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Families covered: Fuller of Glashnacree, Fuller (Fuller-Harnett) of Leemount

(1) We redid this page following review using MGH (NS4, vol 3) at which time we attempted to reduce the confusion caused by the pedigree introduced by MGH (vol 1) by moving what used to be the lower section on this page to be the lower section on Fuller04.
(2) BLGI1912 reports that "This family was one of great respectability and opulence in the co. Kerry, possessing property in the neighbourhood of Dingle, the Samphires, Ballybunnion, &c., long before the English settlers, under the "Plantation Scheme", established themselves in the locality."
(3) MGH (NS4, vol 3) starts with the unnamed father of Thomas & Samuel who is identified as possibly father also of Richard.
?? Fuller
1. Thomas Fuller ("born at Halsted")
2. Samuel Fuller of Halsted (d before 02.10.1635)
  m. Agnes (d before 14.06.1638)
  A. John Fuller (a 1635, 3rd son)
  i. Marucie Fuller (a 1635)
  ii. Barbara Fuller (a 1700)
  m. Richard Atkins of Firville, co. Cork
  a. Barbara Atkins ("youngest da.")
  m. Richard Purcell of Kilbrin (d before 07.06.1723)
  MGH identifies Richard as "uncle of Ann Purcell, wife of Thomas Fuller" (see below).
3. Richard Fuller of Cork (d by 1642) possibly of this generation
  m. Mary
  A.+ issue - John (b c1632), Richard, Ezekiel, Welshin, Elizabeth, child (b 1642-3)
  MGH reports that one of John, Richard & Ezekiel "in all probability, was father of" ...
  i. William Fuller of Donoughmore & Donoughbeg (a 1696) - continued just below
  m. (1713) Elinor Hodder (dau/coheir of Thomas Hodder of Ballea Castle (Sheriff of Cork), by Ellinor Kingsmill)



William Fuller of Donoughmore & Donoughbeg (a 1696) - continued just above
m. (1713) Elinor Hodder (dau/coheir of Thomas Hodder of Ballea Castle (Sheriff of Cork), by Ellinor Kingsmill)
1. William Fuller of West Kerries (near Tralee) (b c1714?, bur 21.08.1768)
  ## See here for the different ancestry for William, and a slightly identification of his wife Jane Harnett, given by MGH (vol 1, 1868).
  m. (c1740) Jane Harnett (bur 11.09.1774, dau of William Harnett of Ballyhenry (by sister of Rev. William Pellican of Obrenan), sister of James of Cork)
  A. Thomas Fuller of Leemount (bpt 01.01.1709, d before 12.04.1791, Treasurer of co. Cork, 2nd son)
m. (c06.1767) Ann Purcell (d 21.05.1789, dau of John Purcell of Gurtinard (Gortinard) by Mary, dau of Henry Leader of Mount Leader)
  i. James Fuller, later Fuller-Harnett
  m. (1783) Elizabeth Gun (dau of Townsend Gun of Rattoo (by Sarah, dau of Anthony Stoughton of Ballyhorgan), m2. William Carique Ponsonby of Crotto)
  a. Thomas Fuller (dsp)
  b. Sarah Fuller (dsp)
  m. Oliver Guyon (Captain RN)
ii. John Fuller, later Fuller-Harnett of Leemount (a 1790)
  m. Mary Rogers (dau of Noblett Rogers of Lota by Mary, dau of Michael Davies, Archdeacon of Cloyne)
  a. Thomas Noblett Fuller-Harnett (dsp)
  m. Frances L'Estrange (dau of Edmund L'Estrange of Hunstanton by Henrietta, sister of Col. Henry Piesley L'Estrange of Moystown)
  iii. Edward Fuller of Beechmount & Sackville, co Kerry (Captain)
