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Families covered: Fraser of Balnain, Fraser of Erchitt, Fraser of Farraline, Fraser of Gortuleg

Alexander Fraser, 1st of Farraline (b 1470)
Mackenzie reports that Alexander "died young, but not before he married a daughter of Hugh Ross, first of Achnacloich" (whose first name is given in BLG1952 ('Fraser of Wardlaw'). However, the dates shown for Helen's family imply that Alexander was possibly quite old when he married her.
m. Helen Ross (dau of Hugh Ross, 1st of Achnacloich, son (by Helen Keith) of David of Balnagown)
1. John Fraser, 2nd of Farraline (d Kinlochlochy 15.07.1544)
  m. (1529) Catherine Rose (dau of Hugh Rose, 9th of Kilravock, by Agnes Urquhart)
  A. Thomas Fraser, 3rd of Farraline
  m. Janet Macpherson (dau of Cluny Macpherson of Cluny)
  i. Alexander Fraser, 4th of Farraline
  m. Marjory Fraser (dau of Tavish Fraser of Garthbeg)
a. Thomas Fraser, 5th of Farraline (d 1644)
  m. Isabella Shaw (dau of James Shaw of Kinrara)
  (1) Alexander Fraser, 6th of Farraline
  m. Catherine Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser, 2nd of Erchitt) @@ below
  (A) Thomas Fraser, 7th of Farraline
  m. Bethia Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Foyers)
  (i) Alexander Fraser, 8th of Farraline (a 1716)
  m. Magdalen Macgillivray (dau of Farquhar Macgillivray of Dunmaglass)
  (a) John Fraser, 9th of Farraline (a 1749)
  m. Katherine Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser of Bochrubin)
  ((1)) Simon Fraser, 10th of Farraline, Sheriff of Inverness-shire (b 1743-4, d 21.08.1810)
  m. Margaret Fall (d 05.06.1799, "a lady from the South")
  ((A)) John Fraser, 11th/last of Farraline (b 1769-70, d 12.06.1838)
  ((i))+ issue - Simon (a 1838, dp), Hannah in North Berwick (d unm)
  ((B))+ other issue(d unm) - Alexander (b 1788, d 1791), Alexander (b c1796, d 06.10.1839, WS), Grace, Catherine, Margaret
  ((2)) Thomas Fraser (dsp before 1797)
  ((3)) Bethia Fraser
  m. Thomas Fraser of Dalcattaig
  (b) Hugh Fraser in Bochrubin (a 1802)
  (2) John Fraser, 1st of Gortuleg (d before 1696-7)
  The following is supported by 'History of the Frasers' (p575+).
  (A) Thomas Fraser, 2nd of Gortuleg (b 1659, dsp 06.04.1756)
  m. (before 1738) Mary Shaw
  (B) James Fraser of Mussady
  (i) Thomas Fraser, 3rd of Gortuleg (b 1694, d 1776)
  (a) James Fraser, 4th of Gortuleg (b 1729, d 30.11.1805, WS)
  m. (19.01.1769) Jean Spalding (dau of Alexander Spalding of Holme)
  ((1)) Thomas Fraser, 5th of Gortuleg (b 04.03.1771, d unm 1823)
  ((2)) Alexander Fraser (b 24.08.1773, dspms)
  m. Jane Henderson (d 28.02.1848)
((3)) James Bristow Fraser, 6th of Gortuleg (b 04.03.1778, dsp, 4th son)
  ((4)) Edward Fraser (b 01.07.1780, d 12.04.1827) had issue
  m. (25.09.1815) Jane Matson (dau of John Matson of Wingham Court)
  ((5)) John Fraser (b 20.07.1783, d 06.04.1850) had issue
  m. Margaret Smart (d 20.06.1837, dau of James Smart of Liberton Park)
  ((6))+ other issue - Simon (b 22.06.1776, d unm), Hugh (b 04.07.1792), Janet (b 30.12.1786, d unm 02.1827)
(b)+ other sons including Simon
  (C) Alexander Fraser
  b. Agnes Fraser probably of this generation
  m. Adam MacBean or Shaw of Tordarroch, 3rd Chief of Clan Ay (d before 1620)
  B. Hugh Fraser, 1st of Erchitt "ancestor of the Frasers of Balnain, now Leckmein, Abersky and Leadclune"
  m. Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd of Kilchrist, sister of Alexander of Suddie, widow of the Tutor of Foyers)
  i. Hugh Fraser, 2nd of Erchitt (d Inverlochy 02.1645, Tutor of Foyers)
m1. (sp) Helen Mackintosh (dau of William Mackintosh, 8th of Kyllachy)
  m2. ?? Chisholm (dau of Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm by Janet Mackenzie)
  a. Alexander Fraser, 3rd of Erchitt (a 1664)
  m1. Betsy Macpherson (dau of Cluny Macpherson of Cluny)
  (1) Donald Fraser, 4th of Erchitt (a 1678)
(A) William Fraser, 5th of Erchitt (dspms)
