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Families covered: Dancer of Modreeny, Des Voeux of Queen's County, Dowdeswell of Bushley, Dowdeswell of Pull Court, Douglass of Grace Hall, Durnford of Stonehouse, De Chair

TCB reports of the following Thomas that his "parentage is apparently unknown".
Sir Thomas Dancer of Waterford, Sheriff of co. Wexford then Mayor of Waterford then Mayor of Carrickfergus then Sheriff of King's County, 1st Bart (d 08.1689)
1. Sir Thomas Dancer of Modreeny (co. Tipperary), 2nd Bart (d unm c15.01.1702/3 (not 1723), Major)
2. Sir Loftus Dancer of Modreeny, 3rd Bart (d 27.03.1734)
  m. (by 1690) Catharine (Amyrald?)
  A. Sir Thomas Dancer of Modreeny, 4th Bart, Sheriff of co. Tipperary, Mayor of Cashel (b c1699, d 11.1776)
  m. Anchorita Rogers (dau of Daniel Rogers of Ballynaven by Charity Freeman)
  i. daughter
m. Samuel Eyre
  a. Mary Eyre
  m. Charles Grove
  b. Elizabeth Eyre
  m. Lancelot Madden
  c.+ other issue - Thomas Dancer, Chiches
  B. Richard Dancer
i. Thomas Dancer (Captain)
  m. Honora Jones (dau of Thomas Jones)
  a. Sir Amyrald Dancer of Modreeny, 4th Bart (b 14.11.1768, d 22.11.1843) had issue
  m. (12.04.1804) Jemima Matilda Going (d 08.06.1824, dau/coheir of Philip Going of Monaqnil by Grace, dau of Thomas Bernard)
  C. Sarah Dancer probably of this generation
  m. Oliver Leake of Loghorus, co. Tipperary
  i. Elizabeth Leake
  m1. _ Dawson
  m2. (1751) Joseph Gason of Nenagh (d 1776)
3. daughter
  m. _ Chichester
m2. (sp) Bridget Herbert (dau of Sir George Herbert, 1st Bart of Durrow (by Frances, dau of Sir Edward FitzGerald), widow of Garret Talbot then Philip Bigge of Newton)



?? de Bacquecourt (president of the parliament of Rouen in Normandy)
1. Marin Anthony Vinchon de Bacquecourt, later Des Voeux of Portarlington, Queen's Co. (d 1792)
  m1. (c05.1736) Mary Louisa Quergroode de Challais
  m2. (10.1739) Charlotte (dau of Josue du Fay d'Escondon)
  A. Sir Charles Philip Vinchon Des Voeux of Indiville (Queen's Co.), 1st Bart (d 08.1814, Governor of Masulipatam)
  m. (c11.1778) Mary Anne Champagne (dau of Arthur Champagne, Dean of Clonmacnoise)
  i. Sir Charles Des Voeux, 2nd Bart (b 05.09.1779, d 28.09.1858) had issue
m1. (01.06.1801) Christina Hird (d 07.1841, dau of Richard Hird of Rawdon)
  m2. (12.1842) Cecilia Paulet (d 23.08.1890, dau of Charles Ingoldsby Paulet, Marquess of Winchester)
  ii. Arthur Des Voeux (b 1782)
  iii. Henry Des Voeux (b 1786, d 30.09.1857, Rev.) had issue
  m1. (01.12.1812) Frances Dalrymple (d 1827, dau/heir of Daniel Dalrymple of Barrow)
  m2. (1828) Fanny Elizabeth Hutton (dau of George Hutton of Carlton)
  m3. (1839) Julia Grace Denison (d 12.02.1872, dau of John Denison of Ossington, sister of Viscount Ossington)
  iv. Benfield Des Voeux (d 30.11.1864, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (1833) Georgiana Charlotte Streatfeild (d 27.11.1845, dau of Richard Streatfeild of The Rocks)
  m2. (321.05.1849, sp?) Frances Wood (b c1812, d 23.10.1887, dau of Peter Wood, Dean of Middleham)
  v. Charlotte Des Voeux (b 1788-9, d 12.02.1832)
  m. (20.08.1812) Sir Henry George Grey (son of Charles, 1st Earl Grey)
  B.+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  m3. (1770) Hannah Pain (d 1795)



