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Families covered: Dayrolles, Dury of Bonsall, Dury of Hadley Green, Drayton of Atherston, Drayton of London, Dutens of London, Dudmaston of Dudmaston, Derby of Gaddesby

Jerome Teissonière of Languedoc
m. Marie Vareilles
1. James Teissonière , Sr. D'Ayrolles (dsp 13.01.1738-9, HBM Resident Minsiter at Geneva)
  m1. (1695) Marie Daniell
  m2. Elizabeth Tessereau (a 1739)
2. John James Teissonière, Sr. de la Rouvière, later in Dublin (d before 23.01.1716-7)
  m. (20.08.1706) Marie de Blosset (dau of Solomon de Blosset, Sr. de Loche)
A. Solomon Teissonière or Dayrolles of Henley Park, Surrey (b 19.08.1709, d before 15.04.1786, Master of the Revels)
  m. (04.07.1751) Christabella Peterson ( b 1732-3, d 03.08.1791, dau of Colonel _ Peterson of Ireland)
  i. Thomas Philip Dayrolles (Captain)
  m. (23.09.1794) Anne Charlotte Henrietta Thomasset (bpt 16.08.1770, bur 21.03.1835, dau of George Samuel Henri Thomasset by Ann Rolaz de St. Vincent)
  a. George Thomas Louis Dayrolles (bpt 29.10.1795m d 10.07.1823, Captain)
  m. (1823) Johanna Friedel (dsp)
  ii. Christabella Dayrolles
  m. (1784) Townsend Mullins (b 19.03.1763, d 1799)
  iii. Emily Dayrolles
  m. (24.12.1786) Baron von Riedesel
  iv. Mary Dayrolles
  m. (05.02.1788) Richard Croft of London
  B. James Teissonière
3. David de Teissonière, Sr de la Meinerie (d before 1723) had issue in Paris
  m. Elizabeth Julie de Harbes (b 1664-5, d 21.04.1747)



Theodore Dury de Chamfort (b 13.08.1661, d 19.05.1742, Colonel, Chief Engineer for North Britain (Scotland))
m. (02.1698-9) Marie Anne Boullier (b 11.09.1673, d 1679, dau of Jean Pierre Boullier, Sr. de Beauregard)
1. Charles Theodore Dury (b 01.02.1702-3, d 1785, Lt. General RM)
  m. Frances (a 1785)
2. Alexander Dury of Hadley Green, Middlesex (d St. Cas 11.09.1758, Major General)
  m. (23.07.1753) Isabella Turnor (dau of Edmond Turnor of Stoke Rochford by Elizabeth, dau of Sir H. Ferne of Snitterton & Bonasll)
A. Alexander Dury (b 01.10.1754, d 13.10.1754)
  B. Alexander Dury of Bonsall Hall (Derbyshire) & Hadley Green (b c1756, d 04.01.15843, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Lucy Maria Bowles (b c1763, d 02.01.1805, dau of Samuel Bowles of Ealing by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Rogers of The Hill)
  i. Alexander Dury of Bonsall (d 23.02.1825, Captain) had issue
  m. (1817) Mary Child (d 1830, dau of Thomas Child)
  ii. Theodore Dury (b 31.10.1788, d 02/20.10.1850, Rector of Keighley then Westmill, 3rd son?) had issue
  m1. Caroline Bourchier (dau of Charles Bourchier)
  m2. (22.10.1822) Anne Greenwood (b 1795, d 26.07.1881, dau of John Greenwood of Knowle in Keighley)
  iii. Lucy Elizabeth Dorothy Dury (b 25.04.1800, d 29.03.1880)
  m. (01.10.1835) Rev. George Skinner (d 1871)
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1788, d 09.1803, RN), Edmund, Francis (b c1795, d 09.06.1813), Isabella (d unm 21.07.4855)
3. Olympia Dury (b 17.06.1701, d unm 15.01.1742) Dury