  m. (1791) Elizabeth Blennerhassett (b 1772, dau of Rev. John Blennerhassett of Tralee by Louisa, dau of Capt. Thomas Goddard by Mary, dau of William Mullins of Burnham & sister of Thomas, 1st Lord Ventry)
  a. Thomas Harnett Fuller of Glashnacree, co Kerry (b 1806, d 09.11.1886) had issue
  m1. (03.12.1832) Frances Diana Bland (d 1872, dau of Francis Christopher Bland of Derryquin Castle by Lucinda, dau of Arthur Bastable Herbert of Brewsterfield son of Bastable (Herbert) by Barbara, dau of the Knight of Kerry)
  m2. (sp) Eliza Purcell (dau of Richard Harris Purcell of Annabella Park by Louisa, dau of William Leader of Mount Leader)
  b. Ann Fuller (dsp)
  m. Nathaniel Bland (Archdeacon of Aghadoe)
  c. Bessie Fuller
  m. Sir Arthur Helps of Vernon Hill
  d.+ other issue - Edward Goddard (dsp), John Blennerhassett (dsp), Louisa (d unm)
  iv. Mary Fuller (dsp)
  m. (08.04.1786) John Falvey of Cork
  v. Marvella Fuller
  m. John Philpott of Asolas
  B. George Fuller
  i. Simon Fuller of Ballyfinogue (d before 29.07.1818)
  m. Elizabeth Mason (dau of William Mason of Ballyfinogue & Aghamore)
  a. William Fuller had issue
  m. Lucinda Mason (b c1786, a 1821, dau of _ Mason by _ Gorham)
  b. Evelina or Avice Fuller
  m. _ Martin
c. other issue - John Mason, Robert Mason
  C. Robert Fuller of Derrymore had issue
  m. Mary Brown (dau of Frederick Brown son of Whittall)
  D. William Fuller of Cork (bpt 13.04.1712)
  m. Ellen Hilliard (dau of Robert Hilliard of Listram)
  i. Robert Fuller, later Fuller-Harnett
  ii. William Fuller, later Fuller-Harrington
  iii. Jane Fuller
  m. Thomas Grey Fuller
  iv. daughter (dsp)
  m. Richard Pilkington
  v.+ other issue including Mary (d unm)
  E. Jane Fuller
  m. William Payne of Tralee
  F. daughter
m. Morogh Bernard of Sheheree
  G. Ellen Fuller
  m. _ Hilliard
  H.+ other issue - John (dsp), Ann (d unm, authoress), Elizabeth (bpt 13.04.1712)
2. George Fuller, Mayor then Sheriff of Cork (d by 1745)
  m. (1702) Catherine Austin (dau of John Austin of Renendendle (by 1st wife))
  A. William Fuller of Willow Hill, co. Cork (a 1778)
  m. (c1733) Mary Daunt (dau of Francis Daunt)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas of Fuller Park (aka Willow Hill) (d 1741), Emanuel (a 1789), George (d c1769)
3. Thomas Fuller of Fuller Park & Cork (bur 23.10.1759)
  m. (1711) Lydia Green (bur 25.05.1753, dau of William Green (Sheriff of Cork) by Mary Hayes or Heayes)
4. Elinor Fuller
  m. (1738) John Sealy of Richmount
5. Catherine Fuller
  m. Edward Day of Loghercannon
6. daughter
  m. Joseph Austin (cousin?)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 16.09.21) : MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part VII (September 1909), 'Pedigree of Fuller of Cork, Kerry, and (?) Halsted', p281+)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 02.03.13, reviewed 16.09.21) : MGH (NS4 vol 3 (1910), Part VII (September 1909), 'Pedigree of Fuller of Cork, Kerry, and (?) Halsted', p282+) with support from BLGI1912 ('Fuller of Glashnacree'), BLG1886 ('Fuller of Glashnacree'), BCG (vol 2 (1895), 'Fuller', p655+) and some input, support & contradiction (as reported) from MGH (vol 1, 1868, p215)
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