John Dowdeswell of Hill House in Bushley, Worcestershire (a temp Elizabeth who r. 1558-1603)
1. Robin Dowdeswell of New Inn (d 1633)
m. Martha Blomer (dau of Gilbert Blomer, grandson/heir of Joanna Tyndale of Pull Court)
  A. Richard Dowdeswell of Pull & Bushley, Worcestershire (d 1673, MP for Tewkesbury)
  m. Anne Pleydell (dau of Sir Charles Pleydell of Mydge Hall)
  i. William Dowdeswell of Pull & Bushley, Sheriff of Worcestershire (d 1683)
  m. (1652) Judith Wymondsell (dau of Sir James (sb sister of Sir Dawes?) Wymondsell of Putney)
a. Richard Dowdeswell of Pull & Bushley, Sheriff of Worcestershire (d 1711)
  m. (1676) Elizabeth Winnington (dau of Sir Francis (not Edward) Winnington)
  (1) William Dowdeswell of Pull Court, Sheriff of Worcestershire (d 1728)
  m1. (1711) Catherine Cokayne (d 1716, dau of Lord Cullen)
  (A) Frances Dowdeswell
  m. William Basil
We have seen the following connection on various web sites which identify William as the William of Drumboe Castle who was father (by Frances) of ...
  (i) Mary Basil (heir)
  m. Sir Samuel Hayes of Drumboe Castle, 1st Bart (b 1737, d 21.07.1807)
  (B)+ other issue (dvm)
  m2. (1719) Anne Hammond (dau of Anthony Hammond "the elegiac poet", great-granddaughter of Sir Dudley Digges, Bart)
  (C) William Dowdeswell of Pull Court, Chancellor of the Exchequer (d 1775)
  m. (1747) Bridget Codringham (dau of Sir William Codringham, Bart)
  (i) Thomas Dowdeswell of Pull Court (dsp 1811)
  m. (1798) Magdalena Pasley (dau of Sir Thomas Pasley, Bart)
(ii) William Dowdeswell of Pull Court (d unm 01.12.1828, General, 3rd son)
  (iii) John Edmund Dowdeswell of Pull Court (5th son)
  m. (1800) Caroline Brietzcke (dau of G. Brietzcke)
  (a) William Dowdeswell of Pull Court (b 10.1804) had issue
  m. (17.03.1839) Amelia Letitia Graham (dau of Robert Graham of Cossington House)
  (b) John Christopher Dowdeswell (d 1850) had issue
  m. (1833) Sophy Mundy (dau of Charles Godfrey Mundy of Burton Hall)
  (c) Catharine Dowdeswell
  m. (10.01.1833) Richard Beauvoir Berens of Kevington
  (iv) Elizabeth Dowdeswell
  m. (1777) Sir William Weller Pepys, Bart
(v)+ other issue - Charles (d 1776), Edward Christopher of Pull Court (canon of Christ Church), Charlotte, Arabella, Mary, Theodosia (d unm 1831), Diana, Caroline
  (D) George Dowdeswell
  m. (1760) Elizabeth Buckle (dau of Richard Buckle of Chaceley)
  (i) George Dowdeswell of Down House, Redmarley (d 1852, youngest son)
  m. Mary Anne Rose Egerton
  (a)+ issue - George Francis, William Fombelle (d 13.08.1861)
  (ii)+ other issue - William, Charles (d 27.06.1839, vicar of Bewley), Frances
  (E) Thomas Dowdeswell (d young)
  (2) Judith Dowdeswell probably of this generation
  m. (11.1712) Stephen Moore of Barne
  b. Anne Dowdeswell possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Tracy of Coscomb (b c1675, d 11.09.1735, judge)
  c. Margaret Dowdeswell (b c1662?, d 01.1720) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Haselwood of Wickwarren (b 1652, d 24.09.1720)
  B.+ other issue including William (vicar of Tirley)



