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Families covered: Gould of Alveston, Gould of Coombe, Gould of Dorchester, Gold (Gould) of Seaborough, Gould of Staverton, Gould of Totnes, Huddesfield of Shillingford

Identified by Vivian as "a crusader in Palestine (who) for his valour at the siege of Damietta 1217 was granted an estate at Seaborough", was ...
John Gold of Seaborough, Somerset (a 1217)
1. ?? Gold of Seaborough
  A. Elias Gold of Seaborough
  i. John Gold of Seaborough
  m. Joan
  a. John Gold of Seaborough (a 1341)
  m. Isabell (d 1349)
  (1) Robert Gold of Seaborough
  m. Elizabeth
(A) John Gold of Seaborough & Sampit (a 1414)
  (i) Robert Gould of Seaborough (d 1436)
  m. Idonea Mycheldever (dau of Thomas Mycheldever)
  (a) Thomas Gould of Seaborough (d 05.05.1502)
  m. Eleanor (a 1523)
  ((1)) Thomas Gould of Seaborough (b c1472,d 13.04.1525)
  m. Edith Appleton (dau/coheir of Roger Appleton) @1@ below
  ((A)) John Gould of Seaborough (b c1495, d 07.08.1555)
  m. Elizabeth (d before 12.02.1584-5)
  ((i)) John Gould (dsp young)
  ((B)) Margaret Gould
  m. Richard Martyn of Athelhampton
((C)) Katherine Gould (dsp 20.03.1586)
  m. Henry Hoskyns
  ((D)) Alice Gould
  m. John Bale
  ((E)) Anne Gould (a 1582)
  m. William Stretchleigh of Ermington 'of Stretchley' (d 21.07.1583)
  ((2)) James Gould of Henley in Crewkerne, Somerset (d before 16.03.1530)
  m. Margaret Appleton (dau/coheir of Roger Appleton) @2@ below
  ((A)) Humphrey Gould or Gold of Enfield, Salop
  m. Alice Spittle of Staffordshire
  Vivian identifies Humphrey & Alice as ancestors of the Goulds of London. The following comes from Visitation (London, 1634, Gold).
  ((i)) Richard Gold of Enfield
  ((ii)) Thomas Gold
  ((iii)) Humfry Gold of London (a 1634)
  m. Mary Rudston (dau of William Rudston, relict of _ Bridges, sister/coheir of Edward)
  ((a)) Humfry Gold of London (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Rochdale (dau of Richard Rochdale of London)
  (((1))) Richard Gold (a 1634)
  ((b)) Mary Gold
  m. John Mylne of London
  ((B)) Bernard Gould or Gold of Benescombe (d by 1577)
  m1. (1541, sp) Eleanor Andrew (dau of Richard Andrew of Exeter, widow of John Sellar)
  m2. Dorothy Keymer (dau of William Keymer of West Chelboriough, widow of _ Langford of Woodist)
  Vivian identifies Bernard & Dorothy as ancestors of the Goulds of Wiltshire. Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Gold) shows Barnard (of Gussage St. Andrewe) as son of an unnamed 2nd son of James Gold by Margaret Appleton (the eldest son being Thomas who, by Edith, was father of the John who dsp 1555). Visitation (Wiltshire) provides the following.
  ((i)) William Gold of Awlston alias Alvideston alias Aludeston (alias Alveston), Wiltshire
  m. Maria Hawles (dau of John Hawkes of Monckton Up Wimborne)
  ((a)) William Gold of Alveston (b c1684, d 21.08.1638)
  m. Elinor Chadwell (a 1639, dau of Edm. Chadwell of Ebesborne Wake)
(((1)))+ issue - William (b c03.1622-3), Anna (b c1611), Maria (b c1613), Averina (b c1615), Elianora (b c1616)
  ((b)) Dorothy Gold
  m. Richard Rives of Dorset (b c1582, a 1623)
  (((1)))+ issue - Richard (b c1612), John (b c1619), Anna (b c1610), Elinor (b c1611)
((c))+ other issue (dsp) - Humphrey, Barnard, Averina
  ((3)) John Gould of Staverton (d before 1526) - continued below
  m. Katherine Preston (a 0.1529, dau of Richard Preston of Staverton)
(ii) John Gold of Sampit (Sandpit) (a 1436)
  (a) Christiana Gold
  m. Roger Appleton
  ((1)) Edith Appleton
  m. Thomas Gould of Seaborough @1@ above
  ((2)) Margaret Appleton
m. James Gould of Henley @2@ above
  ((3)) Isabella Appleton
  m. George Pyne of East Down
  (b) Alice Gold
m. John Crukerne of Childhaye
  (iii) Alice Gold
  m. William Huddesfield of Shillingford (son of William of Honiton)
  (a) Sir William Huddesfield of Shillingford (d 20.03.1499, Attorney General)
  m1. Jennet (or Elizabeth) Bosum (dau of John Bosum of Bosume Hele, widow of Sir Baldwin Fulford)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Huddesfield
  m. Sir Anthony Poynz of Acton (b 1480, d 1535)
  BLG1952 (Poyntz of Harestock Close) reports that Elizabeth was Sir William's daughter by Katherine Courtenay. Provisionally we follow Vivian in showing her as daughter by Jennet Bosun.
  m2. Katherine Courtenay (dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham, widow of Thomas Rogers then Sir St. Clare Pomeroy)
  ((2)) Katherine Huddesfield
  m. Sir Edmund Carew (d 1513)
  ii. William Gold of Crewkerne
  m. Matilda
  a. Edward Gold of Gold Court in Wareham (a 1329)
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (a 1329), Robert of Sampit



