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Families covered: Eccles of Cronroe, Eccles of Eccles, Eccles of Ecclesville, Eccles of Fintona, Eccles of Kildonan, Eccles of Shannock

BLG1886 reported that "The surname of Eccles was assumed, it is said, by the proprietors of the lands and barony of Eccles, co. Dumfries, as early as the period when surnames became hereditary in Scotland."
John de Eccles (a 1296, 1306)
1. William de Eccles or Eyceles (a temp David who r. 1329-1371)
  m. Beatrix Carleton (dau/coheir of William Carleton of that ilk)
  A. Matthew de Eccles or Eyckles (d temp James I who r. 1406-1437)
i. John Eccles of that ilk (d temp James III who r. 1460-1488)
  a. John Eccles of that ilk of Eccles (a 1502)
  m. Janet Muir
  (1) Mungo Eccles of that ilk of Eccles (a 1517)
  (A) James Eccles of that ilk, last of Eccles (a 1562)
  b. Richard Eccles of Kildonan, Ayrshire
(1) John Eccles of Kildonan (a 1506)
  m. Alison Muir (of family of Caldwell)
  (A) John Eccles of Kildonan (a 1538)
  m. Margaret Montgomery
  (i) John Eccles of Kildonan (a 1595)
(a) John Eccles of Kildonan (a 1613)
  m. Janet Cathcart ("of the Carleton family")
  ((1)) John Eccles of Kildonan (d c1651)
  ((A)) William Eccles of Kildonan
  ((i)) Robert Eccles of Kildonan (dsp)
  m. Agnes Cathcart (dau of Hugh Cathcart of Carleton)
  ((A)) Hugh Eccles
m. Agnes Cockburn (descended from family of Langtoun)
  ((i)) William Eccles in Edinburgh, later of Kildonan (d 10.1723, physician)
  m1. Jean Miln (dau of Alexander Miln of Carridden)
  ((a)) James Eccles in Edinburgh (dsp, physician)
((b)) Katherine Eccles
  m. David Craigie in Edinburgh (son of David of Kilgraston)
  ((c)) Jean Eccles
  m. James Robertson in Edinburgh (surgeon)
  ((d)) Mary Eccles
  m. Thomas Allan of Dromsheugh (Dean of Guild of Edinburgh)
  ((e))+ other issue - Alexander (dspms), Henry (dspms), Charles, William, Hugh, Margaret
  m2. Margaret Wedderburn (dau of Sir John Wedderburn of Blackness, Bart)
  ((k)) Martin Eccles in Edinburgh (physician)
  m. Jean Trotter (dau of Alexander Trotter of Cattesheil)
(((1))) Margaret Eccles
  m. Henry Lindsay of Edinburgh (son of ?? of Wolmerston)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Eccles
  m. Basil Alves (Major)
  ((l)) Rachel Eccles
  m. Thomas Kyd in Edinburgh (son of _ of Woodhill & Craigie)
  ((m)) Elizabeth Eccles
  m. Robert Lewis in Edinburgh (physician, son of _ of Merchiston)
  ((n))+ other issue - William, David, Alexander, Agnes, Mabilla, Margaret
  m3. Euphame Murray (dau of Sir Alexander Murray of Melgum, widow of Sir Walter Seton, Bart)
  ((t)) Eupham Eccles
  ((2)) Gilbert Eccles (b 1602, d 26.07.1694, to Ireland) - continued below
  m. Ann Cockburn



Gilbert Eccles of Shannock, co. Fermanagh (b 1602, d 26.07.1694, to Ireland) - continued above
m. Ann Cockburn
1. Daniel Eccles of Shannock, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (dvp 03.1688)
  m. (mcrt 03.1670) Sarah Moore (dau of William Moore of Tullavin)
  A. Gilbert Eccles of Shannock, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh
  B. Mary Eccles
  m. Adam Nixon (rector of Aghalurcher)
  C. Sarah Eccles
  m. (02.02.1692) Michael Law of Coleshill
D.+ other issue - William, Chichester, Hester, Jane, Anne
2. Charles Eccles of Fintona, Sheriff of co. Tyrone (d before 07.11.1726)
  Identified by BLG1886 as "eldest son" (sb eldest surviving son?), the only other sibling mentioned being Joseph.