BLGI1912 reports that "This family is of Scottish descent".
Robert Douglass of co. Down
m. Elizabeth Henderson
1. Robert Douglass (b 1655, d 01.1733)
  m1. _ Elliott
  m2. _ Whitney
m3. _ Usher
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  A. Charles Douglass, Sheriff of co. Down
  m1. (sp) Grace Warring (dau of Richard Warring of Waringstown)
  m2. (1758) Theodosia St. George (dau of George St. George of Woodsgift)
  i. Thomas Douglass of Grace Hall
  m. (1786) Elizabeth Forde (dau of Mathew Forde of Seaforde & Coolgreaney by Elizabeh, sister of Thomas, 1st Viscount Northland)
  a. Charles Mathew Douglass of Grace Hall, Sheriff of co. Down (b 1793, dsp 1880)
  b. Elizabeth Douglass
  m. Rev. Samuel Blacker of Elm Park
  Grace Hall passed to their elder son who assumed the name Blacker-Douglass.
  c. Theodosia Douglass
  m. Rev. William Brownlow Forde of Seaforde
  ii.+ other issue - George, Robert, Elizabeth, Ellen



Stephen Durnford of Plymouth (a 1399)
1. Stephen Durnford of East Stonehouse & Rame (d 15.10.1427)
  m. Radigund Cotterll (dau of Nicholas Cotterell)
  A. James Durnford (b c1413, d 03.03.1463)
  m1. Johanna Cole (dau of John Cole)
  m2. Margaret Bigbery (dau of William Bigbery)
  i. Stephen (or James) Durnford of Stonehouse & Rame (b c1445, d 31.10.1479)
  Vivian names him James but other Edgcomb sources name Johanna's father Stephen. However, ## see here ## also.
  m. Jane Holland (dau of John Holland)
  a. Johanna Durnford (b c1474)
  m. Sir Piers Edgcomb of Mont Edgcomb (d 14.08.1539)
  B. Isodd Durnford probably of this generation
  m. Walter Dennis of Giddicott



This family was French in origin. This branch appears to have moved to England in the 17th century.
Rene de la Chaire
1. Francois de la Chaire (a 1552)
  m. Jeanne de Bufforant
  A. Jean Francois de la Chaire, 1st Marquis (d 1607, counsellor to King Charles IX)
  m. (1573) ??
  i. Francois Jean de la Chaire in Paris, 2nd Marquis (d 1641)
m. Catherine (dau of Marquis de Lugerne)
  a. Edouard de la Chaire (b 1639, to England)
  m. (1676) Anne
  (1) Edward de la Chaire (b 1677)
  m. (1710) _ Dring of Lincolnshire
  (A) John De Chair (bpt 02.02.1734, d 09.1804, rector of Little Rissington, vicar of Horley & Hornton, chaplain to King George III)
  m. (1760) Julia Wentworth (dau of Sir William Wentworth, 4th Bart of Bretton)
  (i) Richard Blackett De Chair (b 1761, d 26.03.1851, vicar of Sibertswold, etc. in Kent)
  m. (10.07.1786) Isabella Beauvoir (d 28.08.1832, dau of Rev. Osmund Beauvoir)
  (a) Frederick De Chair (bpt 08.09.1796, d 28.09.1852, rector of East Langdon & Manton, youngest son) had issue
  m. (18.04.1837) Louisa Jane Raikes (d 16.04.1866, dau of Robert Mee Raikes)
  (b) Julia Frances Stanley De Chair (b 10.1800)
  m. (16.07.1840) Chestney Simmons (b 1797-8, d 26.06.1879, Captain RN)
  (c)+ other issue - John (b 13.04.1792, d unm 11.04.1822, vicar of Brixworth), Peregrine Edward (b 30.06.1793, d 21.06.1795)
  (ii)+ other issue - Julia (d unm c1800), Selina

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