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Families covered: Farnham of Nether Hall, Farnham of Quorndon

Visitation starts with John of Querne, father of Robert, father of Robert, father of Robert & Thomas. We follow Commoners, making the assumption that those brothers Robert & Thomas (shown by Commoners as son of John, a 1393) were the same Robert & Thomas as those shown by Visitation as son of Robert. Given that Thomas's descendants over successive generations appear to have been the same people, that assumption seems reasonable although the difference with the wife of Robert, the elder brother, gives rise to some concern.
Sir Robert Farnham of Querndon (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. Sir John Farnham of Querndon (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  A. Sir Robert Farnham (a 1346)
  i. John Farnham (a 1393)
  m. Margaret Billington
a. Robert Farnham 'of Upper Hall, Quarndon' (a 1440)
  Commoners (Farnham), which then skips the generations until the Edward who died in 1680, identifies Robert's wife as Katherine, dau of John Jeke of Wikington) but Visitation, supported by Commoners (Whatton), identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Whatton (dau of Robert Whatton of Monsorrell)
  (1) Thomas Farnham
  m. Margaret Kingston (dau of Ralph Kingston of Dalby)
(A) Robert Farnham
  m. Mary Langham (dau of Robert Langham of Gopsal (not Lawghton of Gopsell))
  (i) Francis Farnham (dsp)
  (ii) Thomas Farnham (a 1563)
  m. Anna Harrold (dau of Henry Harrold of Boughton)
  Visitation ends with this generation. Commoners reports that this line ends with the daughters of Edward who died in 1680. It is presumed that Thomas and Anna were parents of ...
(a) ?? Farnham possibly the Thomas who m. Anne Eyre
  ((1)) ?? Farnham
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((A)) ?? Farnham
  ((i)) Edward Farnham of Quorndon (d 1680)
  ((a)) Mary Farnham
  m. Francis Caulfeild
((b)) Philippa Farnham
  m. Edward Prior
  ((c)) Sarah Farnham
  m. Benjamin Farnham (b 1670, d 1747) @@ below
  ((d)) Phoeby Farnham (d unm 1766)
  ((e)) Mercy Farnham
  m. Edward Culthorpe
  (iii) Margery Farnham
  m. Thomas Cave of Stanford
  (iv) Joanna Farnham
  m1. (1545) George Belgrave of Leicestershire
  m2. Clement Saunders of East Haddon
  b. Thomas Farnham of Nether Hall (a 1438)
  m. _ Hersey (dau of _ Hersey of Grove)
  (1) John Farnham of Nether Hall
  m. _ Strelley
  (A) Thomas Farnham of Nether Hall, Quorndon (d 1508) first generation mentioned by BLG1952
  m. _ Kniveton of Derbyshire
  (i) William Farnham of Nether Hall (d 06.05.1548)
  m. Dorothy Nevill (a 1551, dau of Sir George Nevill by Barbara, sister of Sir John Hersey)
(a) John Farnham of Nether Hall, Quarndon (b c1507, d 1587)
  m. Dorothy Walwyn (dau of Sir Richard Walwyn of Much Marcle)
  ((1)) Dorothy Farnham (d 10.07.1631)
  m. (10.08.1597) Sir George Wright 'of Richmond' (d 24.11.1623)
  ((A)) Dorothy Wright (a 1655) probably of this generation
  m1. William Weld (bpt 06.11.1590)
  m2. Philip Welby of Godney
  (b) Thomas Farnham of Stoughton (d 04.09.1562)
  m. Helen Chaloner (d 08.01.1569, dau of Roger Chaloner, sister of Sir Thomas of Guisborough)
  ((1)) Katherine Farnham (b 14.02.1558, d 10.05.1621)
  m. Sir Thomas Beaumont (d 27.11.1614)
  ((2)) Anne Farnham (d 07.09.1562)
  (c) Matthew Farnham, later of Nether Hall (d 1594) - continued below
  m1. Laurentia Barret (dau of Richard Barret of Medbourne)
  m2. Bridget Worley
  (d) Margaret Farnham
  m. Bartholomew Wollock of Scotland
  (e)+ other issue - Walter (d 1587), Robert, Leonard



