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Families covered: Gough (Calthorpe) of Calthorpe, Gough of Edgbaston, Gough of Middlemore, Gough of Oldfallings, Gough of Perry Hall, Gough of Wolverhampton

Innerth or John Goch or Gough (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
1. Sir Philip Gough
2. Sir Matthew Gough (d 1450)
  Commoners shows Sir Matthew as father of 2 sons, Thomas (d 1437) and Richard, but reports that "Some accounts deduce the descent from Thomas, woolstapler of London, who d. in 1437, making the said Thomas brother of Sir Matthew." BP1934 starts with Richard of London, identifying his as son of Thomas.
3. Thomas Gough of London (d 1437)
  A. Richard Gough of London (d 1495)
i. Thomas Gough of Wolverhampton (d 1532)
  a. Henry Gough of Wolverhampton (d 1560)
  (1) John Gough of Wolverhampton (d 1596)
  BP1934 mentions only 1 wife for John, Elizabeth Blunt, identifying her as mother of his children. We follow Commoners.
  m1. ??
  (A) Henry Gough of Oldfallings (d 1655)
  m1. Elizabeth Leigh of Wolverhampton (d 1625)
  (i) John Gough of Oldfallings (b c1608, d 1655) - continued below
  m1. Margaret Wedgwood (d 1637, dau of Ralph Wedgwood)
  m2. Bridget Astley (dau of John Astley of Woodeaton)
  (ii) Elizabeth Gough
  m. Lancelot Lee of Aveley
  (iii) Isabel Gough
  m. John Hamond
  (iv) Judith Gough (dsp)
  m. Richard Smalbroke of Birmingham
  (v)+ other issue - Richard, Anne (d unm)
  m2. Frances Fellowes (d 1628)
  m3. Isabel (d 1650, relict of Nicholas Allen)
  (B) John Gough (d 1562)
  (C) Anne Gough (d 1617)
  m1. Richard Jackson
  m2. Ralph Floyer of Hints
  m2. Elizabeth Blunt of Ridware (d 1615)
  (D) Richard Gough of London
  m. _ Thornton (dau of Thomas Thornton)
  (i) son
  (E) Amicia (Amy) Gough
  m. Francis Tomkis



John Gough of Oldfallings (b c1608, d 1655) - continued above
m1. Margaret Wedgwood (d 1637, dau of Ralph Wedgwood)
1. Elizabeth Gough (b 25.08.1633)
  m. Edward Wodehouse of Woodhouse (b c1624, d 1689)
2. Mary Gough (b 27.09.1636, d 1704)
  m. John Huntbach of Fetherston
m2. Bridget Astley (dau of John Astley of Woodeaton)
3. Sir Henry Gough of Oldfallings and Perry Hall (b 03.01.1649, d 24.01.1724)
  m. (1668) Mary Littleton (d 01.1722, dau of Sir Edward Littleton, Bart of Pillaton)
  A. Walter Gough of Oldfallings and Perry Hall (b 19.06.1677, d 19.04.1730, 3rd son)
  m. Martha Harwood (d 1768, dau of Thomas Harwood of Tern)
  i. Walter Gough of Oldfallings and Perry Hall (b 31.12.1712, d 10.1773, 2nd son)
  m1. (1742) Mary Hunt (dau of John Hunt of Winson Green) @@ below
  a. John Gough of Oldfallings and Perry Hall (b 1744, d 30.01.1828)
  m. Eleanor Martha Mytton (d 03.05.1783, dau of Thomas Mytton of Shipton)
(1) John Gough of Perry Hall (b 11.08.1780, dsp 1844)
  m. (29.08.1809) Jane Elizabeth Paget (dau of John Paget of Newberry House and Cranmore Hall)
  (2)+ other issue - Mary, Eleanor (d 01.1829)
  b. Anne Gough (b 1746, d 1773)
  m. Simon Oliver Taylor of Irtlingborough
  c.+ other issue - Walter (d 1750), Henry (b 1743, d 25.11.1769), Mary
  m2. (15.06.1758,sp) Jane Brierley (dau of William Brierley)
ii. Thomas Gough (b 06.06.1720, d 01.1786, vicar or Risby and Fornham St. Geneveve, 4th son)
  m1. Alice Sandford (dau of Thomas Sandford of Sandford)
  m2. Anne Saunders (sister of Dr. _ Saunders of London)
  iii. Harry Gough (b 10.06.1727, d 17.01.1795)
  m. Frances Sayre of Herefordshire
  a. Frances Martha Gough (d 16.07.1865) probably of this generation
  m. (06.09.1804) Sir Edward Vaughan Colt, 5th Bart (bpt 17.02.1782, d 09.06.1849)
