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Families covered: Fulleshurst of Barthomley, Fulleshurst of Edlaston, Fulleshurst (Foulshurst or Fowleshurst) of Crewe

We follow Ormerod's spelling of the family name but confirm that we have seen it shown in many different ways including Fouleshurst, Foulshurst & Fowlehurst.
William de Albo Monasterio
1. Richard de Fulleshurst of Edlaston (a 1299)
  A. Hugh de Fulleshurst
  B. Richard de Fulleshurst of Edlaston (a 1307, 1317)
  m. Ellena
  i. Richard Fulleshurst of Edlaston (d by 1350)
  a. Robert Fulleshurst of Edlaston (d by 1392, 3rd son)
m. Margaret
  (1) Thomas Fulleshurst of Edlaston
  m. Jane
  (A) John Fulleshurst of Edlaston (d by 1438)
(B) William Fulleshurst
  b.+ other issue (a 1325) - Richard (dsp), Matthew (dsp), John
  ii. Robert Fulleshurst of Barthomley & Crewe
  m. Elizabeth Praers (dau/heir of Thomas Praers of Barthomley & Crewe)
  a. Sir Thomas Fulleshurst of Crewe
  m. Eva Venables (dau of Hugh Venables)
  (1) Thomas Fulleshurst of Crewe (d by 1438)
  m. Cicely Mainwaring (dau of Randle Mainwaring of Peover, m2. John Curson)
  (A) Sir Robert Fulleshurst of Crewe (d by 1499)
  m. Johanna Vernon (dau/heir of Sir Richard Vernon of Shipbrook by Eleanor)
  (i) Thomas Fulleshurst of Crewe
  m. Anne (d 1524-5)
(a) Robert Fulleshurst of Crewe
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Foulshurst of Crewe) starts with a Sir Robert Foulshurst who m. Jane, dau of Sir Richard Vernon, parents of Jane (m. Ralph Vernon of Hasligton) and Sir Thomas, father of Robert, Agnes (m. Sir Lawrence Smith of Hough) & Cicely (m. Henry Ropp of Stapeley). There appears to be some confusion with this Robert and his grandfather. We follow Ormerod.
m. Jane (d 1520-1)
  ((1)) Edward Fulleshurst (d 1525-6)
  m. Katherine Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Breretno, m2. Roger Brereton of Ouse)
  ((2)) (Sir) Thomas Fulleshurst of Crewe, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1528)
  m. Elizabeth Brooke (dau of Richard Brooke, baron of the Exchequer)
  ((A)) Robert Fulleshurst, last of Crewe
m. Bridget Smith (dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Hough)
  ((i)) Thomas Fulleshurst
  ((B)) Anne Fulleshurst
  m. Lawrence Smith of Hough (b c1516, d 1582)
  ((C)) Mary Fulleshurst
  m1. Roger Brooke
  It appears that Mary also married ...
  m2. William Palmer of Carleton
((D)) Cicely Fulleshurst
  m. Henry Roper (Rope or Ropp of Staveley)
  ((E)) Elizabeth Fulleshurst
  m. _ Rainald of Leicester
  ((F)) Bridget Fulleshurst
m. (Geoffrey) Palmer (d 1584, of Carleton)
  ((3)) Cicely Fulleshurst
  m. Robert Vernon of Haslington (b c1520, a 1566)
  ((4)) Anne Fulleshurst
  m. William Moreton of Little Morerton
  (ii) Elizabeth Fulleshurst probably of this generation
  m. Peter Dutton of Dutton (d 1508)
  (iii) Anne Fulleshurst probably of this generation, presumed married twice
m1. Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton (a 1513)
  m2. Richard Sneyde of Sneyde, Bradwell, etc (d 1536)
  (iv) Margaret Fulleshurst probably of this generation
  m1. Sir John Byron
  m2. (1491) Sir Thomas Strickland of Sizergh (b c1440, d 1494)
  (v)+ other issue - Hugh, Wiliam, John, Robert (rector of Barthomley)
  (B) Elizabeth Fulleshurst probably of this generation
  m. William Turvile of Normanton Turvile (d 1457)
  b. Isabella Fulleshurst
  m. Thomas de Wever
  iii. Ellen Fulleshurst
  C. William de Fulleshurst (a 1311)
  i. William Fulleshurst of Sounde
  m1. (1346) Roesia
  m2. (1351) Ellena
  a. William Fulleshurst
2. Hugh

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Edlaston), Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Praers of Barthomley and Fulleshurst of Crewe and Barthomley)
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