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Families covered: Gorges of Litton, Gorges of Tamerton Foliot, Gorges of Wraxall

The first few generations for this family come solely from 'Pedigree of George and Gorges' which indicates that the family came from Gaurges in the Cotentin, Normandy. 'Pedigree', which acknowledges some uncertainty on the first generations, favours spelling the family name as Georges for those early generations and George thereafter. We keep to Gorges except on the continuation page for the Georges of Baunton.
Radulph de Gorges (a 1066)
m. _ de Morville
1. ?? de Gorges
  A. John de Gorges (a 1121)
  m. Eleyne
  i. ?? de Gorges
  m. _ de Morville
  a. ?? de Gorges
  (1) Ivo de Gorges of Tamworth, Warwickshire (d 1236)
  m. Elena (de Morville?)
  (A) Sir Ralph de Gorges, Sheriff of Devon (d 1272)
  m1. Margaret (or Ellen) Foliot (dau/heiress of Reginald Foliot of Warleigh)
(i) Thomas de Gorges 'of Powerstock' of Tamerton Foliot, Devon
  m. Emma (d 1314)
  (a) Sir John de Gorges of Tamerton Foliot (b 1309)
  m. Elizabeth de Doddiscombe
  ((1)) John de Gorges
  ((A)) Leva (Lora?) Gorges (d 16.12.1461)
  m1. John Wibbery
  ((i)) Joane Wibbery
  m. John Bonville
  m2. Thomas Bonville (b c1400, d 1467)
  (ii) Ralph de Gorges (3rd son)
  m. Margaret Caleshall
  (iii)+ other issue - William, John, Philip
  m2. Joane
  (vi) Hugh de Gorges of Dunton
  m3. Eleanor (Alianore) de Morville (d 1292, dau of John or Ivo de Morville of Bradpole, Dorset)
  (vii) Sir Ralph de Gorges of Bradpole, Wraxall, Litton, etc., Sheriff of Devon, Justiciar of Ireland, 1st Lord (d 29.11.1323 or before 27.09.1323)
  m. (before 20.11.1301) Eleanor de Canc (d before 1349, possibly dau of Sir John Ferre of Tothall)
(a) Ralph de Gorges, 2nd Lord (b 09.1308-9, dsp before 28.08.1344)
  m. (by 1330) Elizabeth (a 1346)
  (b) Elizabeth de Gorges (dvp)
  m. Sir Robert Ashton (Justiciar and Chancellor of Ireland, Admiral, Lord Treasurer)
  ((1)) Robert Ashton (dsp)
((2)) Eleanor Ashton
  m. John de Berkeley of Poorstock (dsps)
  (c) Eleanor de Gorges
  m. Sir Theobald Russell of Kingston Russell (b 1309, d 1340)
  One of their sons inherited Wraxall and changed his name to Gorges.
  (d) Joan de Gorges
  m. Sir William Cheney
  (viii) William de Gorges or Georges of Baunton (9th son)
  m1. Alicia de la Hyde (d c1310, dau of William de la Hyde of Pymperne & Winestone)
  m2. Catherine de Penninton (dau of Robert de Pennington or Penyton of Baunton)
  (ix) Eleanor de Gorges
  m. (by 1289) Sir John Maltravers (b 1266, d 1341)
  (x)+ other issue - Matthew (d 1322), John (parson of New Church), Thomas, Richard, 2 daughters
  (B) John de Gorges (d by 1298)
  Shown (along with Thomas, Canon of Wells) by BLG1952 as son rather than brother of Ralph by Eleanor Morville but by 'Pedigrees' as of this generation.
  m. Matilda (Maud) (dau of Philip de la Rokele, m2. Maurice Le Brun)
  (C) William de Gorges of Garthorp, Leicestershire
  m. Matilda (dau of Roger Oglander)
  (i)+ issue (dvp?) - Robert, Henry, Joane
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (Canon of Wells), Alice (Abbess), daughter (married)

Main source(s):
(1) 'Pedigrees and History of the Families of George and Gorges' by Major Thorne George, privately printed in 1903 (with thanks to a contributor, JH, for the loan of the book, 11.2007)
(2) BE1883 (Gorges), BLG1952 (Gorges formerly of Wraxall), TCP (Gorges)
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