (19.11.1853) Peggy Bowen-Colthurst (d 07.02.1880, dau of Major John Bowen-Colthurst of Dripsey Castle)
  (E) Sarah Greer (b 20.05.1789, d 23.12.1860)
  m. (20.05.1818) Hugh White of co. Dublin (son of Hugh of White)
  (F) Mary Jackson Greer (b 05.08.1793, d 26.12.1830)
  m. (17.11.1817) Thomas Winelow Manly of Dublin (son of Moses of Dublin)
  (G) Elizabeth Greer (b 09.05.1795, dsp 16.11.1893)
  m. (16.02.1831) George Thomas of Prior Park then Brislington (d 07.12.1869, son of Thomas of Prior Park)
(H) Louisa Jane Greer (b 30.04.1808, d 16.02.1896)
  m. (26.04.1837) Joseph Rake of Bristol (son of John of Marnhull)
  (I)+ other issue - William Jackson (b 09.07.1792, d 11.03.1795), Joseph (b 14.02.1799, d 10.1799), Priscilla Sophia (b 07.12.1816, d unm 05.03.1832)
  (2) Elinor or Eleanor Greer (b 20.05.1754, d 08.02.1838)
  m. (29.01.1773) Thomas Boardman of Jonestown then Laurel Hill (d 29.03.1835, son of Joseph of Jonestown)
  (A) Mary Boardman (d 12.02.1878) apparently of this generation
  m. (27.07.1808) John Greer of Tannaghmore Lodge (b 21.09.1765, d 21.06.1844) @@ below
  (3) Mary Greer (b 29.03.1756, d 18.08.1815)
  m. (09.02.1780) Richard Jacob (son of Joseph of Wateford)
  (4) Jane Greer (b 28.04.1757)
  m. (1784) James Clibborn (son/heir of Barclay of Raheene)
  (5) Sarah Greer (b 24.05.1760, d 21.12.1794)
  m. (16.06.184) John Hancock of Lambeg House (son of John of Lisburn)
  (6) Anna Greer (b 09.03.1770, d 1844)
  m. (1807) James Nicholson (d 12.04.1838, dau of James of Dublin & Crannagael)
  (7)+ other issue - Thomas (b 02.04.1747, d 15.04.1747), Henry (b 03.04.1748, d 03.07.1748), Thomas (b 25.06.1749, d 12.1753), John (b 10.12.1751, d 12.1753), John (b 13.05.1764, d 06.1770), Robert (b 14.11.1766, d unm 28.06.1808)
  c. James Greer of Stangmore, co. Tyrone (b 15.11.1728, d 06.1792)
m. (05.02.1752) Sarah Delap (dau of William Delap of Grange-O'Neilland)
  (1) John Greer of Wellbrook (b c1754, d 11.01.1820)
  m. (1778) Susanna Webb (b c1757, d 23.12.1847, dau of Joseph Webb by Susannah, dau of John King of Oldcastle by Abigail, dau of Robert Greer of Redford)
  (A) Joseph Webb Greer (3rd son) had issue
  m. (27.08.1823) Susanna McDonnell (d 10.1867, dau of Samuel McDonnell of Derryhilll by Mary, dau of William Whitsitt of Grange)
  (B) Susannah Greer
  m. (1823) Richard Kerr (to New York)
  (C) Mary Greer
  m. (1836) Zacharia Wilson
  (D) Hannah Greer (b c1792, d 27.05.1874)
  m. (02.1835) William Greeves of Grange Farm (d 28.01.1864)
  (E)+ other issue - William (in America), Joseph (d young), Sarah (b c1782, d unm 02.02.1838), Anne (b c1795, d 04.12.1851)
  (2) William Greer (b c1769, dsp 21.05.1841, 5th son)
  m. (18.09.1799) Elizabeth Bell (b c1775, d 11.12.1859, dau of Abraham Bell of Lurgan)
  (3) Elizabeth Greer
  m. (1786) Robert Christie (d 26.09.1815, curate of Drumcrae)
  (4) Sarah Greer
  m. (24.04.1805) Thomas Bell of Belfast (d 27.06.1826, son of Abraham of Lurgan)
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1759, d unm 01.04.1839), William (d infant), Henry, Robert (d unm), Hannah (b c1773, d unm 27.04.1848)
d. Elizabeth Greer (b 07.10.1720, d 29.10.1794)
  m1. Joseph Wilson of Lurgan (a 07.1765)
  m2. _ Hazelton
  e.+ other issue - James (b 24.05.1718, d 03.10.1722), Mary (b 22.04.1719, d 22.09.1722)
  iii. Thomas Greer of Clanroll, Lurgan, later of Ballynakill, Queen's Co. (b 01.02.1690-1, d 17.02.1737/8)
  m1. (1715) Ann (b c1692, d 17.11.1718, probably dau of William Henderson of Dunclaudy)
  a. Sarah Greer (b 30.05.1717, d 05.03.1788)
  m. (11.03.1736) Joseph Grubb of Rathronan (d 05.05.1782, son of John of Meylers Park & Woodhouse)
  b. Mary Greer (b 04.04.1719)
  m2. (29.09.1720) Rachel (d 25.06.1792, probably dau of Samuel Morton of Moyallon then Mullahead, m2. _ Hewitt)
  c. Thomas Greer of Clanroll, Lurgan (b 14.08.1731, dsp, 2nd son)
  m. (30.10.1751) Sarah Thompson (dau of James Thompson of Clanroll, m2. William Stott of Hillsborough (son of Alexander))
