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Families covered: Evelyn of Everley, Evelyn of Felbridge, Evelyn of Godstone, Evelyn of Marden, Evelyn of Nutfield, Evelyn of St. Clere, Evelyn of West Dean, Evelyn of Wotton
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Sir John Evelyn of Kingston, Godstone & Marden (b 1554-5, d 17.04.1627)
m1. (10.06.1580) Elizabeth Stevens (b 1559, d 07.05.1625, dau/beir of William Stevens of Kingston)
1. George Evelyn of Everley & West Dean, Wiltshire (bpt 20.08.1581, d 19.01.1636-7)
  m. Elizabeth Rivers (dau of Sir John Rivers, son of John, Lord Mayor of London)
  A. Sir John Evelyn of Everley & West Dean (bpt 20.08.1601, d 26.06.1685, MP)
  m. (02.04.1622) Elizabeth Cockes (bur 10.05.1658, dau/coheir of Robert Cockes of London)
  i. Elizabeth Evelyn (bpt 20.11.1639, bur 04.01.1698-9)
  m. (12.1658) Robert Pierrepont of Thoresby (b c1635, dvp 26.04.1669)
  ii. Sarah Evelyn (bur 16.10.1717)
  m1. (25.08.1661) Sir John Wray, 3rd Bart of Glentworth
  m2. (1666-7) Thomas Fanshawe, 2nd Viscount of Dromore (bpt 17.06.1632, bur 19.05.1674)
  m3. (14/17.02.1675, sps) George Saunderson, 5th Viscount Castleton (b 12.10.1631, d 27.05.1714)
iii.+ other issue - George (bpt 19.05.1636, d 06.09.1641), Maria (bpt 19.07.1638, d infant), Anne (bpt 09.12.1641, d infant)
  B. George Evelyn (bur 21.01.1635)
  C. Arthur Evelyn (b 1613, d before 1674)
  m. (17.05.1638) Anne Harrington (a 02.1662, sister of Lady Acton/Ashton & James)
  D. Elizabeth Evelyn (bur 08.02.1629-30)
  m. (14.12.1624) Sir John Tyrell of Springfield (b c1573, d 03.04.1675)
2. Sir John Evelyn of Lee Place, Godstone & Marden (bpt 20.10.1591, d 18.01.1663-4, MP)
  m. (24.11.1618) Thomasine Haynes (bur 13.01.1675-6, dau of William Haynes (Heynes) of Chessington)
  A. Sir John Evelyn of Lee Place, Sheriff of Surrey, Bart of Godstone & Marden (b 12.03.1632-3, dspm 10.08.1671)
m1. (07.02.1653-4) Mary Farmer (dsp 02.1663-4, dau of George Farmer)
  m2. (1664) Anne Glynne (bur 29.04.1691, dau of Sir John Glynne of Henley Park)
  i. Frances Evelyn (d unm bur 21.06.1681)
  B. George Evelyn of Nutfield, later also of Godstone (b 04.12.1641, d 19.06.1699, MP)
  m1. (08.09.1664, sp) Mary of Coulsden (bur 16.01.1672-3, dau/widow of _ Longley) not mentioned by BEB1841
  m2. (06.1673) Margaret Webb (b 1653, d 1683, dau/heir of William Webb of London)
i. John Evelyn of Nutfield (b 03.10.1677, d unm 08.11.1702, MP)
  ii. George Evelyn of Nutfield & Rook's Nest (b 26.10.1678, bur 06.06.1724, MP)
  m1. (c08.0701) Rebecca Rollinson (dsp 1703)
  m2. Anne Paston (dsp 23.09.1716, dau of Hon. Robert Paston)
  m3. (c1720) Mary Garth (bur 16.10.1738, dau of Thomas Garth of Morden, m2. Charles Boone)
  a. Anne Evelyn (b 24.09.1721, bur 28.08.1781)
  m1. Thomas Gregg (dsp)
  m2. (07.1736) Daniel Boone (b 1710, d 20.05.1770, MP, son of Charles)
  b. Elizabeth Evelyn (b 11.04.1723, dsp 26.02.1794)
m. Peter Bathurst of Clarendon Park (Lt. General)
  c. Mary Evelyn (d unm 1744)
  iii. Edward Evelyn of Felbridge (bpt 18.08.1681, d 20.11.1751)
  m. (1713) Julia Butler (natural dau of James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde)
