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Families covered: Glynn of Glynn (Glyn of Glyn), Glynn of Liverpool, Glynn of Morval

(1) BLG1952 reports that this family "undoubtedly derives its name from the ancient manor of Glynn ... (near) Bodmin, in the parish of Cardinham".
(2) BLG1952 starts its pedigree with Thomas de Glyn (a 1327) but provides a little information about earlier generations in its preamble, including notice that Thomas was "apparently a younger son" of the senior line. The following connection with that senior line is presumptuous and so is shown in italics. After consideration of the dates, in particular the dates of the heiress Johanna and her husband Sir John Carmynhow, we presume that Thomas was in fact son of a younger son.
?? de Glyn
1. Sir John Glynn of Glynn, Cornwall
  A. Johanna Glynn (d 1349)
  m. Sir John Carmynhow (d before 08.11.1329)
2. ?? de Glyn
  A. Thomas de Glyn (a 1327, 1380) the first mentioned by Vivian
  m. Olivia
  i. Henry Glynn (a 1370)
  m. Johanna
  a. Thomas Glynn "whose son was, almost certainly" ...
  (1) Thomas Glynn of Lanhydrock
m. Jane Cliker (dau/heir of William Cliker of Cliker)
  (A) Thomas Glyn of Glyn, Cornwall (b c1427)
  Thomas re-acquired Glynn from the Hugh Courtenay who married Margaret Carminow who was descended from the Johanna Glynn who is shown above as heiress of Glynn. BLG1952 suggests that this Thomas was the first mentioned by Visitation (Cornwall, 1620) but in fact, as far as we can see from the copy we have of the Harleian Society's version of that visitation (supported by Vivian), that was his grandson.
  (i) Thomas Glyn of Glyn
  m. Rose Trecarron or Trecarren (dau/coheir of _ Trecarren)
(a) Thomas Glyn of Glyn (3rd son) - continued below
  m. Alice Dennys (dau/heir of Richard Dennys of Blagdon by Meliora)
  (b)+ other issue - Henry (priest), Nicholas (dsp)
  (B) John Glynn of Morval, Cornwall (d 29.08.1472)
  m. Jane (Johanna)
(i) John Glynn of Morval (b c1449, d 03.05.1512)
  m. Katherine Fulford (d 19.07.1525, dau of Humphry Fulford, widow of Ralph Prye)
  (a) Thomasine Glynn
  m1. Michael Vyvyan (a 1507, Sheriff)
  m2. Richard Coode 'of Morval'
  (b) Elizabeth Glynn (d 24.12.1513)
  m1. Edward or Edmund Kendall of Pelyn
  m2. Gilbert Becket of Cartuther
  (c) Margaret Glynn (b 1488-9)
  m. Sir William Godolphin of Godolphin (d 1570)
  (C) John Glyn (2nd of the name) mentioned by Vivian but not by BLG1952
  m. Isabell Arundell (dau/heir of Ralph Arundell of Penbigell)
  (i) Thomas Glyn of St. Ives
  m. Joan Nicholl (dau/heir of James Nicholll of St. Ives)
  (a) John Glyn
  m. Jane Nankivell (dau of Michael Nankivell)
  ((1)) Thomas Glyn
  ((A)) John Glyn
  ((i))+ issue - John, Elizabeth
(b) Margery Glyn
  m. Richard Tregose
  (ii) John Glyn
  m. _ Prye of Devonshire
  (a) Bartholomew Glyn
  (D) Phillip Glynn 
  m. Nicholas Bossenwith
  (E) Blanch Glynn 
  m. Edward Littleton of Polscoth