  m. Catherine Chisholm (dau of Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm (by Margaret Mackenzie), widow of Hugh Fraser of Foyers)
  (2) daughter
  m2. ?? Fraser (dau of James Fraser, 3rd of Culduthel)
  (3) Hugh ('Uisdean Mor') Fraser of Balnain (a 1696)
  m. Katharine Chisholm (dau of Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm by dau of Roderick Mackenzie of Applecross)
  (A) Alexander Fraser of Balnain (a 1730)
  m1. (21.04.1701) Jane Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Foyers by Margaret Mackintosh)
  (i) Hugh Fraser of Balain (b 15.09.1702, d 04.06.1735)
  m. Jean Forbes
(a)+ 3 daughters
  (ii) William Fraser of Balnain & Aldourie (b 14.11.1703, d 10.12.1775, WS)
  m. Jane Macaulay (dau of Archibald Macaulay of Ardincaple, Provost of Edinburgh)
  (a) Anne Fraser
  m. (1776) Alexander Tytler of Woodhouselee, later Fraser-Tytler of Balnain (b 1747, d 1813, Senator as Lord Woodhouselee)
  (b) Katherine Fraser (d unm)
  (c) Jane Fraser
  m. (11.09.1782) Edward Satchwell Fraser, 14th of Reelig (b 22.04.1751, d 15.07.1835)
  (iii) James Fraser (b 08.05.1710, d 1760, 6th son)
  (a) daughter
  (iv)+ other issue - Alexander (b 19.02.1705, d 02.02.1706), John (b 27.09.170, d unm 13.09.1735), Alexander (b 13.03.1708, d 04.1710), Katharine (b 03.05.1712, d 04.1717)
  m2. (11.07.1716) Jean Mackintosh (dau of Angus Mackintosh of Kyllachy by Lucy Mackenzie)
  (viii) Thomas Fraser in Jamaica (b 08.06.1726, MD, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Elizabeth Mackinnon (dau of William Mackinnon ("a cadet of Mackinnon of that ilk"))
  (a) William Mackinnon Fraser of Balnain (d 08.09.1807, physician extraordinary to the Prince of Wales)
  m. (19.09.1783) Isabella Skinner (dau of Cortland Skinner of Amboy, Attorney General of New Jersey)
  ((1)) Thomas Fraser of Balnain (b 01.03.1784, d 1869, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (01.06.1817) Jean Fraser (dsp 09.07.1817, dau/heir of Simon Fraser, last of Foyers)
  m2. Harriet Grant (dau of Colonel John Grant of Glenmoriston)
  ((2)) William Fraser (b 17.11.1788, vicar of North Waltham (Hampshire)) had issue
  m1. Margaret Mackenzie of Knockbairns
  m2. _ Way
  ((3)) Sir John Fraser had issue
  m. Selina Baldwin (dau of William Baldwin of Stede Hill)
  ((4)) Hugh Fraser (youngest son) had issue (1 dau who d young)
  m. Jane Fraser (dau of Philip Affleck Fraser of Culduthel)
  ((5)) Mary Fraser
  m. William Frederick Chambers (royal physician, cousin)
  ((6))+ other issue - Charlotte Isabell (b 09.08.1786), Elizabeth Henrietta (b c1796, d 1800), Anne (b 15.02.1791), Charles (b 07.05.1799), Elizabeth (b 06.05.1802), Harriet Rachel
  (b) Charles Fraser (Major)
  m. _ Raper
  ((1))+ issue - Charles, Simon (d c1857), William, Charlotte, Eliza, Anne, Isabella, Fanny, Catherine, Fredericka, Caroline p553
  (c) Jane Fraser (d 23.01.1827)
  m. (1770) Charles Grant (b 1746, MP, director of the East India Company)
  (d) Charity Fraser
  m. William Chambers
  (ix) Simon Fraser (b 26.05.1729, dsp 08.10.1777, Brigadier, 4th son of this marriage)
  m. ?? (widow of Alexander Grant, son of Alexander of Shewglie)
  (x) Anne Fraser (b 06.03.1719)
m. _ Macgillivray of Clunes
  (xi)+ other issue - Angus (b 10.04.1717, dsp 1778), Lachlan (b 12.03.1728, dsp 1759), Charles (b 19.10.1731, d unm 13.08.1778, Commissary of Inverness), Katharine (b 22.11.1721, d 05.1732), Jean (b 01.10.1722, d unm 27.07.1768)
  (B) Hugh ('Uisdean Og) Fraser of Leadclune (d 1717)
  m. Katherine Fraser (dau of WIlliam Fraser of Foyers)
  (C)+ other issue (a 1679) - Alexander, John
  (4) Alexander Fraser (wadsetter of Bochrubin)
  (A) Hugh Fraser in Bochrubin (a 1698)
  (5) John Fraser ancestor of Frasers of Abersky
  b. Catharine Fraser
  m. Alexander Fraser of Farraline @@ above
  ii. son
  C. James Fraser 'of Ruthven' of Culduthel (d before 1607)

Main source(s): 'History of the Frasers' (Mackenzie, p544+, see here) with input/support from BLG1952 ('Fraser of Wardlaw')
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