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Families covered: Field of Laceby, Field in Lincolnshire, Field of Ulceby

David Field of Wragholme in Grainthorpe, Lincolnshire (bur 04.1654)
m. Frances
1. David Field of Swinhope, Lincolnshire (d before 14.03.1676)
  m. Elizabeth Hynman (bpt 06.07.1643, bur 04.02.1733-4, dau of Henry Hynman of Clea)
  A. David Field of Ketsby, Swinhope & Thorganby (bpt 15.01.1668-9, d 25.07.1747)
m. (28.05.1696) Elizabeth Gonville (b 01.03.1671-2, d 29.10.1731, dau of Thomas Gonville of Ketsby)
  i. Jonathan Field of Claythorpe (b 29.03.1699, d 04.11.1732, 2nd son)
  m. (15.05.1723) Ann Chapman (b 1696-7, d 09.07.1760, dau of Henry Chapman of Lincoln Close)
  a. David Field (b 26.12.1724, bur 23.07.1725)
  b. Jonathan Field of Lincoln Close & Llanbadarn, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b 17.08.1727, dsp 09.02.1812)
  m. Ann Lely (b 13.05.1723, d 11.12.1797, dau of Peter Lely of Lincoln, widow of Joseph Woolmer of Barton-on-Humber)
  ii. David Field of Sutton-in-the-Marsh & Riby, later of Ulceby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 04.03.1704-5,d 20.02.1771)
  m. (29.04.1732) Mary Newcomen (bur 19.01.1782, dau of Rev. William Newcomen of Covenham)
  a. David Field of Laceby & Ulceby (b 02.10.1734, d 16.10.1809, vicar of Ulceby)
  m. Elizabeth Pask (b c1744, d 15.11.1819, dau of Thomas Pask of Barlings)
  (1) Jonathan Field of Laceby & Llanbadarn, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b 20.05.1776, d 14.01.1821) had issue
  m. (10.11.1818) Elizabeth Sawyer of Kirton (b c1795, d 30.09.1835)
  (2) William David Field of Ulceby Grange & Swan Hill (b 21.03.1781, d 01.04.1874, 3rd son?) had issue
  m1. (25.04.1807, sp) Mary Ann Oldham (b 1784-5, d 04.02.1809, dau of Captain William Oldham by Mary Ann, dau of Joseph Woomer)
  m2. (02.03.1813) Elizabeth Brandstrom (d 21.08.1791, d 21.11.1846, dau of John Simon Brandstrom of Hull)
  m3. (12.12.1848) Elizabeth Colley (dsp 12.12.1871, dau of Thomas Colley of Cefnwifed)
  (3)+ other issue - David (bur 03.02.1784), Elizabeth (bur 18.05.1780), Mary Ann (bur 20.11.1783)
  b. William Field of Alford (b 14.01.1736, dsp before 21.12.1791)
  m. Susannah Dewsnop
c. Mary Field (b 07.08.1737)
  m. William Richmond of Hull
  d. Elizabeth Field (b 1739, d unm 06.10.1767)
  e. Frances Field
  m1. French Flowers of Boston
  m2. Samuel Thorneton of Boston
  iii. Frances Field (b 25.11.1703)
  m. William Faulkner of Boston
  iv. Mary Field (b 17.02.1708-9, bur 08.01.1736-7)
  m. (1781) John Uppleby of Wootton
  v.+ other issue - David (b 17.04.1697, bur 06.03.1697-8), Elizabeth (b 15.06.1701, d unm 12.06.1775), Ann (b 24.06.1711, d unm 10.12.1792)
  B. Jonathan Field (bpt 18.09.1673)
  C. Elizabeth Field (bpt 16.12.1666, d 1757)
  m. George (not Christopher) Clayton of Great Grimsby
2.+ other issue - Jonathan (bur 24.03.1653), Rigald (a 1676), Judith, Frances, Elizabeth



Thomas Field of Cockerhoe, Hertfordshire (b c1655)
m. Sibilla Hobbs
1. Thomas Field
  m. Mary Rudd
  A. Thomas Field (b 26.11.1703)
  m. (14.01.1728) Mary Rudd
  i. Herny Field
  m. ?? (Mrs. Pearson)
  ii.+ other issue - Isaac, Nathaniel, Thomas, John, Susanna
  B. John Field
  C. Mary Field
