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Families covered: Dyneley (Dineley) of Charlton, Dineley (Dyneley) of Hanley Castle, Dingley in Kent, Dineley of Peopleton, Dineley of Redmarley Dabitot

Visitation (1569) identifies the arms of this family, in a quarterly of 6, as "Argent, a fess sable, in chief a mullet of the second between two pellets".
Richard Dyneley of Charlton, Worcestershire
m. Elyanor Hansacre (dau of Sir Simon Hansacre of Hansacre and Charlton)
1. Thomas Dyneley
  m. _ Throgmorton
A. Richard Dyneley
  m. Margaret Tracye
  i. William Dyneley of Charlton
  m. Alice Hardwicke (dau of John Hardwicke of Lyndley)
  a. John Dyneley of Charlton
m. Elizabeth St. Nicholas (dau of Roger St. Nicholas of Thorne)
  (1) Henry Dyneley of Charlton (bur 27.02.1589)
  Henry's wife Mary is sometimes identified as daughter of Edward Nevill, Lord of Abergavenny. However, although her father was son of a Lord (A)Bergavenny and father of another, he was not himself a Baron.
m. Mary Nevill (dau of Sir Edward Nevill of Birling, Kent)
  (A) Francis Dyneley of Charlton (b c1550, d 27.10.1624)
  m. (1575) Elizabeth Biggs (a 1632, dau of Sir Thomas Biggs of Linch or Lench-Wick)
  (i) Henry Dyneley or Dineley of Charlton (dvp)
  m. Joane Pitt (dau of Sir Edward Pitt or Pitts of Kyre Ward)
(a) Edward Dyneley or Dingley or Dineley of Charlton (b 1600-1, d 04.03.1646)
  m. Joyce Sandys (dau of Sir Samuel Sandys of Ombersley, m2. ?? Lawrence)
  ((1)) Samuel Dyneley or Dineley of Iver, Buckinghamshire (b c1628, d c1654)
m. Mary Berenger (dau of Richard Berenger of Iver)
  ((A)) Mary Dyneley or Dineley
  m. Henry Collines of Heston (son/heir of (bencher) Antony)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Dyneley or Dineley
m. Whitlock Bulstrode (son of Sir Richard)
  ((2)) John Dyneley or Dineley (b 1630, d unm 1646)
  ((3)) Sir Edward Dyneley or Dineley of Charlton (bpt 1634, a 1682)
  m. Frances Watson (dau of Lewis Watson, 1st Lord of Rockingham)
  ((A)) Eleanor Dinely
  m. Sir Edward Goodere, 1st Bart of Burhope (d 20.03.1730)
  ((B))+ 2 sons (d infant)
  ((4)) Mercy Dyneley or Dineley
  m1. Sir William Cookes, 1st Bart of Northgrove
  m2. Mark Dyneley of Norborow @@ below
  ((5)) Joyce Dyneley or Dineley
  m. Sir Richard Bulstrode (b 1617, d 1711)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Dyneley or Dineley
  m. Edward Goodyear (son/heir of Edward of Burghope, Herefordshire)
  ((A))+ issue - Dineley (d 1682), Eleanor (d 1683)
  (b) Francis Dineley of Redmarley Dabitot, Worcesershire (b c1604, d 08.06.1675)
  m. Elizabeth Cox (dau of Richard Cox of Castleditch)
  ((1)) Charles Dineley of Redmarley Dabitot (b c1630, a 1682)
  m. Frances Lovested (dau of John Lovested of Blechingley, widow of Anthony Astley of Writtle)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1682) - John (b c1661), Charles (b c1662), Elizabeth (b c1666), Dorothy (b c1672)
  ((2)) Richard Dineley (d unm c1673)
  ((3)) James Dineley of Upton on Severn (dsp)
  m. Margaret Duston of Upton (widow of William Woodward)
  (c) William Dineley of Nanton Beauchamp
  ((1)) Edward Dineley of Nanton (b c1645, d 1685)
  ((A))+ issue - Edward (d 1686), William (d 1684), Elizabeth (d 1685)
  (d) Thomas Dineley of Withalls Chapel, Worcestershire (a 1682)
  ((1)) Thomas Dineley (a 1682)
  ((A)) Edward Dineley (a 1682)
  (e) John Dineley of Sugarbrook, Worcestershire
  ((1)) Thomas Dineley
  (f) James Dineley (d unm)
  (g) Mark Dineley of Church Lench & Evesham (d c1650)
  m. (1637) Mary (widow of _ Martin of Eveshan)
  ((1)) Josiah Dineley of Bromsgrove (& Peopleton?) (b c1646, a 1683)
  m. Mary Hamon (dau of Thomas Hamon of Bridgnorth)
  ((A)) Josiah Dineley (of Peopleton?) (b c1680, a 1746)
  m. Anne Yarnold of Bromsgrove
  ((i)) Josiah Dineley of Norchard in Peopleton (d before 06.11.1790)
  m. Mary Perkins (dau of John Perkins of Colwell)
  ((a)) John Dineley of Pershore
  (((1))) Josiah Dineley of Pershore
  (((A))) Josiah Dineley (a 1837)
  (((B))) daughter
  m. _ Staunton
  ((a)) George Dineley (b c1750, d 1844-5, rector of Peopleton)
  m. Elizabeth Green (dau of Armell Green of Upton Snodsbury)
  (((1)))+ issue - Francis in Malvern, Frederick of Peopleton, George (cleric)
  ((a)) Josiah Dineley of Peopleton (d before 12.12.1824)
  m. Mary Lucas
