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Families covered: Earle of Liverpool, Earle of Stockham, Earle of Stockton, Willis of Halsnead Park

Richard Erle of Stockton (b c1460, d c1525)
1. ?? Erle
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Erle or Earle
  i. Robert Earle of Stockton (b c1550, d 1615)
  a. Robert Earle of Marsh House, Norton (bpt 1575, bur 1631)
  m. Ellen
  (1)+ issue - Robert, Richard, Thomas, William
  b. John Earle of Stockton, later of Stockham (d 1643)
  m. Margaret Fletcher (dau of John Fletcher of Norton)
  (1) Robert Earle of Stockham
  m. Ellen
  (A) Robert Earle
  (2) Adam Earle of Chester
  m. Anne (bur 10.12.1680)
(A)+ issue - John (bpt 1655), 6 daughters
  c. Gregory Earle of Stockham and Warrington (bur 01.04.1650)
  m. (20.10.1625) Alis Holbrucke (bur 31.07.1666)
  (1) John Earle of Warrington (bpt 20.02.1626-7, bur 14.03.1708)
  m. (1673) Sarah Warburton (bur 23.02.1709, dau of Thomas Warburton of Partington)
(A) John Earle, Mayor of Liverpool (bpt 29.10.1674, d 14.04.1749)
  m1. (10.12.1700) Eleanor Tyrer of Liverpool (bur 14.07.1702)
  (i) Thomas Earle (b 06.06.1702, bur 1702-3)
  m2. (16.02.1709-10) Mary Finch (d 07.06.1751, dau of Ralph Finch of Chester, cousin of Daniel Willis)
(ii) Ralph Earle, later Willis of Halsnead and Hall-of-the-Hill, Mayor of Liverpool (b 01.10.1715, d 30.04.1790, 3rd son)
  m. Dorothy Aldersey (dau of Richard Aldersey of Liverpool)
  (a) Richard Earle, later Willis of Halsnead and Hall-of-the-Hill (b 18.09.1760, d 19.07.1837)
  m. Cicely Feilden (d 11.04.1822, dau of Joseph Feilden of Witton Park)
  ((1)) Richard Willis of Halsnead and Hall-of-the-Hill (b 16.07.1787, dsp 14.12.1858)
  m. (17.07.1819) Lucy Atherton (d 19.01.1859, dau of Henry Atherton)
  ((2)) Joseph Willis, later of Halsnead Park (b 09.07.1789, d unm 24.09.1863)
  ((3)) Daniel Willis, later of Halsnead Park (b 04.08.1790, d 15.04.1873) had issue
  m. (20.06.1833) Georgiana Amelia Feilden (d 14.03.1873, dau of Sir William Feilden, 1st Bart of Fensicowles)
  ((4)) Frederick Willis (b 17.07.1805, d 03.1867, 8th son) had issue
  m. (18.01.1834) Elizabeth Louisa Gosset (dau of Maj. General Sir William Gosset)
  ((5)) Edward Willis (b 08.10.1806, d 27.02.1891) had issue
  m. (12.05.1831) Harriette Robbins (dau of Lt. Col. John Robbins, niece of Gen. Hon. Sir William Lumley)
  ((6))+ other issue - John (b 01.10.1792, dsp 1855), Henry (b 03.04.1795, d 13.10.1813), William (b 05.05.1798, d 31.08.1812), Thomas (b 27.04.1803, d 21.01.1880), 6 daughters
  (b) Willis Earle of Sandfield Cottage
  m. Annina Cecila Lutyens
  ((1))+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  (iii) Thomas Earle of Leghorn (b 1719, d 1781)
  m. (06.1754) Mary Mort (dau of Adam Mort of Wharton Hall)
  (a) Mary Earle
  m. (20.04.1768) Thomas Earle of Spekelands @@ just below
  (b) Jane Elizabeth Earle
  m. Richard Gwillym of Bewsey
  (iv) William Earle of West Derby, Lancaster (b 1721, d 28.04.1788)
  m. Ann Hoskin (d 09.01.1785, dau of Thomas Hoskin, widow of John Winstanley)
  (a) Thomas Earle of Spekelands, Mayor of Liverpool (b 1754, d 09.07.1822)
  m. (20.04.1768) Mary Earle (dau of Thomas Earle of Leghorn) @@ just above
((1)) William Earle, Mayor of Liverpool (b 07.02.1787, dsp 26.09.1864)
  m. (15.07.1829) Anne Bradish (d 15.08.1855, dau of Joseph Bradish of Kilkenny)
  ((2)) Sir Hardman Earle, 1st Bart of Allerton Tower (b 11.07.1792, d 25.01.1877, 4th son) had issue
  m. (24.08.1819) Mary Langton (d 25.03.1850, dau of William Langton of Kirkham)
  ((3)) Richard Earle of Edenhurst (b 26.04.1796, d 21.04.1848) had issue
  m. (29.09.1829) Margaret Langton (d 30.11.1871, dau of William Langton of Kirkham)
  ((4)) Mary Earle (d 14.09.1854)
  m. (18.11.1820) Sir W.P. de Bathe, Bart
((5)) Anne Earle (d 15.08.1875)
  m. (24.05.1821) Joseph Langton (d 25.10.1855)
  ((6)) Jane Earle (d 05.02.1883)
  m. (04.04.1831) George Hall Lawrence of Liverpool (dsp 15.01.1869)
  ((7))+ other issue - Thomas (b 29.06.1788, d unm 28.01.1806), John (d young 15.03.1791)
  (b) Ralph Earle (b 1756, d 07.02.1767)
  (c) William Earle of Everton (d 10.01.1839) had issue
  m. (08.05.1791) Ann Copland (d 01.05.1819, dau of John Copland of Liverpool)
  (d) Mary Earle (d 1831)
  m. Richard Heywood (dsp 1800)
  (v) Sarah Earle (b 1714-5, dsp 02.1807)
  m. (05.1753) Hon. Rev. John Stanley (d 1781)
  (vi)+ other issue - John (b 1713, bur 30.10.1737), Elizabeth (b 1711, d 1718-9)
  (B) Sarah Earle
  m. John Boardman (bur 01.1705, rector of Grappenhall)
  (C)+ other issue - Peter (bpt 07.10.1680, d unm 15.11.1708, rector of Grappenhall), Thomas (bpt 21.02.1683, bur 08.06.1694), Jane (bpt 23.11.1675, bur 26.01.1690), Katharine (bpt 08.06.1682)
  (2) Thomas Earle (bpt 08.11.1629)
  (A)+ issue - John (bpt 1659), 5 daughters
  (3) Peter Earle (bpt 03.1632, minister of Northwich)
  m. (12.04.1664) Elizabeth Mawdesley (bur 24.04.1669, dau of Robert Mawdesley)
  (A)+ issue - Peter (bpt 16.07.1668, bur 30.04.1669), Dorothy (bpt 07.02.1666-7, bur 14.10.1668)
  (4) Adam Earle (bpt 03.1633, bur 06.1634)
  (5) Mary Earle
  m. _ Rawbone
  ii. Ellen Earle
  m. (c1575) Thomas Birchall of Cuerdley

Main source(s): BP1934 (Earle) with input from BLG1952 (Willis formerly of Fineshade and Halsnead)
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