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Families covered: Forster of Adderstone, Forster of Bamborough (Bamburgh) Castle, Forster of Cold Hesledon, Forster (Forester) of Etherstone Castle, Foster of Hunsdon

(1) The site used to source most of the data on this page gives 'good vibes' although, as is so often the case, the lack of identification of sources makes it difficult to determine how reliable its own sources were. We have also found a site linked to Rootsweb.com which supports most of what is shown here for at least most of the earlier generations (see www.shop-easy.net/Web Tree/). The Forester/Forster family was clearly of major influence in the North-East of England for many generations so we hope to find other more traditional sources in due course to support what we show here.
(2) Various web sites suggest that the following Richard was the progenitor of many families in the British Isles of the name Forrester, Forster, Foster, etc.. Pending further investigation, we show the first few generations in a separate section in case we revise various pages to show such connections in the future.
Sir Richard le Forester (b c1050)
1. Sir Hugo Forester, Governor of Etherstone Castle (d 1121)
  A. Sir Reginald Forester, Governor of Etherstone Castle (d 1156)
  i. Sir Hugh Forester, Governor of Etherstone Castle
  a. Sir William Forester, Governor of Etherstone Castle (d 1176) - continued below



Sir William Forester, Governor of Etherstone Castle (d 1176) - continued above
1. Sir John Forster, Governor of Bamborough Castle (a 1191)
  A. Sir Randolph Forster, Governor of Bamborough or Bamburgh Castle (d 1256)
  i. Sir Alfred Forster, Governor of Bamborough Castle (d 1284)
  a. Sir Reginald Forster, Governor of Bamborough Castle (a 1314)
  (1) Sir Richard Forster, Governor of Bamborough Castle (d 1371)
  (A) Sir William Forster, Governor of Bamborough Castle (a 1420)
  (i) Thomas (or John) Forster, Governor of Bamborough Castle
  The site identified below as the Main Source for this page identifies Thomas as married to Elizabeth, dau of Roger de Etherstone. That is supported by 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 1, Edward Bateson, 1893, 'Forster of Adderstone', p228). Various other sites identify his wife (some identifying her as his mother, being married to another Thomas, son of the above Sir William) as ...
m. Joan Elmeden (dau of Sir William Elmeden by Elizabeth de Umfreville)
  (a) Thomas Forster of Etherstone/Adderstone, Governor of Bamborough Castle (b 1474)
  Bateson shows Thomas's wife as Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh of Stanhope. The below-mentioned web site identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Fitzhugh of Featherstonhalgh (d 1476)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Forster of Etherston/Adderstone, Governor of Bamborough Castle
  m. Jane Hilton (dau of Sir William de Hilton of Hilton Castle)
((A)) Sir Thomas Forster of Etherstone/Adderstone, Governor of Bamborough Castle (d 1526)
  m. Dorothy Ogle (dau of Ralph, 3rd Lord Ogle)
  ((B)) Robert Forster of Cold Hesledon, co. Durham
  ((i)) Richard Forster (d 02.02.1550)
  ((a)) Richard Forster of Cold Hesledon
  (((1))) Robert Forster of Hawthorne
  (((2))) Thomas Forster of Cold Hesledon (a 1640)
  m. Alicia
  (((A)))+ issue including Robert
  ((ii)) George Forster of Wolsingham
((a)) Elizabeth Forster
  m. John Hall
  ((b)) Eleanor Forster
  ((C)) Constance Forster
  m. James Gower of Stainsby
  ((D)) Isabella Forster
  m. _ Turpin
  ((E)) Eleanor Forster
  m. Lionel Grey
  ((F)) Margaret Forster
  m. Gawen Mitford
  ((G))+ other issue - Patrick, Reginald
  ((2)) Roger Forster (b 1500)
  The following is mostly supported by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1572-1634 in Appendix II (pedigrees added by Mundy), Forster of Hunsdon).
  m. Joan Hussey (b 1502, of family of Lord Sussex)
  ((A)) John Forster
  ((i)) Roger Forster
  ((a))+ 2 daughters
  ((B)) Richard Forster
  partner unknown
  ((i)) son
  ((a))+ issue - Edmund, William
  ((C)) Thomas Forster of Hunsdon (d 1571)
  m. (20.07.1545) Margaret Browning of Chelmsford
((i)) Sir Thomas Foster or Foster of Hunsdon (b 10.08.1548, d 18.05.1612, Chief Justice)
  m. (c1571) Susannah Forster (b 1551, d c1637, dau/heir of Thomas Forster St. John St. (near London), son of Thomas of Iden)
  ((a)) Thomas Foster of Hunsdon
  m. Mary Baskervile (dau/coheir of William Baskervile of Warnborough)
  (((1))) John Foster (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth
  (((2)))+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Francis, Charles, Philip, Susan, Mary, Catherine, Lucy, Bridget
((b))? John Thomas Foster (b 1577, d 1658)
  m. (c1596) Margaret Servington of Ewell
  (((1))) Margaret Foster
  m. Thomas Harding
  ((c)) Sir Robert Foster of Battle (b 1589, d 04.10.1663, Lord Chief Justice)
  The following comes from Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Forster).
  m1. Elizabeth Burton (dau of Edward Burton of Eastborne)
(((1)))+ issue - Thomas, (b c1628), Francis, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth
  m2. Anne Sackvele (dau of John Sackvele of Selscomb, widow of John French)
  (((6)))+ other issue - Robert, Anne
  ((d)) Susan Foster (d 1612)
  m. (1590) Thomas Brooke of Whitchurch
  ((e)) Mary Foster
  m. William Peacock of Finchley
  ((f)) Catherine Foster
  m. (c1596) Francis Townley of Littleton Place & London (b 1575, d 10.08.1616, son of Nicholas)
  ((g))+ other issue (d infant) - George, Margaret, Martha
  ((ii))+ other issue - Richard, William, James (dsp), Michael, Humphrey, Anne, Elizabeth, others
  ((D)) Emline (Emilie) Forster
  m. _ Dawborne of London
  ((3)) Elizabeth Forster
  m. Gerard Shaftoe of Bavington
  ((4))+ other issue including Nicholas of Newham
  (b)+ other issue - Robert (a 1490), Rowland (d 1497, had issue)

Main source(s): www.sallysfamilyplace.com/Wheeler/ (Foster in England)
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