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Families covered: Farrer of Brearley, Farrer of Ewood (Eawood), Farrer of Hoddesdon, Wilkinson of Waddesdon

Our first attempt on this family (on 07.10.15) relied on BLG1886 for the identification of the relationships between certain of the branches. The kind provision to us by a contributor (CV, 07.11.15) of extracts from Foster's 'Pedigrees' & MGH, which we had had difficulty in finding, enabled us to identify those relationships with more confidence and to improve our treatment of certain other uncertainties regarding the early generations of this family. This led to this page being redone on 09.11.15.
Henry Farrer of Ewood (Eawood or Ewwood) Hall (near Halifax) & Wortley, Yorkshire (d before 26.11.1549)
(1) BLG1886 suggests that Henry m. (c1554) Anne, dau of William Barcroft of Barcroft. That appears to be confusion with a later Henry.
(2) Foster identifies this Henry's wife as _ Horsfall. MGH names her Agnes. We presume that she was ...
m. Agnes Horsfall
(a) BLG1886 reports that Henry had 2 sons - Henry (dsp) and John who had 2 sons, Henry & John, with the younger Henry being grandfather of Richard (m. Elizabeth Guy) grandfather of James (m. Mary Harrison, issue shown). This appears to be wrong both inasmuch as it omits a generation and
(b) MGH shows this elder Henry as having had 4 sons: William (m. Margaret Lacy, had issue shown), Henry (wife not shown, had issue not shown), John (dsp) & Edward (m. Margaret Wade, had issue not shown). Foster shows him as having had 3 sons: William (m. Margaret Lacy, had issue shown), Edward (wife not shown, had son Henry) & Henry (wife not shown, had son John). Thoresby (in 1715) is supported by Turner (in 1883) in showing that this Henry had 2 sons: Henry (m. Mary Lacy, dsp) & John (wife not shown by Thoresby, named Isabel by Turner) who was father of Henry (wife shown as Ann Barcroft by Turner with issue mentioned but not shown, no wife or issue shown by Thoresby), John (m1. Dorothy Hanson m2. Susan Winterbourne, issue shown), Charles (mentioned by Turner but not by Thoresby) & Humfrey ("a Divine").
(c) The following attempts to pull together the above, generally following Foster & MGH but helped also by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Farrar of Great Amwell') which starts with his son William, showing him as father (by Margaret Lacy) of Henry (dsp) & John (m. Sissely Kelk) father of Henry (m. Martha Woodward having (at 1634) John, Henry, Catherin & Sissely) + John, William & Humphrey.
m. Agnes Horsfall
1. Henry Farrer of Ewood, Brearley & Methley, Yorkshire (dsp)
  m1/2. Mary Lacy (dau of John (sb Hugh?) Lacy of Brearley)
  m2/1. (c1554) Ann Barcroft (dau of William Barcroft of Barcroft)
2. William Farrer of Ewood (d before 03.04.1573) generation omitted by BLG1886?
  m. Margaret Lacy (dau of Hugh (not John) Lacy of Brearley)
  A. Henry Farrer of Ewood & Brearley (dsp before 25.07.1610, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Ellen Blakey (d before 06.10.1625, dau/heir of Robert Blakey)
  B. John Farrer of Efaburgh Hall, London, Croxton, later of Ewood (d before 28.05.1628)
  m. (c08.1574) Cicely Kelke (dau/heir of William Kelke of Barnet-by-the-Wold and/or London)
  i. Henry Farrer of Ewood, later in Lincolnshire and of Lower Greystonleigh in Lancashire (b 1569-70, d 22.08.1672)
  Turner suggests that this was the Henry who married Ann, dau of William Barcroft of Barcroft. MGH & Visitation, supported by Foster, identify his wife as ...
  m. Martha Woodward of London (b c1598, d 25.09.1670, dau of John Woodward, sister of Sir John)
  a. John Farrer of Croxton, Lincolnshire (a 1634, d by 1658)
  m. Anne Emerson (m2. Robert Sandes)
  (1) John Farrer of Croxton (dsp before 28.11.1700)
  m. Anne
  b. Robert Farrer of Greystonleigh (bur 12.01.1702, younger son) not mentioned by MGH
  m. Margaret (bur 04.01.1703)
  (1) Richard Farrer of Greystonleigh (b 30.04.1658, bur 20.12.1742, 2nd son)
  m1. ??
  (A) Margaret Farrer (d infant)
  m2. (20.04.1686) Elizabeth Guy (bur 27.01.1746, dau/heir of Oliver Guy of Lanshaw)
  (B) Robert Farrer of Greystonleigh (bpt 04.04.1690)
  m. Mary
  (C) Oliver Farrer of Landshaw (bur 18.04.1724)
  m1. Jennett Banks (d 1724, dau of James Banks of Orcaber)
  (i) James Farrer of Clapham, Yorkshire (bur 15.04.1766)
  James is the first mentioned by BLG1952 ('Farrer of Ingleborough') & BP1934 ('Farrer') which support the following.