  A. Daniel Eccles of Fintona, Sheriff of co. Tyrone (b 1692, d 1750)
  m. (1718) Mary Lowry (dau of Robert Lowry of Ahenis)
  i. Charles Eccles of Fintona, Sheriff of co. Tyrone (d 30.12.1763)
m. Rebecca Anne Stewart of Bailieborough Csstle
  a. Daniel Eccles of Ecclesville, Sheriff of co. Tyrone (b 1746, d 31.07.1808)
  m. Anne Dickson (dau of John Dickson of Ballyshannon by Frances Eccles) @@ below
  (1) Charles Eccles, Sheriff of co. Tyrone (b 1777, dvpsp 15.12.1807)
  (2) John Dickson Eccles of Ecclesville (b 22.09.1783, d 12.10.1830) had issue
  m. (30.10.1810) Jemima Dickson (d 19.04.1879, dau of Thomas Dickson of Woodville by Hester Lowry, cousin)
  (3) Frances Eccles (b 07.12.1775)
  m. Charles Lucas (cousin)
  (4) Mary Eccles (b 11.05.1781)
  m. Rev. James Lowry Dickson (2nd son of Thomas, cousin)
  (5) Elizabeth Letitia Sarah Eccles (b 14.07.1786, d 27.09.1833)
  m. (1813) William Newcombe
  (6) Hester Eccles (b 28.04.1789)
  m. William Dickson
  (7) Jane Eccles
  m. William Dickson (3rd son of Thomas, cousin)
  (8)+ other issue - Gilbert William (b 04.09.1784, dsp), Thomas (b 29.06.1791, dsp), James, Anna Rebecca (b 13.06.1779, d unm)
  b.+ other issue - John (dsp), Charles (Rev.)
  ii. Robert Eccles of co. Fermanagh
  m. _ Baggs
  a.+ issue - Daniel, Joseph (dsp)
  iii. James Lowry Eccles
  m. _ Parry
a. Jane Eccles
  m. Rev. Alexander Auchinleck
  b. Mary Eccles
  m. _ Lucas
  c.+ other issue - John (dsp), Charles of Shannock
  iv. Mervyn Eccles (dsp)
  v. Ann Eccles (dsp)
  m. _ Coyne
  vi. Frances Eccles
  m. John Dickson of Ballyshannon, co. Donegal
a. Anne Dickson (b 1745-6, d 11.03.1819)
  m. Daniel Eccles of Ecclesville (b 1746, d 31.07.1808) @@ above
  vii. Mary Eccles (dsp)
  m. _ Delamere
  viii. Elizabeth Eccles (dsp)
  m1. _ Graydon (doctor)
  m2. _ Lee (Captain)
  ix. Margaret Eccles
  m. _ Smyth
  x. Isabella Eccles
  m. Frank Lucas of Castleshane
3. Joseph Eccles of Rathmoran (d before 17.09.1723)
4. John Eccles (b 1632, d 1705) apparently of this generation
  John is not mentioned by BLGI1912. The following information was kindly provided by a contributor (CD, 25.07.08).
  m. Jane
  A. Sir John Eccles, Lord Mayor of Dublin (b 1664, d 1727)
  m. Elizabeth Best of Hornby Castle
  i. Hugh Eccles of Cronroe, co. Wicklow
  m. Elizabeth Ambrose (dau of Isaac Ambrose by Mary Holroyd)
  a. Isaac Ambrose Eccles of Cronroe
  m. Grace Ball (dau of Thomas Ball by Philippa Usher)
  (1) Hugh Eccles of Cronroe (d 1837)
  m. Harriet St. George (dau of Sir Richard Bligh St. George, 1st Bart of Woodsgift, by Sarah Persse)
  (A) Hugh Eccles of Cronroe (b c1800)
  b. William Eccles (b c1735)
  m. (1767) Mary Anne Simon (dau of Isaac Simon by Jean Black)
  B. Jane Eccles
  m. (1680) John Black (b 1647, d 1726)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, Eccles of that ilk and Kildonan)
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 ('Eccles of Fintona'), the section on 'Family of Eccles' in BLGI1912 ('McClintock of Seskinore')
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