  d. James Greer of Clanroll (b 14.08.1731, d 27.01.1817)
  m. (20.09.1756) Jane Stott (b 28.02.1737/8, dau of Jonas Stott of Hillsborough (brother of Alexander) by Sarah, dau of Daniel McNeese of Markethill)
  (1) Samuel Greer of Clanroll, later of Lurgan (b 27.12.1763, d 02.04.1848, 3rd son)
  m. (21.06.1796) Sarah Hancock (d 05.03.1847, dau of Jacob Hancock of Lisburn by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Phelps)
  (A) James Greer
  m. E. Vaughan
  (B) Samuel Greer (b c1809, dsp 26.07.1904, 4th son)
  m. (11.09.1862) Eliza Bradshaw (d 26.12.1882, dau of Robert Bradshaw of Milecross Lodge)
  (C) Anna Jane Greer
  m. (1823) M.B. Dougan
  (D) Isabella Greer
m1. George Thompson
  m2. Ralph Vaughan
  (E) Charlotte Greer
  m. (30.05.1827) Jacob Parker Fletcher of Greenfield
  (F)+ other issue - Hancock (d unm), Thomas, Henry (b c1813, d unm 08.02.1882), Eliza (b c1796, d unm 11.03.1845), Sarah (b c1808, d unm 18.05.1888), Maria (b c1814, d unm 26.07.1862)
  (2) John Greer of Tannaghmore Lodge (b 21.09.1765, d 21.06.1844) had issue
  m. (27.07.1808) Mary Boardman (d 12.02.1878, dau of Thomas Boardman of Laurel Hill by Eleanor, dau of Thomas Greer of Rhone Hill) @@ above
  (3) James Greer of Lurgan, later of Clanroll (b 11.09.1768, d 10.12.1850)
  m. (28.06.1801) Jane Clibborn (dau of James Clibborn of Lurgan)
  (4) Sarah Greer (b 20.08.1757, d 1807)
  m1. (20.02.1782) George Shaw of Lurgan (d 03.10.1785, son of Archibald of Lurgan)
  m2. (28.04.1790) Samuel Fayle of Dublin (son of Joshua of Castle Jordan)
  (5) Harriet Greer (b 03.05.1779, d 08.05.1863)
  m. (21.04.1802) John Richardson of Lisburn
  (6) Elizabeth Greer (b 16.04.1781, d in America)
  m. (13.03.1803) Joshua Phelps (son of Joseph of Moyallon)
  (7)+ other issue - Thomas (b 23.07.1759, d unm 27.08.1780), Henry (b 16.01.172, d unm 16.12.1783), William of Baltimore (b 14.03.1772, d 07.02.1848), Robert (b 27.01.1777, d 11.03.1787), Anne (b 25.12.1770, d unm 24.09.1790), Jane (b 23.07.1773, d 14.03.1775), Rachel (b 27.07.1775, d 07.1792)
  e. Samuel Greer of Moyallon, co. Down (d before 1793)
  m. (c1756) Sarah (or Rachel?) Stewart (dau of David Stewart)
  (1) Samuel Greer (d 10.09.1817, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1803) Jane Johnson (d 04.04.1857, dau of William Johnson of Lurgan, widow of George Johnston)
  (2) Thomas Greer of CLonmel, co. Tipperary (b c1769, d 14.11.1833) had issue
  m. (1810) Elizabeth Lucas (d 17.11.1871, dau of Thomas Lucas of Clonmel)
  (3) Rachel Greer (b 28.02.1757)
  m. (02.07.17786) Timothy Murray (son of Timothy of Magheragall)
  (4)+ other issue - James (b 07.02.1760), Thomas (b 25.01.1763, d 08.04.1763), Susannah (b 18.03.1764, d 09.09.1765)
  f. Rachel Greer (d 04.07.1791)
  m. (1747/8) Joseph Macolmson of Lurgan (d 1774, son of Andrew)
  g.+ other issue - Henry (d 08.07.1726), John (dvp), Abigail (b 12.05.1725, d unm), Elizabeth (a 1764, d unm)
  iv. James Greer of Lisacurran, Lurgan (b 18.08.1693, d 1761)
m1. (28.09.1714) Ann Wilson (d 18.6.1719)
  a. Jane Greer
  m. (10.01.1732/3) John Kirk of Lisacurran
  b. Mary Greer (b 1718-9, d 08.02.1777)
  m. Thomas Pedlow (d 10.06.1785)
  m2. (c1720) Ann (d 1765, dau of Richard Millhouse or Milles)
  c. James Greer of Lisacurran (b c1735-6, d 24.06.1814)
  v. Mary Greer (b 07.02.1685/6, d 1765)
  m. (c1707) William Douglas of Grange (son of Robert)
  B. Robert Greer (Greeves or Grives) of Redford, co. Tyrone (b c1660, d c1730)
  m. (06.1691) Mary Whitsitt (b c1670, d 09.12.1742, dau of John Whitsitt of Grange by Alice, dau of William Brownlow of Ballywilly)
  C. Thomas Greer (d 1689)
  D. Mary Greer
  m. (1683) John Houlden of Lisburn
2. Anne Greer (b 1633)
  m. (04.1652) Thomas Turner (son of Robert of Turnerstead)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Greer) with some support from BLGI1912 (Greer of Tullylagan), BLGI1912 (Greer of The Gange)
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