m. Mary Harrison (dau/heir of Thomas Harrison)
  (a) Oliver Farrer of London & Eltham Lodge (b 25.03.1742, dsp 14.08.1808)
  m. (28.02.1782) Anne Selina Fawcett (dau of General Sir William Fawcett)
  (b) James Farrer of Austwick (b 15.09.1751, d 1820, youngest son)
  m. (1782) Frances Loxham (dau/heir of Rev. William Loxham of Woodford)
  ((1)) James William Farrer of Ingleborough, Yorkshire (b 11.05.1785, d 09.11.1833, last Senior Master in Chancery) had issue
m. (06.11.1811) Henrietta Elizabeth Ridley (d 10.10.1853, dau of Sir Mathew White Ridley of Blagdon, 2nd Bart of Blagdon, relict of John Scott (son of 1st Earl of Eldon))
  ((2)) Oliver Farrer of Ingleborough (b 03.09.1786, d 01.01.1866)
  ((3)) Thomas Farrer (b 16.12.1787, d 23.09.1833, of Lincoln's Inn) had issue
  m. (18.09.1816) Cecilia Willis (d 01.1867, dau of Richard Willis of Halsnead)
  Their eldest son was created a baronet in 1883 and Baron Farrer of Abinger in 1893.
  ((4)) Mary Farrer (d 17.01.1837)
  m. (21.04.1808) Henry Colborne Ridley (rector of Hambleden, son of Sir Mathew White Ridley)
  ((5))+ other issue - William Loxham of London (b 13.12.1788, d 01.12.1868, of Lincoln's Inn), Frances Loxham (b 1784, d unm 17/8.09.1846)
  (c) Alice Farrer (b 03.01.1746)
  m. Matthew Consett ## see here ##
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas in Bengal then Wareham (b 04.02.1744, d unm 1797, MP), Jennett (b 04.10.1743, bur 04.09.1744)
  (ii) Robert Farrer of Preston (b 08.06.1723) had issue
  m. _ Bickerstaff
  m2. Esther Ash (dau of W. Ash of Austwick)
  (D) Anne Farrer (bur 26.11.1765)
  m. George Jackson of Clapham (bur 1743)
  (E)+ other issue (dsp) - John (d infant?), John (d 1730), Richard (bpt 18.07.1703)
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (bur 04.08.1688), Robert (d infant), Thomas (dsp 03.11.1670), Elizabeth (d 04.08.1673)
  c. Henry Farrer of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire (bpt 03.12.1615, d before 05.02.1662-3) this line from MGH
  m1/2. Mary
  m2/1. Joan (widow of _ Warner)
  (1) Henry Farrer of Hoddesdon (dsp before 08.04.1706)
  (2) Mountague Farrer of Port Royal, Jamaica (bpt 02.07.1648, a 09.1680)
  m. Anne
  (A) Mountague Farrer of Carlisle & Port Royal (d before 13.01.1763)
  m. Anne Barwick?
  (i) Henry Farrer of Carlisle (dsp before 20.11.1763)
  (ii) Elizabeth Farrer (a 1762)
  m. Francis Lind (d by 1672, Captain)
  (iii) Margaret Farrer
m. James Ainslie (Dr.)
  (B) Mary Farrer
  (3) Benjamin Farrer (dsp before 1675)
  d. Katherine Farrer (bpt 19.09.1619)
  m. (02.1636-7) Rolad Widdrington
  e.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Cicely (a 1634), Martha, Dorothy, 9 others
  Foster reports that some of the other children "settled in Norfolk, and others in Huntingdonshire and Leicestershire".
  ii. John Farrer of Ewood (d before 05.02.1650)
  m1. (1611) Dorothy Hanson (d 1617-8, dau of Nicholas Hanson)
  m2. (17.09.1619) Susan Waterhouse (dau of Isaac or Anthony Waterhouse, widow of William Fenay)
  iii. William Farrer of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
m. Cicely
  a.+ issue - William, Cicely
  iv.+ other issue (dsp) - Humphrey of Sandwith Hall (Yorkshire) & London (d before 10.11.1637, cleric?), Charles
  C. Hugh Farrer of Wadsworth, Yorkshire had issue
  m. (11.06.1571) Grace Carter (dau of William Carter or Carte)
  D. Ellen Farrer
  E. Margaret Farrer
  m. Edward Wilkinson of Newton, Yorkshire
  MGH shows Margaret & Edward as parents of the following Henry. The following comes from Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Wilkinson of Waddesdon') which identifies Margaret's unnamed husband as 'of Hallifax descended from Dillaker Parke near Kendall".
  i. Henry Wilkinson of Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire (a 1634)
  m. Sarah Wake (dau of Arthur Wake)
  a. John Wilkinson of Waddesdon (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Crips (dau/heir of Thomas Crips of Stakely & Battlesden, brother/heir of Thomas of Ballesden)
  (1) John Wilkinson ("an Infante 1634")
  b.+ other issue - Samuel (rector of Chelsey), Henry, Edward
  F. Agnes Farrer (bur 23.04.1590)
  m. (18.06.1555) Richard Wade
  G. Mary Farrer
  m. Henry Horsfall
3. Edward Farrer of Sowerby, Yorkshire (d before 19.01.1572)
  m. Margaret Wade
  A. Henry Farrer
4. other issue - John (dsp), Agnes

Main source(s): 'Pedigree of the County Families of Yorkshire' (Joseph Foster, 1874, 'Pedigree of Farrer, of Ingleborough, co. York'), MGH (NS5,vol 9, 'Farrer of Ewood, co. York, Hoddesdon, co. Herts, and Croxton, co. Linc.', p224+), BLG1886 ('Farrer of Ingleborough') with some input/support from 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p196+), 'Biographia Halifaxiensis: Halifax Families and Worthies' (J. Horsfall Turner, vol i, 1883, p215+) and as reported above
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