  iv. Martha Gough (b 16.09.1708)
  m. (05.04.1733) Henry Mytton of Wenlock
  v. Mary Gough (b 18.03.1710, d 13.03.1797)
  m. (19.11.1741) Samuel Harwood of Crickheath (son of John)
  vi. Margaret Gough (b 07.04.1715, d 24.04.1757)
  m. Thomas Fisher of Springfield
  vii. Bridget Gough (b 16.02.1728)
  m. Willis Kempson of Bilston
  viii.+ other issue - Henry (b 05.09.1709, d 08.06.1723), Richard (b 18.08.1717, d 1746), Anne (b 24.03.1722, d unm 1743)
  B. Harry Gough of Middlemore (b 1681, d 13.07.1751, MP, 6th son)
  m. (1719) Elizabeth Hynde (dau of Morgan Hynde of London)
  i. Richard Gough of Middlemore and Enfield (b 21.10.1735, dsp 20.02.1809, antiquary)
  m. (1774) Anne Hall (dau of Thomas Hall of Golding)
  ii. Elizabeth Gough
  m. John Tilly
  C. Anne Gough (b 19.03.1674)
m1. (1712) John Roberts, Governor of St. Helena (Captain)
  m2. Francis Holmes
  D. Bridget Gough (b 08.10.1685, d 1773)
  m. (13.05.1711) John Hunt of Winson Green
  i. Mary Hunt
  m. (1742) Walter Gough of Perry Hall (b 31.12.1712, d 10.1773) @@ above
  E. Jane Gough (b 12.05.1689)
  m. (04.12.1722) William Vernon of Horsington
F. Isabella Gough (b 19.03.1690-1, d 1767)
  m. (20.04.1713) Eldred Lancelot Lee of Coton
  G.+ other issue - John (d infant), Henry (d young), John (d young), Edward (d young), Richard (b 21.03.1681-2, d before 1713), Edward (bpt 30.07.1684, d infant), Matthew (b 20.09.1687, d 1702), John (b 10.02.1691), Charles (b 18.07.1693, d unm 11.02.1774), Mary (b 06.07.1673, d unm 1703)
4. Sir Richard Gough of Edgbaston and Gough House (b 10.10.1659, d 09.02.1727, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Crisp (dau of Nicholas Crisp)
  A. Sir Henry Gough, 1st Bart of Edgbaston (b 09.03.1708, d 08.06.1774)
  m1. (sp) Catherine Harpur (d 22.06.1740, dau of Sir John Harpur, 4th Bart)
m2. (02.07.1741) Barbara Calthorpe (d 13.04.1782, dau of Reynolds Calthorpe of Elvetham)
  i. Sir Henry Gough, later Calthorpe, 1st Lord Calthorpe of Calthorpe (b 01.01.1749, d 16.03.1798)
  m. (01.05.1783) Frances Carpenter (b 10.06.1761, d 01.05.1827, dau of General Benjamin Carpenter by Mary, dau of Lt. Col. Timothy Carr)
  a. Charles Calthorpe, 2nd Lord Calthorpe of Calthorpe (b 22.03.1786, d unm 05.06.1807)
  b. George Calthorpe, 3rd Lord Calthorpe of Calthorpe (b 22.06.1787, d unm 27.09.1851)
  c. Frederick Calthorpe, later Gough, 4th Lord Calthorpe of Calthorpe (b 14.06.1790, d 02.05.1868) had issue
  m. (12.08.1823) Charlotte Sophia Somerset (b 25.04.1795, d 12.11.1865, dau of Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort)
  d.+ other issue (d unm) - Henry (b 24.01.1784, d 04.11.1790), John (b 05.05.1793, d 10.06.1816, RN), Arthur (b 14.11.1796, d 050.03.1836), Frances Elizabeth (b c1785, d 02.09.1868), Harriet (d 12.02.1813)
  ii. Charlotte Gough (d 07.08.1783) probably of this generation
m. (23.07.1768) Sir John Palmer, 5th Bart of Carlton (b 1735, d 11.02.1817)
  iii. Barbara Gough (d 03.1826) probably of this generation
  m. (01.1770) Isaac Spooner (b 1736, d 06.1816)
  B. John Gough
5. Dorothy Gough (b 14.02.1652)
  m. Michael Arnold of Westminster
6. Bridget Gough (b 08.05.1656)
  m. John Newbery of London
7. Judith Gough (b 13.01.1665)
  m. William Dugdale of Blythe Hall
8.+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 12.03.1651), Thomas, Anne (b 04.07.1655, d 1731)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol II, Gough of Perry Hall), BP1934 (Calthorpe)
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