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Families covered: Fuller of Abingdon, Fuller of Aston Tirrold, Fuller of Blewbury, Fuller of Dorking, Fuller of Germans, Fuller of Milton

John Fuller of Blewbury, Berkshire (bur 10.12.1623)
1. Richard Fuller (bur 17.05.1657)
  m. Maria (d 1670)
  A. John Fuller of Milton & Blewbury (b 1628, d before 03.05.1704)
  m. (14.04.1664) Jane Hale (not Slade)
  i. Benjamin Fuller of Milton (b 1664)
  a. Mary Fuller
  m. F. Hopkins
  (1) daughter
  m. _ Blake
  (A) daughter
  m. _ Callmet
  (i) daughter
  m. _ Clarke
  b.+ other issue - Benjamin, Paul
  ii. John Fuller of Blewbury & Aston Tirrold (b 1665, d before 05.1718)
m. Mary
  a. Benjamin Fuller of Milton (b 1703, d before 24.03.1781)
  m. Mary
  (1) John Fuller of Germans (b c1751, d 1825, cleric)
  m1. Lydia Hatfield (dsp 11.1780, dau of Samuel Hatfield (Hadfield) of Manchester)
  m. (c1784) Mary Stratton (d 1831, dau of Samuel Stratton of the Gage, Berkampstead)
  (A) John Stratton Fuller
  (B) Benjamin Fuller of Gyde House & Germans (b c1791, d 1882) had issue
  m. (03.1832) Charlotte Stratton (b 1795-6, d 05.1889, dau of John Stratton, cousin)
  (2) Mary Fuller
  m. _ Aldwin
  (A)+ issue - Elizaeth, Anna, Sarah (a 1780)
  b. Thomas Fuller of Blewbury & Cholsey (d before 10.01.1761)
  (1) Mary Fuller (dvp 1740)
  c. Joseph Fuller of Sheen Croft & Aston Tirrold (d before 06.02.1767)
  m. Mary White (dsp, niece of Sir Henry Samborne)
  d. Richard Fuller (b c1690, d before 1766)
  m. Martha White (d 1743, niece of Sir Henry Samborne)
  (1) John Fuller of Aston Tirrold (b 1717, d 1775)
  m. (25.04.1753) Martha Humfrey (d before 01.02.1796)
  (A) John Fuller (b 1761, d 1834)
  m. (1785) Jane Fuller @1@ below
  (i) John Fuller (d 1834) had issue
  (ii) Thomas Humfrey Fuller (d 1833) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Fuller @2@ below
  (iii) Joseph Fuller had issue
  (iv) Martha Fuller
  m. Thomas Fuller (b 1794, d 1858) @3@ below
  (v) Mary Fuller
  (vi) Jane Fuller
  m. _ Bell
  (2) Luke Fuller (b 1718, d before 05.10.1748, 3rd son)
  m. (1746) Margaret Porter
  (A) Martha Fuller
  (3) Richard Fuller of Blewbury (b 1719, d 1773)
  m. (1757) Jane Fuller of Cholsey (d 1794)
  (A) Mary Fuller
  m. (24.11.1785) Joseph Carter
  (i) Joseph Carter had issue
  m. _ Curling
  (ii) Thomas Carter had issue
  m. Ann Maynard
  (iii) Henry Carter
  (iv) James Carter had issue
  m. Eliza M. Jones
  (v) Jane Carter (b 1790, d 1849)
  m. Joseph Fuller (b 1788, d 1874) @4@ below
  (vi) Elizabeth Carter
  m. (1792) James Vavasseur
  (B) Jane Fuller
  m. (24.11.1785) John Fuller of Copse Sile, Aston Tirrold @1@ above
  (4) Joseph Fuller of Alston Farm (b 1721)
  m. _ Burgess
  (A) Richard Fuller (b 1750, d 1825, cleric)
  m. Mary
  (i) Samuel Fuller had issue
  (B) Joseph Fuller (d in America)
  (C) Thomas Fuller (b 1756, d 1843)
  m. _ Wellinghan
  (i) Thomas Fuller (b 1794, d 1858) had issue
  m. Martha Fuller @3@ above
  (ii) James Fuller (d 1844) had issue
  (iii) Mary Fuller
  m. _ Cuff
  (iv) Ann Fuller
  m. _ Ashby
  (v) Elizabeth Fuller
  m. Thomas Humfrey Fuller @2@ above
  (D) Benjamin Fuller
  m. Elizabeth Knowles
  (i) Joseph Fuller (b 1788, d 1874) had issue
  m. Jane Carter (b 1790, d 1849) @4@ above
  (ii) Elizabeth Fuller
  (E) Elizabeth Fuller
  m. Rev. _ Merchant
  (F) Sarah Fuller
  m. _ Langton
  (5) Dorothy Fuller (b 1724)
  m. Thomas Graham of Reading
  (A) William Graham (youngest son?)