  a. James Evelyn of Felbridge (b 17.07.1718, d 11.07.1793, 2nd son)
  m1. (1755) Annabella Medley (b 1719, d 23.12.1758, dau of Thomas Medley of Buxted by Annabella Dashwood)
  (1) Ann Evelyn (d unm 1791) mentioned by BLG1952 but not by MGH
  (2) Julia Annabella Evelyn (b 07.01.1757, d 14.09.1797)
  m. (06.10.1785) Sir George Augustus Shuckburgh, later Shuckburgh-Evelyn, 6th Bart of Shuckburgh (d 11.08.1804, m1. Sarah Darker)
  m2. (08.05/6.1761) Jane Cust (dsps 17.11.1791, dau of Sir Richard Cust of Belton, 2nd Bart)
  (3) Anne Evelyn (b 18.12.1767, d unm bur 21.04.1790) mentioned by MGH but not by BLG1952
  b. Julia Margaret Evelyn (b 31.08.1715, d 11.11.1777)
  m. (19.07.1755) James Sayer of Richmond (son of Robert of London)
  (1) Edward Sayer (a 1767)
  (2) Frances Julia Sayer (b 1757, d 31.12.1850)
  m. _ Pougens
  c.+ other issue - son (bur 27.09.1716), John (b 09.05.1725)
  iv. Marrgaret Evelyn (b 07.04.1674)
  m. (02.1694-5) Peter Hussey of Gomshall
  v. Mary Evelyn (b 09.11.1679)
  m. _ Chabannes
  vi.+ other issue - Thomasine (b 08.06.1675, d unm 13.03.1742-3), Annie (bpt 19.07.1676), Frances (b/d 1683)
  m3. (08.1684) Frances Broomhall (b 1662, d 1730, dau of Andrew Broomhall (Bromhall) of Stoke Newington)
ix. Richard Evelyn of Dublin & Naas (bpt 19.08.1685, d 12.1751)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 5 (1894), 'Pedigree of the Evelyns of Ireland, since of Wotton, co. Surrey; Sayes Court, Deptford; and St. Clere, Kent', p145+).
  m1. (22.06.1715) Jane Mead (bur 20.05.1720, dau of Benjamin Mead of Dublin & sister of Thomas, Lord Mayor of Dublin)
  a. William Evelyn b 1718, d 25.03.1776, Dean of Emly)
  m. (1739) Margaret Chamberlain (d 03.12.1787, dau of Christopher Chamberlain of Chamberlain's Town by Margaret, dau of Francis Caddan of Dublin)
  (1) John Evelyn of London, later of Wotton (b 01.06.1743, d 27.11.1827, 2nd son)
  m. (14.04.1787) Ann Shee (b 1770-1, d 27.08.1841, dau of Anthony Shee of Castlebar by Marjory Burke)
  (A) George Evelyn of Wotton & Sayes Court (b 16.09.1791, d 15.02.1829, Captain, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (12.07.1821) Mary Jane Massy-Dawson (b 22.03.1801, dau of James Hewitt Massy-Dawson ofBallynacourte)
  (B) Frances Evelyn (b 26.04.1797, d 21.04.1834)
  m. (31.08.1822) Sir Charles Rowley, 2nd Bart (d 23.11.1884, Lt. Colonel)
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 25.01.1788, d 10.1793), William (b 16.12.1788, d 22-23.10.1805)
  (2)+ other issue - William Glanville (bpt 02.01.1741-2, d unm 06.11.1776, Captain), George (b 1744, d 1756), Margaret (b 1740, d before 1752)
  b. George Evelyn (bur 09.03.1720)
  c.? daughter duplication here?
  m. _ Trion of Sligo (Colonel)
  d.? daughter
  m. _ Chamberlain
  m2. Elizabeth Caddan (dsps 06.01.1780, dau of Francis Caddan)
e.+ other issue (d infant)
  x. William Evelyn, later Evelyn-Glanville, later Evelyn of St. Clere (bpt 14.12.1686, d 19.10.1766, MP)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 5 (1894), 'Evelyn of St. Clere, co. Kent' (p173+) & 'Pedigree of George Raymond Evelyn, Father of the twelfth Earl of Rothes ...' (p177+)).
