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Families covered: Glascott of Aldergate, Glascott of Aldertown, Glascott of Fruit Hill, Glascott of Kingsbury, Glascott of Pilltown

(1) The name of this family appears nowadays to be mainly spelt as 'Glascott' but we have also seen it as 'Glascot', 'Glasscot', 'Glasscott' and even Glascock & Glasscock. [The Harleian Society's version of Visitation (Essex 1558) contains an article on a Glascock family which shows the name of the first 3 generations as 'Glascotte' before it turns to 'Glascocke'.] None of BLG1879, BLG1886 & show any arms for the family shown below. That does not help the investigation into whether or not there was indeed an early connection with present Glascock families. Consequently, whilst we think tat quite likely, we show the Glascock family separately (see Glascock1).
(2) BLG1886 starts with the following John and reports that he "and his ancestors held lands in the manor of Glascott, as copy-holders, which lands were lost on the attainder of John, 5th Lord Clinton, during the wars between the houses of York and Lancaster, anno 38 Henry VI, 1461".
John Glascott of Glascott, Warwickshire
1. Thomas Glascott of Kingsbury & Hurley, Warwickshire (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
  m. Juliana
  A. John Glascott of Kingsbury (d before 15.08.1544)
  m. Alice
  i.+ issue - Elizabeth, Alice, Juliana, Margaret
  B. William Glascott of Wishaw, Warwickshire (d before 21.04.1544)
  m. Joan
  i. Thomas Glascott of Kingsbury (d before 05.12.1560)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. John Glascott of Kingsbury (d before 27.06.1588)
  m. Mary Blake
  (1) Thomas Glascott of Kingsbury
  (A) John Glascott of Kingsbury "his issue failed"
  (B) William Glascott of Whitacre, later of Kingsbury & Hurley (d before 31.10.1666)
  (i) Anne Glascott
  m. _ Mitchell
  (ii) daughter (d by 1666)
  m. William Hill
  (2) William Glascott of Whittington (d by 1654)
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) John Glascott of Aldergate, London
  The above follows BLG1886 which appears to have revised the family's recorded ancestry since BLG1879 which shows that John of Aldergate was a son of George Glascott of Hedingham, Essex, by Diana, dau of Robert Fanshawe, 2nd son of Henry of Fanshawe.
  m. Susan Turner of London
(i) George Glascott of Aldergate (dsp, to Ireland) mentioned by BLG1879 but not by BLG1886
  (ii) William Glascott of Aldertown, co. Wexford (d c1677, Captain)
  BLG1879 reports that Captain William, who went to Ireland, married Alice, dau of James Rowles of Hertfordshire, and had John, James, Benjamin & Thomas. BLG1886 reports as follows.
  m. Alice Philpott (dau of James Philpott of Bandon)
  (a) John Glascott of Aldertown (d 06.1707) - continued below
  m. (c06.1680) Anne Perrott (d 24.03.1732, dau of Robert Perrott of Coolfin)
  (b) James Glascott of New Ross (dsp before 13.04.1692)
  m. (c04.1685) Jane Tonge (dau of Rev. Thomas Tonge of Toome alias Camolin)
  (c) Benjamin Glascott (bur 23.10.1723)
  m. Mary Wallis (dau of Colonel Peter Wallis, sister of Barachias of Ballycrenan)
  ((1)) William Glascott of Kilbrogan, co. Cork ancestor of Glascotts of Innishannon, co. Cork
  m. (c10.1719) Elizabeth Symmons (dau of Thomas Symmons of Bandon)
  (d) William Glascott (b 1670, a 1715, d unm?)
  (e) Thomas Glascott in Devonshire
  m. (1709) _ Nowell (sister of Cradock Nowell of Cardiff)
  ((1)) Thomas Glascott (b 1709) ancestor of Glascotts of Devonshire & Gloucestershire
  m. Elizabeth Deere
  (f) Elizabeth Glascott
  m. (c04.1679) Thomas Webb of Ballygorman
  (g) Alice Glascott
  m. (c08.1678) William Rowles of Dunganstown, co. Wexford
  (h) Mary Glascott
  m. John Dodd of Great Island (a 1689)
  (iii) Sampson Glascott mentioned by BLG1886 but not by BLG1879
  (B) Elizabeth Glascott
  m. Richard Wilson
  (C) Anne Glascott (d unm)
  b. Thomas Glascott of Shustoke (d before 02.03.1588)
  m. Ellen Croxall
  (1) Thomas Glascott of Shustoke
  c.+ other issue - Anne, Agnes
  ii. John Glascott
  a.+ issue - John, Juliana
  iii. Joan Glascott
  C.+ other issue (a 1544) - Henry, Thomas, Robert