Thomas Glyn of Glyn - continued above
m. Alice Dennys (dau/heir of Richard Dennys of Blagdon by Meliora)
1. Nicholas Glyn of Glyn (d 11.10.1580)
  m1. Constance Brian (dsp, dau/heir of John Brian)
m2. Elizabeth Talkerne (dau of John Talkerne of Talkerne)
  A. William Glyn of Glyn (d 06.10.1613)
  m. Ann Crewse (bur 05.01.1614, dau/heir of Anthony Crewse of Liskeard)
  i. Nicholas Glyn of Glyn, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1563, d 20.12.1625)
  m. Jane Kendall (bur 08.04.1684, dau of Walter Kendall of Pelyn)
  a. William Glyn of Glyn (b c1599, d 05.08.1664)
  m. (1632) Alice Harris (dau of Arthur Harris of Hayne, Sheriff)
(1) Nicholas Glynn of Glynn, Sheriff of Cornwall (bpt 30.10.1633, d 26.03.1697)
  m. (21.06.1664) Gertrude Dennis (bur 27.12.1706, dau/coheir of Anthony Dennis of Orlegh)
  (A) Denis Glynn of Glynn (bpt 04.08.1668, bur 14.04.1705)
  m1. (c06.1691) Elizabeth Foote (bur 31.01.1692, dau/heir of Samuel Foote of Wenworthy)
  (i) William Glynn of Glynn (bur 22.11.1727)
m. (15.09.1709) Rose Prideaux (bur 03.03.1736-7, dau of John Prideaux of Padstow)
  (a) Nicholas Glynn of Glynn, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 05.01.1712-3, bur 22.06.1744)
  m. (1734) Elizabeth Nichols (d 1771, dau/heir of John Nicholls of Trevane & Davidstowe)
  ((1)) William Glynn of Glynn (b 29.09.1735, d unm bur 28.12.1762)
  (b) John Glynn of Glynn (bpt 30.08.1722, d 16.09.1779, Recorder of London & Exeter, 3rd son)
m. (21.07.1763) Susannah Margaret Oglander (d 20.05.1816, dau of Sir John Oglander of Nunwell, 4th Bart)
  ((1)) Edmund John Glynn, last of Glynn, Sheriff of Cornwall b c1763, d 1840)
  m. (1790) Elizabeth Worsley (dau/coheir of Edward Meux Worsley of Gatcombe)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Anne Glynn (bpt 17.06.1795, d 13.09.1828)
  m. (17.07.1818) Henry William Petre of Dunkenhalgh
  ((B)) Frances Mary Glynn (bpt 17.06.1795)
  m. (1820) Charles Prideaux-Brune of Place
((2)) Anthony William Glynn of Fairy Hill, Isle of Wight (b 01.10.1766, d 02.1819, rector of Lesnewth & Kingstone) had issue
  m. (07.07.1800) Sukey Margaret Oglander (d 05.04.1840, dau of Sir William Oglander of Nunwell, 5th Bart)
  ((3)) Henry Richard Glynn (b 02.09.1768, d 20.07.1856, Admiral) had issue
  m1. Maria Batt (bur 23.12.1812, dau of J. (or William) Batt of Moditonham, widow of Captain _ Turguand)
  m2. (sp) Maria Speke
  m3. (14.06.1825, sp) Mary Incledon (d 16.04.1853, dau of Captain Robert Incledon)
  ((4)) Susannah Margaret Glynn of Bideford (b 1774-5, d 07.1855)
  (c) Gertrude Glynn (bpt 08.02.1714)
  m. _ Hastings
  (d)+ other issue - William (bpt 22.08.1716, bur 13.02.1717), Edmund (bpt 20.04.1725, dsp bur 29.11.1746), Anne (bpt 04.09.1711, d 16.03.1736), Elizabeth (bpt 02.07.1715), Rose (bpt 23.07.1718, bur 20.07.1719), Bridget (bpt 25.04.1720, bur 07.01.1736)
  m2. Bridget Hoblyn (bur 10.11.165, dau of Edward Hoblyn of Colquite)
  (ii)+ other issue
  (B)+ other issue - William (bur 18.05.1668), Nicholas (bur 13.08.1670), Gertrude (bpt 28.03.1665, bur 08.06.1669), Gertrude (bur 29.09.1675)
  (2) John Glynn of Cardinham & St. Martin-in-the-fields (Middlesex) (bur 04.04.1689, of the Middle Temple)
  (A) John Glynn of Bodmin & Polmawgan (d 1751, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Peters (dau/heir of Henry Peters)
  (i) Henry Glynn of Wincanton, Somerset (bpt 11.11.1713, bur 02.01.1786)
  m. Mary Day of Wincanton
  (a) Dennys Glynn of Dartmouth (b 1741, d 1838)
  m. (1778) Elizabeth Laffer (dau of Richard Laffer of Alternon)
  ((1)) Henry Glynn of Liverpool (b 1788, d 1808) had issue
  m1. Mary Cosens Alger (dau of John Alger of Plymouth)
  m2. Christina Hind (dau of John Hind of Liverpool, widow of William Lucas)
  m3. Celia Ann Black (dau of Martin Gay Black of Halifax (Nova Scotia), widow of Thomas Canon)
  (b) Henry Glynn of Cheriton Bishop, Devon
  m. (07.03.1774) Jane Laffer (dau of Richard Laffer of Alternon)
((1)) John Glynn of Liverpool (bpt 08.02.1779, d 17.08.1847, shipowner) had issue
  m. (1800) Betsy Dashper (dau of Edward Dashper of Dartmouth)
  ((2))+ other issue
  (B)+ other issue - William (bpt 04.08.1668, bur 17.02.1719), Jane (a 1704)
  (3)+ other issue -William (d before 28.08.1672), Philip, Thomasin (bpt 16.05.1613)
  b. Walter Glyn (b c1610, bur 30.10.1662)
  m. (1649) Agnes Grylls (bur 11.12.1672, dau of Sir John Grylls of Lanreath)
  c. Loveday Glyn
m. Thomas Hearle of Trenouth
  ii. George Glyn (dsp, bur 20.11.1628)
  m. (1595) Dennet Bligh (bur 21.02.1622, dau of John Bligh of Bodmin)
  iii. William Glyn of Wendron (d before 11.1615) had issue
  m1. Mary Rice (dau/heir of Thomas Rice of Trewardrevha)
m2. Mary Roscrowe (a 1615)
  iv. Phillippa Glyn
  m. John Incledon of Bratton
  v. Joan/Jane Glyn
  B. Nicholas Glyn (dsp c1602)
  m. Joan Bonython (dau of John Bonython of Bonython)
  C. Margery Glyn
  m. Joan Trevidon or Trevethwan
  D. Mary Glyn
  m. John Harry alias Trevareck
  m3. Johanna Bealbury (dau of John Bealbury)
2. John Glyn of Boyton
  m. Thomasin Carlyon (dau of Nicholas Carlyon of Carlyon Key)
3. Jane Glynn
  m. Richard Downe
4. Thomasine Glynn
  m. William Langford of Langford Hill

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Glynn formerly of Glynn'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Glynn of Glynn', p178+)
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