  m1. (12.02.1718) Frances Glanville (b 1696-7, d 23.07.1719, dau/heir of William Glanville)
  a. Frances Evelyn-Glanville (b 09.06.1719, d 26.03.1805)
  m. (1742) Edward Boscawen (b c1711, d 10.01.1761, Admiral)
  m2. Bridget Raymond (b c1710, d 01.12.1761, dau of Hugh Raymond of Saling Hall & Langley)
b. William Evelyn of St. Clere & Bath, Sheriff f Kent (b 1734, d 03.11.1813, MP)
  m. (02.08.1760) Susannah Barrett (d 05.02.1806, dau/coheir of Thomas Barrett (Borrett) of Shoreham by Susan, dau of Sir Thomss Scawen)
  (1) Frances Evelyn of St. Clere (b 10.10.1764, dsp 28.03.1837)
  m. (22.04.1782) Alexander Hume, later Evelyn (dsp 21/22.02.1837, Colonel, brother of Sir Abraham, Bart)
  (2)+ other issue - William (b 19.07.1767, d 29.03.1788), George (b 15.07.1770, bur 16.10.1770), Louisa (b 23.03.1766, bur 30.04.1766), Susanna (d infant)
  c. George Raymond Evelyn (b 1738, d 23.12.1770)
  m. (01/02.01.1766) Jane Elizabeth Leslie, later Countess of Rothes (b 05.05.1750, d 02.06.1810, dau of John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes)
  Their son became 13th Earl of Rothes. Their children are shown on the Leslie page.
  d. Bridget Glanville Evelyn (b 09.03.1733)
  m. Joseph Langton of Newton Park
  e. Sarah Evelyn (b 24.08.1735, d 19.01.1826)
  m. (21.03.1766) Charles (Chase) Price of Knighton
f. daughter (d infant)
  xi.+ other issue - Frances (bpt 07.07.1692, bur 08.07.1698), daughter (?, b/d 1688), daughter (?, b/d 1690)
  C. Jane Evelyn (b 03.06.1631)
  m. (21.12.1649) Sir William Leach of Squerries
  D. Elizabeth Evelyn (b 25.06.1638)
  m. (22.05.1656) Edward Hales of Boughton Malherby
  i. John Hales (bpt 10.10.1663, bur 30.11.1663)
  E.+ other issue - George (b 26.03.1629, d 29.05.1629), Richard (b 20.014.1633, d 28.10.1633/37), Thomasine (b 19.02.1635, d 01.04.1643)
3. Elizabeth Evelyn (bpt 16.05.1583)
m. Sir Edward Engham of Godneston
4. Frances Evelyn (bpt 17.10.1585)
  m. Sir Francis Clark (Clerk) of Merton Abbey
5. Ann Evelyn (bpt 25.06.1587)
  m. (11.07.1596) John Hartopp of Southwark
6. Joan (Jane) Evelyn (bpt 01.05.1589)
  m1. Sir Anthony Benn 'of Kingston-on-Thames' (Recorder of London)
  A. Annabel Benn (bpt 03.09.1607, d 17.08.1698) apparently of this generation
  m1. _ Douce of Hampshire
  m2. Anthony Fane (b 1613, d 1643)
  m3. (01.08.1644) Henry Grey, 10th Earl of Kent (b 24.11.1594, d 28.05.1651)
  m2. Sir Eustace Hart of London
7. Margaret Evelyn
  m. John Saunders of Reading
8.+ other issue - James (bpt 07.06.1596, a 1627, dsp), Sarah (bur 30.01.1604-5), Susan (d infant), Elizabeth (d unm 1623)
m2. Susanna

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Evelyn of Wotton'), MGH (NS2, vol 4 (1892), 'Skeleton Pedigree of the Evelyn Family in all its Branches' (p121+) & 'Evelyn of Kingston, Godstone, West Dean, Everley, etc.', (p329+) & 'Evelyn of Godstone, co. Surrey' (p337+)) with input/support from BEB1841 ('Evelyn of Godstone') and as reported above
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