  (((1))) Josiah Dineley of London (b c1785, a 1837)
  (((2))) Samuel Dineley (a 1837) had issue
  m. (03.1814) Elizabeth Bryar (bur 1834, dau of Richard Bryar of Bransford)
  (((3))) Catherine Dineley ('of Pershore' in 1837)
  m. Thomas Day of Pinvin
  ((a)) ?? Dineley
  (((1))) John Dineley of Birmingham
  ((a)) Thomas Dineley of Birmingham
  (((1)))+ 3 children (d young) + 2 children (d unm)
  ((a)) William Dineley (dsp)
((a)) Sarah Dineley
  m. James Haynes
  ((a)) Mary Dineley
  m. Moses Jennings
  ((B))+ other issue (a 1683) - Mark (b 1683), Mary (b c1671), Elizabeth (b c1671), Hannah( b c1675), Sarah (b c1679)
  ((2)) Mark Dineley of Norborow, Worcestershire (dsp 10.09.1682)
  m. Mercy Dineley (dau of Sir Edward Dineley) @@ above
  ((3)) Joseph Dineley of Callowhill in Feckenham (b c1650, a 1683)
  ((A)) Mercy Dineley
  ((4)) Elizabeth Dineley
  m. _ Bennett of Salford Priors
  ((5)) Mary Dineley
  m. Joseph Pierce of Church Lench
  ((6)) Abigail Dineley
  m. John Wright of Stow-on-the-Wold
  (h) Clement Dineley of Badsey, Worcestershire
  m. (1649) Anne Smith of Badsey
  ((1))+ issue - Edward, Thomas
  (ii) William Dyneley
  m. (1609) Dorothy Ketley
  (a)+ issue - Francis (b 1610, a 1632), William (b 1612), Elizabeth (b 1611), Dorothy (b 1613, a 1632), Anne (b 1615)
  (iii) Philip Dyneley (b 1603, a 1631, younger son)
(a)+ issue - Francis (b 1628), William (b 1640), Samuel (b 1643), Richard 9b 1651), Catharine (b 1630), Elizabeth (b 1633), Alice (b 1636), Mary (b 1638)
  (iv) Edward Dyneley (d before 1632)
  (a) Edward Dyneley (a 1632)
  (v) Ellinor Dyneley
  m. Francis Egioke of Egioke (d 1622)
  (vi) Mary Dyneley
  m. _ Eton
  (vii) Elizabeth Dyneley (d 1624)
  m. (Thomas) Hasellwood of Wykerne Parshor
  (viii) daughter
  m. Samuel Bigge
  (ix) daughter
  m. Richard Millington
  (a)+ issue - Francis, Edward, Catherine
  (x)+ other issue - Francis, Gyles (b 1590), John (b 1594), Anthony (bpt 1595, a 1631), Thomas, Anne
  (B) George Dyneley (b c1551, dsp)
  (C) Henry Dyneley of Hanley (b c1553, d c1640)
  For Visitation (1569), the Harleian editor shows only 1 wife for Henry, a daughter of _ Egioke of Egioke, mother of Henery. Visitation (1682) shows as follows.
  m1. Alice Blekhenden (dau of William Blekhenden by Catherine Wigsall)
  (i) Catherine Dyneley
  m. Thomas Banester of Starton
  m2. Magdalen Egioke (dau of Richard Egioke of Salford)
  (ii) Henry Dyneley (d young)
  (iii) John Dineley of Hanley Castle (b c1600, d 1680)
  m. Anne Symons of Hanley Castle
  (a) John Dineley of Hanley Castle (b c1644, a 1682, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Carpenter (d c1680, dau of Thomas Carpeter of Alderton)
  ((1))+ issue - Henry (b c1678, a 1682), Anne (d young)
  (b) Martha Dyneley
  m. William Gilding of Ledbury
  (c)+ other issue - Henry (d unm), Mary, Anne
(iv) William Dineley (d 1652)
  m. Alicia (dau of Edmund Waller of Gregory, m2. Somerset Draper)
  (a) William Dineley (d 1653)
  (D) Edward Dyneley
  (i) Edward Dyneley (b 1589)
  (E) Elizabeth Dyneley
  m. William Sheldon of Aberton (Abberton), Worcestershire
  (F) Anne Dyneley
  m. (c1575) Edmund Lechmere of Hanley Castle
(G) Mary Dyneley
  m. Henry Hunt of Hogesbach
  (H) Barbara Dyneley
  m. Giles Webb of Upton
  (I) Dorothy Dyneley
  m. Richard Davis of Mitton or Breedon (Davys of Little Mitton)
  The following comes from BLG1952 ('Arnold-Forster (formerly Story-Maskelyne) of Basset Down').
  (i) Katherine Davys
  m. Edmond Maskelyne of Purton Down (bpt 22.04.1564, d 19.02.1629/30)
  (ii)+ other issue (dsp) - Giles, Thomas, Richard
  (J) Alys Dyneley
  m. Charles Trovell of Barton, Herefordshire
  The following comes from Visitation (Kent, 1619, Dingley).
  (2) Edward Dyneley or Dingley
  m. ?? (dau of Amias)
  (A) Moyle Dingley of Chilham
  m. Martha Hales (dau of Thomas Hales of Thanington)
  (i) Thomas Dingley or Dynley of Faversham
  (ii) Elizabeth Dingley
  m. Francis Griling of London
  (a) Elizabeth Griling
  b. daughter
  m. _ Chawcomber

Main source(s): Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Dyneley), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, Dineley), Visitation (Metcalfe, Worcester, 1682-3, ''Dineley of Charlton, Ridmarley, Bromsgrove and Hanley Castle')
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