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Families covered: Gildridge (Gilderidge) of (East) Bourne, Gilderidge of Willington, Gilderidge of Wytheham

John Gilderidge of Gildredge (Guildridge of Guildridg) in Wytheham, Sussex
m. ?? Morley (dau of ?? Morley of Glinde)
1. John Gildridge of Wytheham
  m. _ Lovett (heir)
  A. William Gilderidge of Willington, Sussex
  m. _ Mills of Gretham, Sussex
  i. Robert Gilderidge of Willington
m1. _ Fynes (dau of John Fynes of Sussex)
  a. Thomas Gilderidge of Bourne, Sussex (bur 30.01.1580)
  m. Alice Burton (bur 28.04.1608, dau of James Burton of East Bourne)
  (1) James Gilderidge of East Bourne
  m1. (10.09.1576) Frances Waller (bur 04.10.1579, dau of _ Waller of Lygh and/or Groombridge)
  (A) Nicholas Gildridge of East Bourne (bpt 30.09.1579, bur 03.11.1605)
m. Mary Pope (dau of Ralph Pope of Hindall (Hyndall in Bucksted), m2. John Foster of Iden) ## see here ##
  (i) Nicholas Gildridge of Bourne ((b c1605, d 1668)
  m1. Katherine Burton (dau of Sir Edward Burton of East Bourne)
  (a)+ issue - Thomas (d infant), Katherine (b by 1630)
  m2. (13.04.1640) Ann Thorpe (bur 19.10.1657, dau of John Thorpe of Newdigate)
  (c) Mary Gildridge
  m. Ralph Beard
  (d) Jane Gildridge
  m. Nicholas Townley 'of the Inner Temple & Littleton'
  ((1)) Jane Townley
  m1. William Wilson (dvp 15.07.1713)
  m2. Anthony Trumble of Hailsham
  (e) Anne Gildridge
  m. (c01.1672-3) John Wood alias Atwood of Waldron
  (f) Elizabeth Gildridge (bpt 08.10.1649)
  m. (29.06.1674) Nicholas Eversfield of Charlton Court (b c1646)
  (g)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), Nicholas (dsp), Katherine, Frances
m3. ??
  (B) Margaret Gildridge
  m1. Thomas Sanders of London
  m2. _ Fitz or Fitch
  m2. Elizabeth Bawtry of Linton
  (C) Margaret Gildridge
  m2. _ Waller of Groombridge
  b. Lancelott Gildridge of Bedingham, Sussex
  m. Margaret Shelley (dau of Henry Shelley of Mapledurham)
  (1) John Gildridge of Furles (a 1634, 2nd son)
  m. _ Webb of Wiltshire
  (2) Thomas Gildridge
  Visitation (Sussex, 1634) contains 2 folios for Gildridg/Gilderidge. One shows Thomas as m. _ Shelley (with children), the other identifies his wife as Dorothy Durvall (no children). Provisionally we show as follows.
m1/2. _ Shelley
  (A) child
  (B) daughter
  m. _ Pordage of Redmer (brother/heir of Sir William) possible duplication with below?
  m2/1. Dorothy Durvall of Hampton
  (3) Margaret Gildridge
  m. Giles Webb of North Lydiard
  (4) Anne Gildridge
  m. Henry Collins 'of Sussex'
  (A) Margaret Collins
  m. Thomas Pordage brother/heir of Sir William, possible duplication above?
  (5)+ other issue (dsp) - James, Mary
  c. Robert Gildridge

Main source(s): CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p155) with some support/input from Visitation (Sussex, 1634, 'Gildridg & Gilderidge'), Visitation (Sussex, 1662, 'Gildredge of Bourne')
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