William Drayton of Atherston, Warwickshire
m. Mary Grey (dau of Richard Grey of London, sister/coheir of Richard)
1. Richard Drayton of Hurley, Warwickshire "of whom there is now no issue remaining"
2. Harrington Drayton of London, later of Atherston (bc1602, d c1670)
  m. Mary Eversden (dau of George Eversden of London, m2. Thomas May of Sutton Cheney)
  A. Harrington Drayton of London & Lullington, Derbyshire (d c1680)
  m. Anne Mouseley (dau of Thomas Mouseley of Loughborough)
  i.+ issue - Harrington, Benjamin
  B. Richard Drayton of Atherston (b 06.1651, a 1682)
  m. Priscilla May (dau of Thomas May of Sutotn Cheyney)
  i.+ issue - Richard (b 19.05.1682), Mary (b 15.0131676, d 1679), Frances (b 21.02.1678, a 1682), Elizabeth (b 08.11.1680)
  C. Barbara Drayton
  m. Arthur Dabbs of Atherston
  D. Mary Drayton
  m. Benjamin Shepey of Atherston
  E. Anne Drayton
  m. George Lagoe of Atherston
  F. Catherine Drayton
  m. Matthew Neale of Exall
3. William Drayton of Richmond, Surrey (a 1682)
  m. Susan Carey of Essex
4. Luce Drayton
  m. _ Oldale (Oldall) of London
5. Anne Drayton
  m. _ Limpney (Limpaney) of London (goldsmith)



Jean Dutens (b 1667 at Preuilly in the Touraine, d 1751, "a tradesman")
m. Esther
1. Peter Dutens of London (b 1700, d 30.05.1761, Director of the French Hospital, jeweller)
  m. Elizabeth (b c1710, bur 26.09.1789, dau of Charlotte)
  A. Peter Dutens of London (d 25.04.1775, Director of the French Hospital, jeweller)
  m. (04.1773) Catharine Callendar
  i. Peter John James Dutens (a 1775)
  B. George Dutens (bur 01.04.1779, Vicar of Great Baddow (Essex), 3rd son?)
  m. Anne Halsey (b 01.01.1742-3. dau of Charles Halsey of Gaddesden Park (by Agatha, dau of Frederick Dorrien), m2. Rev. James Willis of Sopley)
  i. Elizabeth Dutens of London (d unm bur 07.03.1803)
  ii. Harriet Dutens (b 1749-50, d 17.08.1773)
  m. (04.06.1772) James Callendar of Craigforth (m2. Lady Elizabeth McDonnell))
  C.+ other issue - Frederick of London (d 16.08.1772), son
2.+ other issue - Jean (b c1682, d 1782 at Chattelherault, had issue), Joseph Dutens of Tours (m. Elizabeth Gosselin, had issue), Louis (b 15.01.1780, d 23.05.1812, Rector of Elsdon in Northumberland, antiquary & author), Michel Francois (b 12.06.1733, d 06.1804, goldsmith & author, m. Anne Bienfait, had issue), Benjamin of the Hague (d by 1761, m. Maria Marguerite Lezan, had issue), Madelaine (nun), Jeanne (nun)



Harlewin de Butailles, 1st of Dodemaston (a 1107)
1. ?? de Dudmaston
  A. ?? de Dudmaston
  BEB1841 reports that Hugh, father of the heiress of the family (Margaret), was "ninth in descent from Harlewin de Butailles".
  i. ?? de Dudmaston
  a. Peter de Dudmaston
  (1) Hugh de Dudmaston
  (A) Roger de Dudmaston
  (i) Hugo de Dudmaston (a 1326)
  (a) John de Dudmaston (a 1370)
  ((1)) Hugh de Dudmaston (a 1385)
  ((A)) Margaret, heiress of Dudmaston (Dodmaston)
  m. Roger Wolrich of Dudmaston



Nichols identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, a fess Gules, between three sinister wings Sable".
Thomas de Derby (a 1400)
1. Thomas Derby of Gaddesby (a 1411, 1451)
  A. Everard Derby
i. William Derby of Gaddesby (d 1496)
  a. Everard Derby of Gaddesby (d 1526)
  m. Mary Somershall (dau/coheir of Godfrey Somershall by Agnes, dau/coeir of John Malory of Walton)
  (1) Everard Derby of Walton (dvp 28.03.1519)
  m. Rebecca (d 08.05.1569)
  (2) Lebbeus Derby of Gaddesby (d 1561)
  m. Anne Digby (dau of Thomas Digby of Olney)
  (A) Elizabeth Derby
  m. Edward Eyton (son of Richard of Perie by Mary Brasbridge)

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