  (i)+ issue - William Fuller, daughters
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Richard, Joseph, Martha (d young?), Martha
  (6)+ other issue - William (d 1729), James (d 1749), Thomas (b 1722, d 1755), Benjamin (b 1723, d 1746), Mary (b 1726), Martha (d 1733)
  e. Mary Fuller
  m. _ Porter
  f. Sarah Fuller
  m. Richard Hatton
  (1)+ issue - Joseph, Sarah, Eleanor
  g. Jane Fuller
  m. _ Blackall
  (1) Elizabeth Blackall
  m. _ Carter
  (2) Sarah Blackall
  m. _ Clayton
  (3)+ other issue - Richard, William, Hannah
  h.+ other issue - Mathew, James, Elizabeth
  iii. Richard Fuller of Cassington, Oxfordshire (d before 21.10.1730)
  a. Jane Fuller
  m. John Dring of London
  b. Mary Fuller
  m. John Corrie of London
  (1)+ issue - Richard, John, Mary
  iv. Thoma Fuller of Fitzharris House, Abingdon (b 1670, a 03.1742)
m. (c1696) Hester (Aldworth?) (dau of Katherine Aldworth (widow) of Drayton)
  a. William Fuller of London (b 1705-6, d 02.03.1800, banker)
  m. Bethia Flower (b 1707-8, d 19.02.1765, sister of George of London) see ## below
  (1) Esther Fuller (b c1742, d 22.01.1800)
  m. Joshua Ellis of St. Albans (tanner & mill-owner)
  (A) Bethia Ellis (d 21.08.1865)
  m. (09.01.1800) (Ebenezer Maitland, later Fuller) Maitland
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas of London (b c1735, d 12.1796, banker), Sarah, Mary (b 1741-2, d 19.06.1803)
  b. John Fuller of Abingdon had issue
  c. Thomas Fuller (d 1742)
  (1) Jane Fuller
  m. Edward Jenning
  (2) Elizabeth Fuller duplication just below?
  m. _ Briton
  (3)+ other issue - William, Richard, Sarah of Abingdon (d before 17.05.1780), Rebecca of Abingdon (d before 26.07.1776)
  d. Richard Fuller of Abingdon & The Rookery, Dorking, Sheriff of Berkshire (b c1713, d 01.1782)
  m. Susanna Barnard
  (1) Richard Fuller of Abingdon & The Rookery, Dorking (b 1756, d 13.06.1818)
  m. Frances Boulton (d 05.1850, dau of Henry Goulton of Leatherhead)
  (A) Richard Fuller of The Rookery (b 1800, d 1854)
(B) George Fuller of The Rookery, Dorking (b 1810, d 27.07.1892, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1846) Georgiana Craven Loraine Smith (b 1821-2, d 17.08.1914, dau of Rev. Loraine Smith)
  (C) Mary Fuller 
  m. _ Kerrick
  (D)+ other issue - Henry, William Walter, Julia, Burrell
  (2) Sir Joseph Fuller (d 1841, General, 4th son) had issue
  m. (18.11.1815) Miranda Floyd (d 23.09.1869, dau of Sir John Floyd, Bart)
  (3) Elizabeth Fuller duplication just above?
  m. _ Briton
  (4)+ other issue - George of London (b 1758, dsp, banker), Charles, William (d Waterloo, Lt. Colonel), Susanna, Maria (d by 1804)
  e. Jane Fuller
  f. Sarah Fuller
  m. Adam Langton
  g. Anne Fuller
  m. _ Yapp
  (1) William Yapp
  h. Katherine Fuller
  m. Mathias Sharpe
  i. Martha Fuller
  m. George Flower 'of London' (brother of Bethia) see ## above
  (1) Benjamin Flower
  (2) Mary Flower (b c1708, d 1765)
  m. _ Clayton
  v. William Fuller of Abingdon (b 1672, d before 11.01.1746)
  a. Benjamin Fuller of Devizes
  (1) daughter
  m. _ Coleman
  b. Ebenezer Fuller
  m. Sarah
  (1) William Fuller
  c. Joseph Fuller of Abingdon (d before 12.06.1790?, wool stapler)
  m. Sarah
  d. Hannah Fuller (d before 1745)
  m. Joseph Filkes
  vi. Joseph Fuller of Harwell (d before 13.05.1713, Baptist Minister)
  m. Martha
  a.+ issue - Martha, Anne, Mary, Jane, Elizaberth
  Three of these daughters married as follows.
  m. _ Ward
  (1) John Ward
  m. _ Hurt
  (1)+ issue - Frances, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary
  m. _ Flight
  (1) daughter
  m. _ Hanson
  (2)+ other issue - Joseph, Thomas, John,. Ann, Elizabeth
  vii.+ other issue - Marie (b 1668), Dinah (b 1669)
2. Joane/Jane Fuller
  m. John Fuller
  A. John Fuller (b 1627) had issue
  m. Anne 'd 1658)

Main source(s): MGH (NS5 vol 1 (1916), 'Pedigree of Fuller of Blewbury', p 81+)
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