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Families covered: Floyd of Shrewsbury

BP1934 reports that "The family of Lloyd is of ancient Welsh descent, and was sometime resident at Beeston Castle (destroyed 1645), and Prestbury, Chehsire, and Shrewsbury. Of this family was John Floyd, of Calais and Batrichosey, Surrey " (sb Battersea?) who appears in Visitation (Surrey, 1623, 'Floyd') as follows (which we show in italics as we have not yet found a connection to this branch):
Hugh Floyd of Calleys (Calais)
1. Peter Floyd of Calais
m. Elizabeth Prisley (dau of William Prisley of Callais)
  A. John Floyd of London & Battersey, Surrey (a 1623)
  B. Elizabeth Floyd
  m. Edward Burnham of London (postmaster)
BP1934 also reports that also of that family was ...
David Floyd of Foss-y-Bleidied (a 1685, captain, groom of the Bedchamber to James II)
1. David Floyd
  A. Stainbank Floyd of Shrewsbury 'and Barnard's Castle' (d 24.02.1788)
  m. Anne Lecky of co. Durham named in TCB (vol 5, 'Jackson later Duckett', p273+).
  i. daughter
  ii. Isabella Floyd
  m. (17.07.1810) Sir George Duckett, 2nd Bart, of Hartham House (d 15.06.1856)



John Floyd of Prestbury (Cheshire) & St. Chadds, Shrewsbury (b 1707, d 12.09.1759, captain)
m. (28.10.1746) Mary Bate (b 1713, d 08.11.1782, dau of Rev. Richard Bate of Chilham)
1. Sir John Floyd, 1st Bart (b 22.02.1748, d 10.01.1818, General)
  m1. (29.01.1791) Rebecca Juliana Drake (d 03.02.1802, dau of Charles Drake of Madras)
  A. Sir Henry Floyd, 2nd Bart (b 02.09.1793, d 04.03.1868) had issue
  m. (30.08.1821) Mary Murray (dau/coheir of William Murray of Jamaica & London)
  B. Miranda Floyd (d 23.09.1869)
  m. (18.11.1815) Sir Joseph Fuller (d 1841, Lt. General)
  C. Julia Floyd (d 27.10.1859)
  m. (08.06.1820) Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bart, Prime Minister (b 1788, d 1850)
  D. Flavia Floyd (d 01.02.1802)
  m2. (29.07.1805) Anna Morgell (dau of Crosbie Morgell of Mount Morgell, widow of Sir Barry Denny, 2nd Bart of Tralee Castle)
2. Caroline Floyd (d 07.03.1821)
  m. John Christopher Ridout of Baughurst House (d 21.10.1817)
3.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1751, d 16.10.1778, RN), Elizabeth Powys (b 1752, d unm 11.04.1830)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Floyd')
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