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Families covered: Fulton of Belsize (Bellasize), Fulton of Lisburn
[This page was launched as 'Fulton1'. Its name was changed on 28.04.20 to allow a new Fulton1 to cover earlier generations.]

(1) BCG reports that "This family, probably of Saxon origin, was settled in early times in Ayrshire, and held lands at Muirtown (or Muirkirk) in Beith Parish."
(2) This page was reviewed on 28.04.20 using BLGI1912. Where that differs from the earlier sources on minor issues (such as dates), we have given precedence to its information. Otherwise, we have tried to identify the differences which are not insignificant as it appears that there was confusion between different people. As normal, we give precedence to later sources over earlier ones on the assumption that further research has produced more data that has clarified the situation. However, as mentioned below, we are not fully convinced that BLGI1912 got it right so we have not wanted to lose the information provided by those earlier sources and so have 'compromised' as follows.
Rev. _ Fulton (a 1614) probably father of ...
1. William Fulton (d 1638, to Ireland)
  BLG1912 starts with the following John (who had a brother named Richard). We speculate that he was son of the above William who, according to BCG, "went to Ireland".
  A. John Fulton of Derriaghy (b c1623, a 1678)
  ii. John Fulton of Belsize (b c1653)
  m. (1691) Margaret Camac (dau of Thomas Camac of Kilfallert)
  a. James Fulton of Lisburn (bpt 26.05.1692, d c1776)
  #1#. The identity of this James is one of the issues that appears to have confused the research. BCG & BLG1886 show James, elder brother of the John whose line they were all following, as son of Richard who married a Margaret Camac in about 1718. However, it appears that there were 2 different Margaret Camacs (or that there was one who married John in 1691 then his cousin Richard in about 1718). Additional confusion is added by the apparent fact that different members of the family spent time in Calcutta.
  m. (c1720) Ann Coulson
  (1) Robert Coulson Fulton of Lisburn & Ballymacash (b 1723, d 1762)
  m. (1752) Ann Forest (d 1767)
  (A) Richard Fulton (b 1753, d 09.04.1823)
#2#. BCG & BLG1886 shows Richard, father of James Forrest Fulton and others, below.
  m. (03.03.1774) Elizabeth Shanks (b c1512, d 1812, dau of Andrew Shanks of Lisburn)
  (i) Robert Fulton (b 1777, d 1833) had issue
  m. Jane (b c1768, d 1831)
  (ii) Andrew Fulton (b 1779, d 1822) had issue
  m. Isabella Wightman
  (iii) James Forrest Fulton (b 30.09.1780, d 12.1854, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m1. (24.08.1807) Frances Penelope Atkins Bowyer (d 1836, dau of Richard Atkins Bowyer of Bolton)
  m2. (07.11.1838) Fanny Goodrich Jessop (b 1811-2, d 11.03.1882, dau of John Sympson Jessop of Aldbury Place by Eliza Bridger, dau of Hon. Bridger Goodrich (Governor of Bermuda))
  (iv) Margaret Fulton (b 1775, d 1819)
  m. (1803) James Wightman
  (v) Eliza Fulton (b 1778, d 1805)
  m. (1802) James Ward of Lisburn
  (vi) Jane Fulton (b 1782, d 1840)
  m. (1805) Francis Abbot Thompson
  (vii)+ other issue - Richard (b 1788, dsp 1827, Captain), John Forrest (b/d 1790), Ann (Fanny, b 1776, d unm 1799), Mary Ann (b 1783, d unm), Grace (b 1784, d unm 1865), Sarah (b 1785, d unm 1802), Ellen (b 1787, d unm 1864)
  (B) Jane Fulton (b c1758, d unm 1791)
  (2) John Fulton (b 1730)
  (3) Elinor Fulton (b 1725)
  m. (1748) William Bryson
  b. John Fulton of Lisburn & Calcutta (b 1716, d 26.07.1803)
  #3#. Whereas BCG & BLG1886 identify this John as younger brother of a Richard (as shown below), BLGI1912 reports as shown. Note that John is shown as born about 14 years after his elder brother, when his father would have been about 70 years old. We are not convinced that this is right!
