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Families covered: Faunce of Cliffe, Faunce of Rochester
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Bonham Faunce of Cliffe, Kent (d 1552)
1. Thomas Faunce of Cliffe (b c1525, d 1609)
  m1/2. Alice (d 1591)
  A. Thomas Faunce, Mayor of Rochester (a 1588, d 1642/3)
  BLG1886 identifies Thomas's wife as Martha, dau of J. Baynard of Shorne, and reports that he had 2 sons - Robert (father of Sir Robert & Thomas) and Thomas - implying but not specifying that Martha was their mother. BLG1886 reports that the son Thomas went to America in 1640, died in New Plymouth aged 90, and is remembered there by a monument which identifies him as "the last Elder having authority". However, a web site on the Pilgrim Fathers appears to suggest that that Thomas (b 1647) "was the son of John Faunce who came to Plymouth in 1623 in the Anne." Noting the reference below to a Martha Baynard of Shorne, we provisionally follow RW in showing Thomas's wife and heir as ...
  m. (Anne?) (d 1645)
  i. Thomas Faunce, Mayor of Rochester (dvp 1635/6)
  m. (Joan?) (d 1636)
  a. Thomas Faunce of St. Margaret's, Rochester
  m. Martha Young
  (1) Thomas Faunce of High Halston & St. Margaret's, Rochester
  m. Ann Daniell (dau/heir of Capt. John Daniell of St. Mary's Hall)
  (A) Thomas Faunce of St. Margaret's & St. Mary's Hall, Kent (b 1705, d 1797) dates from RW
  m. Jane Barrell (b 1705, d 1759, dau of Rev. Edmund Barrell of Rochester) dates from RW
  (i) Edmund Faunce of St. Mary's Hall (vicar of Sutton & Horton Kirby)
  m. Ann Eleanor Chapman (dau of James Chapman of Paul's Cray Hill)
  (a) Edmund Faunce of St. Mary's Hall (Lt. Colonel)
  m. (1796) Brydges Cox (dau of Col. Nicholas Cox, Lt. Governor of Gaspe, Lower Canada)
  ((1)) Edmund Barrell Faunce of Sharsted (Kent) & Newington (Surrey) (d 17.12.1861) had issue
  m. (12.1840) Mary Dorothy Duppa (d 03.1881, dau of Baldwin D. Duppa of Hollingbourne House)
  ((2)) Robert Nicholas Faunce (Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Caroline Dewar (dau of Henry Dewar)
  ((3)) Frances Faunce
  m. Edmund Longmore
  ((4)) Mary Faunce
  m. Edmund Cox (Captain)
  ((5))+ other issue - Bonham (d unm), Walter Beresford (d 1852), Jane (d unm)
  (ii) Thomas Faunce (Major)
  m. Bridget Nugent (dau of E. Nugent of Dublin)
  (a) Alured Dodsworth Faunce (d 1850, Major General) had issue
  m. Maria Goddart (d 1849, dau of G. Goddart)
(b) Thomas Faunce (d unm 1802, RN)
  (c) Jane Faunce
  m. J. Lonsdale
  (d)+ 3 others (d infant)
  (iii) Mary Faunce
  m. Alured Pincke of Sharsted
  (iv) Anne Faunce
  m. J(ohn) Tasker of Franks
  (v) Jane Faunce
  m. J. (William?) Hey (Chief Justice of Quebec)
  The following comes from the information provided by RW.
  (B) Anne Faunce
  m. (1710) Robert Wilsford
  (C) Judith Faunce (b 1690)
  m. Rev. James Young
(2) Mary Faunce
  m. (1671) James Smithsby (draper)
  b. Bonham Faunce
  m. Martha Baynard of Shorne (d 1682)
  Note the reference in BLG1886 (reported above) to a Martha, dau of J. Baynard of Shorne, of an earlier generation.
  (1)+ issue - Mary, Martha
  c. Sir Robert Faunce (b 1636, d 1716) mentioned by BLG1886
  (1) Identified by BLG1886 as the elder (eldest) son but the dates provided by RW, including his father's date of death, make it seem likely that he was the youngest.
(2) RW shows a possible marriage to an Elizabeth Halke (d 1661) as well as Elizabeth Head (d 1662) but we suspect that this was just a spelling anomaly.
  m1. Elizabeth Head (dau of Sir Richard Head, Bart of the Hermitage) mentioned by BLG1886
(1) Elizabeth Faunce
  m2. Elizabeth Duke Bassington (d 1713)
  (2) Elizabeth Faunce (b 1671)
  m. Robert Wilsford (Captain RN)
  (3)+ other issue - Robert (b 1675), Thomas (b 1679), Duke (b 1681), George (b 1667, d 1739), Margaret (b 1675, d 1723)
  ii. Richard Faunce
  m. Beatrice Mudge
  iii. William Faunce
  m. Joan Constin
  iv. Marian Faunce
  m. S(amuel) Langham
  v. Alice Faunce
  m1/2. _ Swan
  m2/1. _ Browne
  vi. Mary Faunce
  vii. Ann Faunce
  m. John Collier
  viii. Dorothy Faunce
  m. _ Spencer
  m2/1. Elizabeth
  B. Bonham Faunce of Cliffe (d 1652)
  m1. (1626) Elizabeth Baynor (d 1631)
  i.+ issue - Bonham (b 1630, d 1638), daughter
  m2. (1637) Mary Jenkins
  iii. daughter
  C. daughter
  m. _ Sandell of Nevendon

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Faunce of Sharsted') with information kindly provided by a contributor (RW, 30.05.08) as mentioned above
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