Matthew Farnham, later of Nether Hall (d 1594) - continued above
m1. Laurentia Barret (dau of Richard Barret of Medbourne)
1. Humphrey Farnham (b 1558, d 19.01.1619-20)
  m. (1588) Elizabeth Digby (dau of William Digby of Welby)
A. Thomas Farnham of Nether Hall 'of Quorndon' (bpt 18.04.1593, d 08.1666, 3rd son)
  m. (1622) Frances Waldron (d 11.1658, dau of Sir Richard Waldron of Charley)
  i. Henry Farnham of Nether Hall (bpt 31.05.1626, d 1684)
  m. (1660) Martha Mousley (d 1722, dau of Thomas Mousley of Staffordshire)
  a. Thomas Farnham (b 1665)
  m. Margaret (d 1738)
b. Benjamin Farnham of Nether Hall (b 1670, d 20.08.1747, 4th son)
  m. (14.05.1703) Sarah Farnham (d 1752, dau of Edward Fanham of Upper Hall, Quorndon) @@ above
  (1) Edward Farnham of Quorndon (b 16.03.1704, d 03.06.1775)
  m. (03.03.1725/6) Easter Lake (d 28.04.1767, dau of Henry Lake of Canterbury)
  (A) William Farnham of Quorndon (b 06.10.1738, d unm 26.06.1784, vicar of Wistow)
  (B) Thomas Farnham of Quorndon House (b 30.10.1743, d unm 02.12.1793, Captain RN)
  (C) Edward Farnham of Quorndon House, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 27.05.1753, d 07.01.1835)
  m. (01.06.1795) Harriet Rhudde (d 27.07.1854, dau of Rev. _ Rhudde of East Bergholt)
  (i) Edward Basil Farnham of Quorndon House, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 19.04.1799, d 13.05.1879) had issue
m. (02.07.1851) Gertrude Emily Cradock-Hartopp (d 09.10.1911, dau of Sir William Cradock-Hartopp, 3rd Bart of Four Oaks Park)
  (ii) Sarah Anne Farnham (d unm 28.07.1876)
  (iii) Mary Eliza Farnham (d 04.08.1878)
  m. (28.09.1842) Rev. Hon. Chafie Henniker (d 28.08.1845, brother of 3rd Lord Henniker)
  (D) Easter Farnham (b 15.03.1727, d 25.06.1764)
  m. John Willows of Leicester (d 1774)
(E) Ann Farnham (b 22.08.1729, dsps 04.05.1816)
  m. Noah Bolaine of Canterbury (d 1764)
  (F) Sarah Farnham (b 25.10.1741, dsp 02.10.1814)
  m1. (03.05.1769) Sir Charles Halford, 7th Bart of Wistow (dsp 21.07.1780)
  m2. (21.07.1783) Basil Feilding, 6th Earl of Denbigh (b 03.01.1719, d 14.07.1809)
  (G)+ other issue - Charles (b 11.07.1730, d 18.02.1732), Edward (b 02.01.1732, d 12.12.1732), John (b 20.04.1737, d unm 26.10.1773), Edward Bestew (b 18.11.1740, d 07.05.1741), Sarah (b 25.09.1734, d 02.08.1735)
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (b 15.09.1705, d unm), Charles (b 29.12.1707, d 06.05.1772)
  c. Sarah Farnham (b 1673)
  m1. (1698) Sir Richard Gethin, 2nd Bart of Gethin's Grot (b 1674, d 1709)
  m2. _ Boyle
  d. Anne Farnham (b 1679)
  m. William Stephens of Quorndon
e.+ other issue - Henry (b 1667), John (b 1669), William (b 1675), George (bpt 27.10.1683), Frances (b 1661), Martha (b 1663, d unm), Mary (b 1677)
  ii. Thomas Farnham (bpt 02.08.1638, d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Farnham (d 1666)
  m. Nicolas Hall of Elemore Hall (d 12.05.1669, rector of Loughborough)
  iv. Frances Farnham (bpt 30.03.1630)
  m. (mcrt 23.04.1672) Clifton Rhodes of Sturton (Stocton)
  v. Dorothy Farnham (bpt 05.09.1631)
  m. Henry Waldron of Farnham Castle, co. Cavan
  vi. Margaret Farnham (bpt 06.07.1635)
  m. (11.02.1657) Richard Wilson of Knight Thorpe
  B. Margaret Farnham (a 1653)
  m. Thomas Aldersey of Brangate
  C.+ other issue - William (b 1587, d unm 08.02.1624-5), Henry (d unm bur 31.05.1626), Elizabeth (b 1595), Dorothy (b 1596), Jane (b 1598)
2. Margaret Farnham
  m. Richard Dawes of Stapleton
m2. Bridget Worley

Main source(s): Commoners (vol iii, Farnham of Quorndon House), BLG1952 (Farnham of Quorn House), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Farnham)
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