  m. (1751) Anne Wade (d 1793, dau of Thomas Wade of Clonebraney)
  (1) Joseph Fulton of Lisburn (b 1752, d 1823)
  m. (1727) Anne Graham (d 1833, dau of Francis Graham of Lisburn, sister of James of West Malling in Kent)
  (A) Thomas Fulton in Armagh (b 1780, dsp 1849, Major, 2nd son)
  m. (1799) Lydia Johnson (d 1843)
  (B) Henry Fulton (b 03.04.1793, d 1859, MB, 4th son) had issue
  m1. (14.06.1816) Jane Finlay (dsps 1818, dau of Dr. Finlay of Belfast)
  m2. (02.09.1830) Anne Miller (d 1875, dau of John Miller of Dublin)
  (C) Anne Fulton (b 1766, d 07.1862)
  m. (1799) Christopher Henry Barry Meade of Limerick (d 1814)
  (D) Elizabeth Fulton (b 1783, dsp)
  m. (1817) John Cuppage Douglas of Dublin
  (E) Emily Fulton (b 1787)
  m. (1808) William Eaton Caldbeck (d 1858, cousin (son of William of Clondalkin by Dora Graham))
  (F)+ other issue - Francis in Calcutta b 1778, (dsp 1809/11), Nicholas Graham (b 1782, dsp 1804, Captain)
  (2) James Fulton of Lisburn, Sheriff of Armagh & Antrim (b 1755, d 26.07.1817)
  m. (1783) Anne Bell (b 1758-9, d 05.01.1834, dau of Henry Bell of Lambeg)
  (A) Robert Bell Fulton (b 28.09.1788, d 11.05.1836, Major, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (31.10/09.12.1817) Elizabeth Jane Stephenson (b 09.09.1799, d 06.05.1863, dau of George Stephenson of Hillsborough)
  (B) James Bell Fulton (b 31.12.1791, d 21.06.1817) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Anne Stephenson (dau of Henry Stephenson of York)
  (C) Mary Fulton (b 04.07.1786, dsp 1869)
  m. (1816) John McIntyre of Belfast (dsp 08.1829)
  (D) Ellen Fulton (b 28.08.1787)
  m. (21.11.1806) Thomas Walker of Dublin (to Mississippi)
  (E) Eliza Fulton (b 21.03.1793, dsp 27.04.1829)
  m. Thomas Reid (d 22.06.1825, surgeon RN)
  (F)+ other issue (d unm) - John of Lisburn (b 28.08.1784, d 17.03.1829, Captain), Henry Banks (b 19.12.1795, dsp 06.11.1813), Anna Bell (b 27.01.1791, d 1879), Jane (b 15.09.1801, d 17.03.1887)
  (3) John Williamson Fulton, Sheriff of Calcutta, later in London (b 05.10.1769, d 22.01.1830) had issue
  m. (01.02.1806) Anne Robertson (d 27.05.1845, dau/coheir of Robert Robertson of Calcutta (of the family of Inshes), widow of Captain John Hunt)
  (4)+ 3 daughters (d unm)
  c. Elizabeth Fulton
  m. (c1711) Thomas Tomson
  d. Margaret Fulton
  m. (29.10.1745) Alexander McAulay
  e. Mary Anne Fulton
  m. William Kenley (Kenby or Kendly)
  B. Richard Fulton
  BCG reports that the above William left a son or grandson who was the undermentioned Robert. We speculate that Robert was son of a younger brother of the above John & Richard.
  C. ?? Fulton presumed intermediary generation
  i. Robert Fulton of Quanabo, Jamaica (b c1637, d bfore 19.11.1720, to Jamaica in 1689, vicar of St. John's)
  m1. ??
  a. Richard Fulton, later of Bellasize near Lisburn (b c1678, Captain, back to Ireland)
  m. (c1718) Margaret Camac (sister of John Camac of Kilfallert)
  (1) James Fulton of Little Britain in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (b c1720, d c1768)
  See #1# above. BLG1886 reports that this James "is supposed to have d.s.p." but BCG reports that he had a family as reported below.
  m. Margaret
  (A) Richard Fulton in Calcutta, India (b c1750)
  See #2# above. BCG shows this as the Richard who (by unnamed wife) was father of Richard (dsp, Major), James Forrest Fulton (d 1855, Lt. Colonel) and 4 daughters (3 d unm, 1 m. _ Thompson).
  (B) Robert Fulton of Little Britain (b 1765, d 1815, engineer) had issue
  (2) John Fulton (b 1723)
See #3# above. This is the John who is identified by BCG & BLG1886 as ancestor of the line being followed by all the sources. BLG1886 identifies his wife as Anne, dau of Joseph Wade of Castletown. BCG identifies her as Anne, dau of Joseph Wade of Clonebraney.
  m2. Florence
  b. James Fulton (b 1692)
  c. Thomas Fulton (b 1696, dsp(s) 1732)
  m. Elinor
  d. Jane Fulton
  m. _ Mathew
  e. Mary Crawford Fulton
  m. Thomas Grey of Kingston
  f. Florence Poynter Fulton
  BCG identifies Florence's husband as _ Politchington. We assume that this was the Florence who (also) married ...
  m. (12.07.1715) Deane Poyntz of Jamaica (b 03.04.1687, bur 01.1725/6)

Main source(s): BLGI1912 ('Fulton of Braidujle'), BCG (vol 2, 1895, 'Fulton', p713+) with some support from BLG1886 ('Fulton of Braidujle')
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