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Families covered: Finch of Croxley Green (Watford), Finch of Kilcoleman, Finch of Kingsdown, Finch of Linstead, Finch of Tullamore Park

BIFR1976 reports that John was "said to be a brother of William Finch, of Netherfield, Sussex, Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey 8 Herny VI". We recommend that the continuation, which shows that connection and comes from Collins's (Peerage of England, Brydges's edition vol 3, 1812, 'Finch, Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham'), should be viewed with some caution even though it is at least partly supported by Visitation. Berry shows the following John as brother of William & son of Vincent by Isabel Grall (sic).
John Finch (d 19.05.1442)
m. Elizabeth Sewer (dau/heir of Richard Sewer or Sewers of Linstead)
1. William Finch of Linstead, Kent
  m. Eleanor or Ellena Hollingbrook (dau of William Hollingbrook of Romney)
  BIFR1976 shows William as father of John of Watford father of Ralph of Croxley Green in Watford. Collins shows William & Eleanor as parents of Herbert father of Christopher father of John father of John of Linstead who is then identifies as ancestor of Finch families of Sewer, Kingsdown, Feversham, Wye, Norton, Linstead, etc.. Visitation shows William & Ellena as parents of John of Linstead father of Herbert of Linsteede (ancestor of Finch families of Linsteede, Norton, Feversham, Wye, etc..) & Thomas of Kingsdowne and provides some further generations. There is some contradiction here. Provisionally we combine the information as follows as it is supported by Berry (who shows John & Agnes as parents of Herbert & Thomas but does not mention John) but, if you are interested mainly in the Irish branch, you may wish to simply ignore the next generation.
  A. John Finch of Linstead this generation mentioned by Berry but not given by either BIFR1976 or Collins
m. Agnes Ellis (dau/heir of _ Ellis of Otham)
  i. Herbert Finch of Linstead ancestor of Finch families of Linsteede (Linstead), Norton, Feversham, Wye, etc.
  a. Christopher Finch
  (1) John Finch
  (A) John Finch of Linstead had issue
  (B) William Finch of Linstead father of possibly fits here??
  b. William Finch of Linstead father of Catherine, possibly fits here??
  (1) Catherine Finch (heir)
  m. Sir Drue Drury of Hedgerley & Linstead (b c1518, d 1617)
  ii. Thomas Finch of Kingsdowne
m. Joyce Finch (dau of John Finch of Grovehurst, Kent)
  a. Ralph Finch of Kingsdown
  m. Bridget Potter (dau of Richard Potter)
  (1) Thomas Finch of Kingsdown
  m. Elizabeth Worley (dau of Stephen Worley of Tonge)
  (A)+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas (b c1597), Herbert (b c1598), Jacob, Elizabeth
  (2) Richard Finch
  m. Maria Tonge (dau of Thomas Tonge)
  (A)+ issue (a 1619) - John, William, Francis, Anthony, Bridget, Elizabeth, Catherine
  (3) Michael Finch of Stacefield
  m. Maria Elion
b. Thomas Finch (dsp)
  m. _ Block
  iii. John Finch of Watford, Hertfordshire
  a. Ralph Finch of Croxley Green, Watford (d 1622)
  m. (27.01.1596) Emma Baldwyn of Watford
  (1) William Finch of Croxley Green (bpt 23.07.1612)
m1. Jane
  (A) Ralph Finch of Chester (d 1685)
  m. Elizabeth Danyel (dau of Col. William Danyel of Chester)
  (i) Mary Finch
  m. John Earle of Liverpool
  (B) Edward Finch of Kilcoleman, co Tipperary
  m. Margaret Purdon (dau (sb sister?) of George Purdon of Tinerana)
(i) Simon Finch of Kilcoleman (dsp before 15.12.1758)
  (ii) William Finch of Cork
  m. (1747) Anne Massy (dau of William Massy of Glenville)
  (a) Edward Finch of Tullamore Park, co Tipperary (d 08.1843)
  m. Anna O'Dwyer (dau of Daniel O'Dwyer of Tullagheady)
  ((1)) William Finch of Tullamore Park (dsp 17.04.1864)
  m. Frances Coales (dau of Philip Coales of Bath)
  ((2)) Daniel Finch of Tullamore Park (d unm 11.07.1864)
((3)) Edward Finch of Tullamore Park (d(sp?) 1870, Captain)
  m. Jane Browne (dau of R.B. Wylde Browne of Caughley)
  ((4))+ other issue - John, Eliza, Anne
  (b) William Finch of Maryville, co Limerick (dsp)
  m. Mary Massy (dau of Godfrey Massy of Duntrileague)
(c) George Finch of Kilcoleman (dsp, 6th son)
  m. Amelia or Amy Parker (dau of Anthony Parker of Castle Lough)
  (d) John Finch of The Abbey, co Limerick
  m. Phoebe Brown (dau of John Brown of Danesford & Mount Brown)
  ((1)) William Finch of Kilcoleman had issue
  m1. Marcella Singleton (dau of Edward D'Alton Singleton of Quinville Abbey, widow of Henry Vereker D'Esterre)
m2. (sp?) Catherine Doyle Crofts (dau of Rev. Freeman Wills Crofts of Clogheen, widow of Richard Green of Richmond)
  ((2)) John Brown Finch of Clonmaken (co Limerick) & Creagh Castle (co Cork) had issue
  m. Maria Singleton (dau of Edward D'Alton Singleton of Quinville)
  ((3)) Hugh Frederick Finch of Maryville (d 11.1901) had issue
  m1. Barbara Brady (dau of Capt. Hugh Brady of Moynoe)
  m2. Mary Sexton (d 24.05.1898, dau of George Sexton of Coonagh)
  ((4)) George Finch 'of Crecora' had issue (1 dau)
  m. Elizabeth Coplen-Langford (dau of Richard Coplen-Langford of Kilcosgriff Castle)
  (e)+ other issue - Frederick (d unm), High (d unm), Anne, Catherine
  (iii) Eleanor Finch
  m. Anthony Hickman of Ballyket
  (iv) Alice Finch
  (C)+ other issue - William, Walter, Simon
  m2. (sp) ??
  (2)+ other issue including Simon (Colonel)

Main source(s): the section on the lineage of the Finch family within BIFR1976 (Dring) with some support from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p48) and a little input as reported above
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