John Gould of Staverton (d before 1526) - continued above
m. Katherine Preston (a 0.1529, dau of Richard Preston of Staverton)
1. Thomas Gould of Coombe in Staverton (d before 06.07.1571)
m. Joan Ball (bur 04.03.1601-2, dau of Giles Ball of Chudleigh) ## see here ##
  A. John Gould of Coombe in Staverton (d by 09.1608)
  m. Alice Trehawke (bur 30.08.1621, dau of ?? Trehawke of Cornwall by dau of John Petre of Torbrian)
  B. William Gould of Staverton (d before 13.02.1597-8)
  m. Bridget Duck (sister of Richard Duck of Totnes)
  C. Alice Gould
  m. (16.01.1581-2) Richard Beere of Chudleigh
  i. Elizabeth Beere (bpt 01.07.1585)
  m. Gilbert Yarde of Bradley
  D. Katherine Gould
  m1. (c03.1583-4) John Tuckyn
m2. Richard Yarde of Bradley
  E. Eleanor Gould (a 1558)
  F. Amye Gould
  m. Lawrence Hart of Staverton
2. Edward Gould of Totnes
  A. Edward Gould of Totnes (bur 29.09.1611)
  m. (04.02.1570-1) Mary Bogan (bur 23.02.1626-7, dau of William Bogan of Totnes)
  i. Christopher Gould (bpt 04.08.1575, d 1603, 2nd son)
  m. Mary (bur 23.03.1626-7)
  ii. Nicholas Gould (bpt 25.08.1583, bur 02.11.1643)
  m. (20.02.1613-4) Rebecca Willis (bur 13.01.1648-9)
  a. Rebecca Gould
  iii. Elizabeth Gould (bpt 04.07.1579, a 1625)
  m. Giles Lynch
  iv.+ other issue - Samuel of Dorchester (bpt 23.11.1572), Edward (bpt 22.01.1582-3), Protesia (bpt 15.11.1571, bur 14.04.1593), Elizabeth (bur 04.02.1575-6), Katherine (bpt 11.11.1576, bur 19.05.1587)
  B. John Gould of Totnes (d by 1613)
  m. Julian
  i. Julian Gould
  m. (09.04.1592) Thomas Gourney
  ii.+ other issue - Walter of Dorchester (a 1630), Barbara (a 1590)
  C. Nicholas Gould (bpt 12.10.1561)
3. Richard Gould of Marldon (d before 28.10.1557)
  m. Margaret Petre (d before 21.02.1609-10, d before 21.02.1609-10)
A. Otho Gould of Marldon (dvp before 01.08.1551)
  m. Joan Lesre (dau of William Lesre of Ashburton)
  i. Thomas Gould
  B. Roberta Gould (bur 27.11.1625)
4. James Gould of Dorchester
  A. James Gould of Dorchester & Fordington (dsp bur 27.05.1612)
m. Joan Leddoz of Week Regis (d 11-12.1630)
  B. George Gould of Little Hempston (d by 1620)
  m. (31.07.1581) Agnes Austin of Little Hempston (d before 27.04.1638)
  C. Joan Gould (a 1558)
  D. Alice Gould
  m. Mathew Churchill of Bradford
5. John Gould of Staverton (dsp 02.03.1562)
6. Robert Gould of Fordington, Dorset (d before 14.06.1559)
  m. Elizabeth Petre
  A. Joan Gould
  B. Alice Gould
  m. John Collyford of Knaveswell
7. Agnes Gould (a 1558)
  m. John Bagwell

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Gould', p418+)
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