John Glascott of Aldertown (d 06.1707) - continued above
m. (c06.1680) Anne Perrott (d 24.03.1732, dau of Robert Perrott of Coolfin, sister/coheir of Richard of Loughboy & Dartmouth)
1. George Glascott of Aldertown (b 1693, d 10.04.1755)
  m. (04.11.1729) Anne Gifford (d 1773, dau of William Gifford of Polemaloe)
  A. John Glascott of Aldertown (bpt 24.01.1731, dsps 05.12.1810)
  BLG1879 is somewhat confusing at this point, omitting this John and effectively jumping (via George) to his nephew John. BLG1886 clarifies the connection.
  m1. (c02.1756) Elizabeth Boyse (d 23.02.1768, dau of Nathaniel Boyse of Bannow)
  i. John Boyse Glascott (b 1760, d infant)
  m2. (18.07.1769, sp) Lucy Donovan (d 31.01.1827, dau of Richard Donovan of Clonmore)
  B. George Glascott of Ballynamona aka Fruit Hill (bpt 13.02.1732, d 30.01.1788)
  m. (c11.1761) Deborah Rogers (bur 16.08.1799, dau of Adam Rogers of Boderan)
  i. George Glascott of Fruit Hill (b 10.10.1764, dsp 08.07.1838)
  m. (05.07.1790) Mary Ann De Rienzi (d 11.09.1829, dau of Thomas De Rienzi of Clobemon)
  a. Henrietta Glascott (bpt 09.05.1792, dsp 07.12.1875)
  m. (11.12.1839) Pelham Babington of Glandine
  b. Juliana Glascott of Fruit Hill (bpt 18.11.795, d unm 15.10.1885)
c.+ other issue - Isabella (bpt 05.06.1793, d unm 13.08.1846), Mary Anne (bpt 04.07.1794, bur 21.12.1794), Mary Anne (bpt 02.02.1797, bur 24.05.1797)
  ii. John Glascott of Killowen, New Ross, co. Wexford (b 01.03.1778, d 06.09.1841)
  m. (04.04.1794) Beata Archer (d 22.12.1850, dau of Henry Archer o Ballyseskin)
  a. John Glascott of Seafield, Clonatin House & Dublkin, later Killowen (b 24.11.1802, d 27.11.1871) had issue
  m. (09.12.1829) Mary Donovan (d 24.07.1867, dau of Richard Donovan of Ballymore)
  b. George Glascott of Valentia Camolin (b 14.01.1806, d 22.02.1876, 3rd son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (31.10.1835) Wilhelmina Edwards (d 17.02.1871, dau of John Lloyd Edwards of Robuck)
  c. Adam Glascott (b 12.12.1809, dsp 10.12.1852)
  m. (08.08.1849) Susan Emily Usher (dau of John Usher of Landscape)
  d. Beata Glascott
  m. (15.04.1845) John Symes Gifford (dsp 27.08.1864, Major)
  e.+ other issue - Archer (b 30.03.1804, d 08.07.1804), Eliza (b 29.12.1799), Julia (d unm 10.12.1831)
  iii.+ other issue - Adam of Portobello, Isabella, Anne, Deborah, Juliana
  |C. Francis Glascott of Pilltown (b c1723, d 29.12.1798)
BLG1879 mentions Francis in a note. BLG1886 has a separate section on him and his descendants. The following is supported by BLG1912 ('Glascott of Alderton') which starts with him without mention of his ancestry.
  m. (c03.1754) Sarah Stephens (dau of William Stephens of Chilcombe)
  i. William Glascott of Pilltown (b 1756, d 29.11.1829, Rector of Killesk, 2nd son)
  m. (c10.1787) Elizabeth Madden (b 1765-6, d 22.05.1851, dau of Rev. Samuel Madden of Kells & Fiddown)
  a. William Madden Glascott of Pilltown (b 04.09.1806, d 15.02.1895, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (20.05.1836) Elizabeth Harriet Lucy Boyd (b 1817-8, d 21.03.1877, dau of Major James Boyd of Rossclare)
  b. Elizabeth Glascott (d 1847)
  m. (29.03.1815) James Morgan Stubbs (Rector of Rosdroit)
  c. Lucy Glascott (d 30.03.1863)
  m. (11.01.1811) John Usher of Landscape
  d. Cassandra Glascott (d 06.1862)
  m. (07.11.1828) Richard Wybrants Atkinson of Coldblow
  e.+ other issue (d unm) - John (bpt 29.12.1793, bur 12.04.1794), Sarah (d 22.07.1829), Wilhelmina (b c1797, d 31.10.1871), Margaret (b 1801-2, d 07.08.1817), Arabella (b c1804, d 29.11.1828)
  ii. John Glascott of Creacon, co. Wexford (bur 13.04.1817) had issue
m. Susan Tree (bur 13.06.1818, dau of Francis Tree of Boston, North America)
  iii. Margaret Glascott
  m1. Hibbert Newton (d 10.1795)
  m2. Theobald Brownrigg (d 1805, Rector of Kells Grange)
  iv. Elizabeth Glascott
  m. (13.11.1794) John Rogers of New Ross (d 18.01.1799)
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - George Stephens (b 1755, d 1787, Rector of Killesk), Frances (bur 01.07.1791)
  D. Margaret Glascott (b 1734-5, d 03.1791) probably of this generation
  m. (05.03.1764) William Gifford of Ballysop (b 1740, d 1779)
2. Juliana Glascott
  m. _ Martyn (Captain, Quartermaster of the Fort of Duncannon)
3.+ other issue (d unm) - John, Hester, Charlotte

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Glascott of Aldertown, Killowen, Pilltown, etc.') with support but also contradiction from BLG1879 ('Glascott of Aldertown, Killowen, Pilltown, etc.') as reported above and other support as reported above
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