  m. John Chamberline
  D. Ruth Field
  m. Daniel Young
  E. Sarah Field
  m. Jaems Webb
2. Nathaniel Field (b 09.11.1685)
  m. (08.10.1717) Elizabeth Southgate
  A.+ issue (d young/unm) - Isaac, Henry, Robert, Thomas, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Judith
3. William Field
  m. Catherine Stackpool
  A. John Field
  m. Martha Robinson
  B. Sibilla Field
  m. Thomas Field
  C. Elizabeth Field
  m. N. Hardcastle
  D.+ other issue - William, Catherine
4. Joseph Field
A. Joseph Field
  m. Jane Johnson
  i.+ issue - Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas Hort, Mary, Jane
  B. daughter (d young)
5. John Field (b 15.11.1688)
  m. (16.10.1716) Elizabeth Waters
  A. John Field of Stoke Newington (b 09.01.1719, apothecary, 2nd son)
  m. (01.10.1753) Ann Cromwell (dau of Thomas Cromwell)
  i. Henry Field of Woodford, Essex (b 29.09.1755)
  m. Esther Barron (sister of Edward Barron of Norwich)
  a. Henry Cromwell Field
  m. (1820) Sophia Givermell (dau of ?? Givermell of Worcester by Sophia Field) @@ below
  b. Barron Field
  m. Jane Cairncross
  c.+ other issue - Francis (d infant), Edmund, Frederick (cleric), Esther, Marriot, maria
  ii. Oliver Field to America (b 06.12.1761, d 1835) had issue ("a large family")
  m. "an English lady"
  iii. John Field (b 10.1764, "of the Mint")
m. Mary Pryor
  a.+ issue - Henry, William, Charles, Oliver, Samuel, Emma
  iv. William Field of Warwick (b 09.01.1768)
  m. Mary Wilkins (dau of Rev. William Wilkins of Buryfield)
  a. Edwin Wilkins Field
  m1. Mary Sharpe (dau of Sutton Sharpe)
  (1) Roger Field
  m2. Letitia Kinder (dau of Robert Kinder)
  (2)+ other issue - Basil, Alan
  b.+ other issue - Arthur, John Hampden, Ferdinand Emans, Algernon Sydney, Alfred, Horace, Leonard, Emma (d young), Laura, Caroline, Alice, Lucy
  v. Sophia Field
  m. _ Givermell of Worcester
  a. Sophia Givermell
  m. Henry Cromwell Field @@ above
  b. Eliza Givermell
  m. Patrick Johnson
  c.+ other issue - Thomas Cromwell, Diana, Amelia
  vi. Letitia Field (b 07.1769)
  m. William Wilkins of Buryfield
  vii.+ other issue - John (b 15.08.1760, d 31.01.1761), Thomas (d young), Anne (b 14.12.1756), Elizabeth (b 19.11.1758), Mary (b 26.08.1766)
  B. Thomas Field (b 04.09.1731, 7th son?)
  m. (03.02.1761) Sibil Field
  C. Mary Field (b 28.06.1727)
  m. (24.06.1761) James Marr
  D. Elizabeth Field (b 28.03.1729)
  m. (09.05.1751) William Gordon
  E.+ other issue - Daniel (b 28.02.1718, d 03.1720), Thomas (b 18.12.1720, d 20.10.1721), Daniel (b 28.07.1722, d 27.05.1741), son (b 11.06.1723, d 23.06.1723), Thomas (b 16.04.1726, d 03.1727), son (d young), Elizabeth (b 07.08.1717, d 05.1718), Elizabeth (b 02.05.1724, d 30.05.1724), Sibil (b 06.10.1732, d 20.07.1733), Sibil (b 11.03.1738, d c12.1761), Sara (b 12.01.1733-4)
6. Isaac Field
  m. Margaret Garlick
  A. Benjamin Field
  m. Ann Underhill
  B.+ others (d young)
7. Elizabeth Field (b 24.01.1692)
  m. Thomas Hort
  A. Elizabeth Hort (d young)
8.+ other issue - Henry, Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Field of Laceby and Welby), BLG1886 (Field of Laceby)
(2) For lower section : FMG (vol 3, MS496-7, Field)
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