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Families covered: Eyre of Hope, Eyre of North Lees
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FMG contains 2 notes referring to the generations before the Nicholas who married _ Barlow. One shows Richard of Hope as father of Robert of Hope (32Ed1 = 1303-4) father of William of Hope father of Nicholas (1357) father of Robert of Hope (1396, NB not Nicholas) father of Nicholas who m._ Barlow. However, that shows a caution that "there are not adequate references". We follow the second note which starts with ...
William le Eyr of Hope (d before 04.12.1300) mentioned by Commoners as ancestor of the later Eyres of Hope
1. Robert le Eyre of Hope (b c1270)
  A. Stephen le Eyre (a 1362)
B. Robert le Eyre of Hope
  i. Nicholas le Eyre of Hope (a 1335) the first in the pedigree provided in Commoners
  a. Nicholas le Eyre of Hope the first in the main pedigree provided in FMG
  m. Joanna Barlow (dau/heir of Edward Barlow of Barlow)
  (1) Nicholas Eyre of Hope
  m. Margaret Reddich/Reddish (dau of ?? Reddich or Reddish of Reddich or Reddish)
  (A) Nicholas Eyre of Hope (a 1433)
  m. Joyce Davenport (dau of Christopher Davenport of Wedford)
  (i) Nicholas Eyre of Hope
  m. Margaret Tunstead (dau of John Tusntead of Tunstead)
  (a) Nicholas Eyre of Hope
  m. Margaret or Elizabeth Barlow (dau of Roger Barlow of Barlow)
  ((1)) Edward Eyre of Hope (a 04.1559)
  m. Ellen or Esther Hollingworth (dau of John Hollingworth of Hollingworth)
  ((A)) Thomas Eyre, last of Hope (2nd son)
  m. Alice Roper (dau of John Roper of Turnditch)
  ((i))+ issue - 3 sons, Ann, Jane, Alice
  At least one of the sons had issue, being ancestor of Nicholas Eyre of London (a temp Charles II who r. 1649-1685).
  ((B))+ other issue - John (b c1542, a 1564, dvp?), Ellen, Elizabeth
  (b) Ann Eyre
  m. _ Middleton of York
  (c) Margaret Eyre
  m. Robert Graves of Haldworth
  (d) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Henry Burley of Yews
  (ii) daughter
m. Roger Lee of Ecclesall
  (2) William Eyre of North Lees in Hathersage (a 1434) shown by Commoners as 3rd son
  m. Elizabeth Wickersley (dau of _ Wickersley of Wickersley)
  (A) John Eyre of North Lees
  m. Joan Page (dau of John Page)
  (i) Thomas Eyre of Grainfoot & Crook Hill in Hathersedge
  m. Agnes Haigh (dau of Robert Haigh of Birchenlee)
  (a) John Eyre of Grainfoot
  m. Joan (dau of Robert Staley or Halley)
  (b) Robert Eyre of Crook Hill
  m. Sytha Barber (dau of Thomas Barber of Shatton)
  (c) George Eyre of Abney (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Barber (dau of Thomas Barber of Shatton)
  (d) Edward Eyre
  m. Agnes Brownell
(ii) Margery Eyre
  m. Robert Ward of Twichell
  (iii) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. John Hopwood of Norton Cuckney
  (B) Robert Eyre
  m. Margaret Inkersal (dau of _ Inkersal of Brimmington)
(i) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Henry Bradshaw ## see here ##
  (ii) Margery Eyre
  m. John Revel of Oxton (Ogston)
  (iii)+ 2 sons
  (C) Margery Eyre
  m. Robert Barker of Hathersedge
  (D) Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Roger Smilter of Hathersedge
  (3) Robert Eyre of Padley shown by Commoners as 2nd son
  m. Joanna Padley (d 09.03.1463, dau of Robert Padley of Padley)
  (4) Thomas Eyre (dsp)
  (5) Emma Eyre
  m. _ Wickersley of Wickersle
  (6) Dionysia Eyre
  m. Thurston Hall of Hucklow
  (7) Joan Eyre
  m. James Thornhill of Thornhill or Thornhell
  (8) daughter
  m. Thomas Cressham
  (9) daughter
  m. Christopher Balguy
  (10) daughter
  m. Roger Massye of High Low
  ii. William Eyre (dsp 1632-3)
  C. John Eyre of Chesterfield
  m. Joan Tinsley (a 1346, dau/coheir of Walter Tinsley, m2. Hugh Tothill)
  i. Joanna Eyre
2. Peter le Eyre

Main source(s): FMG (vol II, Eyre (MS 226-7)) with support from Commoners (iv, Eyre of Rampton)
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