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Families covered: Fossebroke of Cranford, Fosbrooke of Nottingham, Fosbrooke of Ravenstone, Fosbrooke of Shardlow Hall

Commoners reports that "The Fosbrookes, who are supposed to have derived their surname and orgin from Fosbrooke in Staffordshire, were settled at Cranford, in Northamptonshire, early in the reign of Richard II., where they acquired, and for several centuries possessed, considerable estates."
John Fossebroke of Barton, Cranford, etc. (d by 1403)
m. Margaret (a 1403) widow of John, presumed mother of ...
1. John Fossebroke (d 1418)
  m. Maude ("a lady of the noble house of Stafford, who was dry nurse to King Henry IV")
  A. Edward or Gerrard Fossebroke of Cranford
  Commoners identifies Edward/Gerrard as father of Robert (m. Elena Boverton). BLG1886 reports that he was Robert's grandfather.
  i. ?? Fossebroke
  a. Robert (not John) Fossebroke of Curzon's Manor in Cranford
  m. Elena Boverton (dau of John Boverton of Thingdon i.e. Finedon)
  Commoners reports that Robert had 3 sons - John (dsp 07.04.1517 (not 1519)), Henry (dsp) & Richard. BLG1886 reports as follows:
  (1) John Fossebroke of Cranford (dsp 07.04.1519)
  (2) Robert Fossebroke of Cranford (dsp)
  (3) Richard Fossebroke of Cranford (d 1541)
  m. Juliana Kinsman (dau of William Kinsman of Lodington)
  (A) John Fossebroke (b c1525)
  m(1). Dorothy Dewell (dau of Robert Dewell of Little Gedding)
  (i) William Fossebroke
  Commoners reports that William was "lineal ancestor" of the Leonard who purchased an estate at Shardlow (below). BLG1886 stops with his father John, reporting that through him (John) "the Fosbrookes were continued at Cranford for four generations further, in the last of which, there being no son to inherit, but a family of seven daus., the estates were sold." From this we produce the following:
  (a) ?? Fossebroke of Cranford
  ((1)) ?? Fossebroke of Cranford
  Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Lynne of Southwick) mentions 2 John Fosbrooks of Cranford - one (d before 12.11.1630) who married Margery (dau of George Lynne of Southwycke) and the other (rector of Cranford) who married (c05.1611) Susanna Lynne (Margery's sister).
  ((A))+ 7 daughters
  (4) Henry Fossebroke or Fosbroke or Fosbrooke, Sheriff then Mayor of Nottingham the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m1. Elizabeth
  m2. Alice (d 03.1568)
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  (A) Martyn Fosbrooke
  m. (21.02.1581) Elizabeth Blithe
  (i) Audrie Fossebroke
  (B) Robert Fosbrooke of Nottingham
  m. (15.10.1593) Jane Foxe
  (i) Leonard Fosbrooke of Wilne Ferry on the Trent, nr. Shardlow (b 02.1598, d 02.1657-8, 2nd son)
  m. Alice
(a) Leonard Fosbrooke of Wilne Ferry, 1st of Shardlow (b 17.09.1643, d 22.02.1709, 2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Blackwell of Nuneaton (d 1727)
  ((1)) Leonard Fosbrooke of Shardlow Hall (b 06.01.1668, d 09.03.1719)
  m. (22.06.1693) Susanna Mugglestone (dau of William Mugglestone of Tonge)
  ((A)) Leonard Fosbrooke of Shardlow Hall, Seagrave Manor & Ravenstone Manor, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 26.08.1762)
  m. (1724) Penelope Burgh (dau of Thomas Burgh of Coventry)
  ((i)) Leonard Fosbrooke of Shardlow Hall, Seagrave Manor & Ravenstone Manor, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1735, d 08.12.1801, 3rd son)
  m. (01.12.1766) Ann Winstanley (d 22.08.1814, dau of James Winstanley of Braunston by Mary, dau of Sir Edmund Prideaux, Bart)
  ((a)) Leonard Fosbrooke of Shardlow Hall & Ravenstone (b 1773, d 26.03.1830) had issue
m. (08.06.1801) Mary Elizabeth Story (d 05.07.1832, dau of Rev. Philip Story of Lockington Hall)
  ((b))+ other issue - Thomas (b 1774), Ann, Frances
  ((i)) Penelope Fosbrooke (b 1725)
  m. (1766) Thomas Hurdman
  ((iii)) Susanna Fosbrooke (b 1731)
  m. (1768) _ Dawson of Aston
  ((iv)) Mary Fosbrooke (b 1732)
  m. (1765) Thomas Bristowe
  ((v)) Bridget Fosbrooke (b 1741)
  m. (07.12.1770) Thomas Dalby of Kegworth (surgeon)
  ((vi))+ other issue - Thomas (b 1733, dvpsp 1761), Henry (b 1733, dvpsp?), Ann (b 1735, d unm), Elizabeth (b 1736, d unm), Thomasoin (b 1739, d unm)
  ((B)) Mary Fosbrooke (b 1697, dsp)
  m. Henry Parker of Derby
  ((C)) Susanna Fosbrooke (b 1701, d 1759)
  m. Robert Fletcher of Oldgraves
  ((D))+ other issue - Alexander (b 1704, dsp 1724), Ann (b 1700, d unm 1765)
  ((2)) Ann Fosbrooke (b 30.08.1670)
  m. Gabriel Hebb of Rempstone
  ((3))+ other issue - Theodore (b 11.04.1674), John (b 27.07.1680), Benjamin (b 13.11.1683), Elizabeth (b 24.07.1672P), Dorothy (b 21.02.1686)
  (C) Francis Fosbrooke of Nottingham (d 1593)
  (D) Alice Fosbrooke
  m. Henry Haslerigg
  (E) daughter
  m. Person Ashe

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Fosbrooke of Shardlow and Ravenstone), BLG1952 (Fosbrooke of Ravenstone), Commoners (vol I, Fosbrooke of Shardlow and Ravenstone)
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