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Families covered: Galwey of Cork, Galwey of Culballymore, Galwey of Dungannon, Galwey of Kinsale

Commoners & BIFR1976, our Main Sources for this page, show very different ancestries for both the Galweys of Lota and the Galweys of Carrick. We give precedence to BIFR1976, below, but start with what is given by Commoners so as to not lose the information it contains.
Geffrey de Galwey, Mayor of Cork (a 1430)
m. Elizabeth de Courcy (dau of ?? de Courcy, Lord Kingsale)
1. Edward Galwey of Dungannon, co. Cork
  m. Mary Lavallan (dau of Richard Lavallan, Mayor of Cork)
  A. Geoffrey Galwey of Dungannon
  m. Mary Roche (dau of Maurice Roche, Mayor of Cork)
  i. William Galwey of Dungannon, Mayor of Cork (a 1502)
m. Margaret Skiddy (dau of Richard Skiddy of Cork)
  a. Edward Galwey of Dungannon
  m. Anastasia Coppinger (dau of Stephen Coppinger of Cork)
  (1) Richard Galwey of Dungannon
  m. Elizabeth Ronayne (dau of Jacob Ronayne, Mayor of Cork)
  (A) Patrick Galwey of Dungannon, Mayor of Cork (a 1582)
  m. Honora Barry (dau of Jacob Barry of Kilkenny)
  (i) John (More) Galwey of Dungannon
  Commoners shows John as father (by Catherine) of Edward of Lota (m. Helen Goold then Catherine White) and Geoffrey (m. Anastasia White). As shown below, BIFR1976 not only shows John Mor's ancestry very differently (see below) but also, whilst showing him as father of that Geoffrey (and another son, as shown on the continuation page), shows Edward of Lota as of a different branch of the family (see below).
  m. Catherine Meade (dau of William Meade, Mayor of Cork)
  (ii) Stephen Galwey



Walter Galwey of Kinsale
1. Patrick Galwey of Kinsale & Culballymore (a 1393)
  A. Geoffrey Galwey of Limerick, Waterford & Culballymore, Mayor of Cork (d before 12.01.1445)
  m. Margaret Bultingford (dau of Richard Bultingford, Mayor of Limierck)
  i. John Galwey of Cork (dvp before 23.03.1444)
  m. Katherine
  a. William Galwey of Cork (a 12.1484)
  (1)+ issue - John (a 1512, Mayor of Cork), William (a 1502, Mayor of Cork), Geret, "several married daughters"
  ii. Edmond Galwey
  m. _ Arthur
  iii. Patrick Galwey of Kinsale (a 1458)
  a. John Galwey of Kinsale (a 1486)
(1) Patrick Galwey of Kinsale (a 1494)
  (A) Edward Galwey, Mayor of Cork (a 1560)
  (i) William Galwey, Mayor of Cork (d 20.05.1581)
  m. Margaret Gould
(a) Edmond Galwey of Culballymore, etc. (d 22.03.1616, alderman of Cork)
  m. Anne Meade (dau of Patrick Meade (or Myagh) of Meadstown)
  ((1)) William Galwey, Sheriff of Cork (d before 1632)
m. (before 1618) ??
  ((A)) Edmond Galwey of Cork (d 1653)
  ((i)) William Galwey (dsp)
  ((B)) Edward Galwey of Lota, co. Cork (d 10.07.1680)
  As noted above, Commoners shows a different ancestry for Edward. We follow BIFR1976.
  m1. Ellen Goold (dau of Ingatius or Henry Goold of Cork)
  m2. Catherine White (dau of Stephen White of Manister)
  ((C)) Anastasia Galwey (d young)
  ((D)) Catherine Galwey
  m1. Dominick Sarsfield of Sarsfield's Court (son of 1st Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock) ## see here ##
  m2. _ Browne
  ((2)) Nicola Galwey
  m. _ White
  ((3))+ other issue - Elicia, Joanna, Anastasia
  (b)+ other issue - Arthur of Cork (a 1611, had issue?), Ellen, Anstace
(ii) Andrew Galwey, Mayor of Cork (a 11.1580, d before 02.1580/1)
  m1. ??
  (a) Walter Galwey, Mayor of Cork (d 14.09.1581)
  ((1)) John Galwey of Garrycloyne (d before 09.03.1604)
  ((A)) Walter Galwey, Mayor of Cork
  m. ?? Sarsfield (dau of 1st Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock)
((i)) John Mor Galwey of Dundanion and/or Ballyphegane, Sheriff of Cork (a 1664)
  As noted above, Commoners shows a different ancestry for John. We follow BIFR1976.
  m. Catherine Meade (dau of William Meade, Mayor of Cork)
  ((ii)) Stephen Galwey
  m. Mary Gould (dau of Garret Gould of Cork)
  ((a)) Anastasia Galwey
  m. Stephen White of Manister na Corra
  ((b)) Helen Galwey
  m. Dominick Sarsfield of Johnstown ## see here ##
  ((c)) Jane Galwey
  m. John Hodnet of Cork
  ((d)) Nicola Galwey
  m. _ Cotter
  ((e))+ other issue - Edward, William
  ((iii)) Geoffrey Galwey
  ((2)) Stephen Galwey of Cork (d c1625)
  (b) Patrick Galwey, Mayor of Cork (a 1596)
  ((1)) Geoffrey Galwey, Mayor of Cork (d 17.06.1642)
  m. Catherine Martell
  ((2)) James Galwey of Cork (a 1617)
  (c) Richard Galwey
  (d) Christopher Galwey of Knockrea (s 1582, alderman of Cork)
  m. Juliana Sarsfield
  ((1)) Anastasia Galwey
  (e) John Galwey (a 1596, Bailiiff of Cork)
  ((1))+ issue - James of Cork (a 1614), George
  (f) Genet Galwey (d 1582)
  m. John Goold, Mayor of Cork (son of Edmond)
  (g) Catherine Galwey
  m. Edmond Terry, Mayor of Cork (a 5188)
  m2. Catherine Roche
  (h) Francis Galwey of Cork
  ((1))+ issue - Walter of Cork (a 1628), James (a 1620)
  (i)+ other issue - Dominick (a 1612, Mayor of Cork), Stephen
  (iii) George Galwey (d before 29.04.1579, alderman of Cork)
  m. Joanna Waters (dau of John Waters)
  (a) Ellyce Galwey
  m. David Meade (Myagh) of Tissaxon
  (b)+ other issue - John (a 1602), David (a 1600), Katherine, Ellen
  (iv) James Galwey (a 1567, Bailiff of Cork, 5th son)
  (a) Edward Galwey (a 1614)
  (v)+ other issue - Geoffrey, Patrick, Genet
  (B) George Galwey
  (i) Edmond Galwey (a 1576)
  (a) Patrick Galwey, Mayor of Cork (a 1593)
  (ii) David Galwey (a 1600)
  (a)+ issue (a 1576) - Richard, John (a 1618)
  (C) Walter Galwey (alderman of Cork)
  BIFR1976 identifies this as "possibly the Walter Galwey who built Dundanion Castle and m a dau of 15th or 16th Baron Kingsale".
  b. Geoffrey Galwey (a 1493)
  iv.+ oher issue - William, Walter, Richard, Margaret
  B. Richard Galwey (a 1414, Bailiff of Limerick)
2. John Galwey of Waterford (a 1375, 1395)
  A. John Galwey (a 1414, Coroner of co. Cork)
  m. Cecilia
  i. John Galwey (a 1424)
  a. Elicia Galwey (a 06.1480)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 ('Galwey) with input/contradiction from Commoners (vol 4, 'Galwey of Lota', p681+)
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