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Families covered: Dighton of Lincoln, Dighton of Minting, Dighton of Normanby, Dighton of Owmby, Dighton of Sturton, Dighton of Winceby

Thomas Dighton of Swaby, Lincolnshire
m. Sara Metham
1. Sir Henry Dighton in Yorkshire
  m. Eva Scroope (sister of William, Lord Scroope, Earl of Wiltshire)
  A. William Dighton
  m. Maudlin Mirfield (sister of Sir William Mirfield)
i. Christopher Dighton
  m. Mary Conyers
  a. William Dighton
  m. Elizabeth Garthorpe or Gawthrop
(1) Christopher Dighton of Winceby, Lincolnshire
  m. Agnes Lacy (d before 24.01.1583-4, dau of Hugh Lacy of Brearley)
  (A) Anthony Dighton of Winceby (d 19.12.1583)
  m. Barbara Tyrwhit (dau of Edward Tyrwhit of Stainfield, m2. Edward Littlebury)
  (i) Christopher Dighton of the Close of Lincoln (a 1597, 1622)
  m1. Susan Johnson of Welton-by-Spilsby
  (a)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 08.07.1616), Philip (bpt 17.01.1621-2), Humphrey (bur 07.04.1619), Frances, Anne (bpt 21.04.1619)
  m2. Mary Eure of Tickhill
  (ii) Thomas Dighton
  (iii) Elizabeth Dighton
  m. (20.11.1598) Henry Johnson
  (B) Robert Dighton of London
  m. Margaret Gyles
  (i) Robert Dighton
  m. Winifred Haynes
  (a) Robert Dighton
  (C) Hugh Dighton (bpt 09.10.1552, d before 24.01.1583-4)
  m. Susan Gyles
  (D) Christopher Dighton (bpt 14.09.1554)
  (E) Basil Dighton
  m. Mary Chapman
  (i)+ issue - Mary, Elizabeth
  (F) Elizabeth Dighton
  m. Thomas Moore
(G) Cassandra Dighton
  m. Richard Lambton of London
  (2) Henry Dighton of Lincoln
  m1. Mary Foljambe
  (A) Henry Dighton of Ware, Hertfordshire
  m1. Anne West
  (i) John Dighton
  m1. Elizabeth Read
  (a) Robert Dighton
  m2. ??
  (b) Margaret Dighton
  (ii) William Dighton of London (a 1614)
  m. Angelet Tooke (a 1614, dau of Nicholas Tooke, sister of Sir George)
  (a)+ issue - William, Angelet
  (iii) Elizabeth Dighton
  m2. Anne Moule
  (iv) Henry Dighton
  m. Joan Floyer (dau of Christopher Floyer)
  (v) Christopher Dighton
  m. Susan Paris
  m2. Joyce North
  (B) Thomas Dighton (a 1548)
  m1. Dorothy Day
  (i) Edward Dighton
  (ii) Mary Dighton (a 1606)
  m. _ Palmer
  m2. Jane Jordan
  (iii) William Dighton
  m. Susan
  (a)+ issue - William, Christopher
  (iv)+ other issue - Joan, Anne
  (3) Thomas Dighton of Normanby, Lincolnshire (a 10.1548)
  m. Joan Eland (a 1548)
  (A) Richard Dighton
  m. Agnes
  (i) Robert Dighton of Normanby (d before 12.11.1579)
  (ii) William Dighton of Owmby (d before 16.07.1614)
  (a) Thomas Dighton of Owmby, later of Minting (d before 02.1619-20)
  m. (12.12.1599) Anne/Agnes Walter (a 1620)
  ((1)) William Dighton of Minting (bpt 08.03.1600-1)
  m. (19.05.1625) Anne Clarke (dau of Peter Clarke)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas (bpt 09.03.1632-3), Catherine (bpt 16.12.1626)
  ((2)) Mary Dighton (bpt 29.12.1603)
  (b) Robert Dighton (a 1614)
  ((1)) Anne Dighton (bpt 31.08.1606)
  m. (08.11.1638) Roger Norton
  ((2))+ other issue (a 1614) - Robert, Thomas, William
  (iii) Rose Dighton
  m. _ Larke
  (B) John Dighton of Hatton (d 05.1544)
  m. Agnes Chaterton (dau of William Chaterton)
  (C) Christopher Dighton
  m1. Margaret Bellingham
  (i) William Dighton
  m. Mary Heywood or Harewood of Worcester
  (a)+ issue - Christopher, Ellen, Elizabeth
  (ii) John Dighton
  m. Catherine
  m2. Alice Conygard alias Richardson
  (iii) Thomas Dighton of Ashby-de-la-Zouche (a 1614)
  m. Anne White (sister of William White of Coventry)
  (a)+ issue - Joabe, Thomas, John, Anne, Martha, Sara
  (iv) Christopher Dighton of Worcester (d 07-8.1604, alderman)
  Maddison shows Christopher as married to Eleanor, dau of Thomas Walgrave, alderman of Worcester. Visitation (Worcestershire) shows his family as ...
  m1/2. Elllenor Fleet (dau of Thomas Fleet, alderman of Worcester)
  (a)+ issue - John, Martha, Mary
  m2/1. Elizabeth Booth of Cheshire
  (d)+ other issue (dsp) - Christopher, William
  (v) Martha Dighton
  m. Robert Abbott
(D)+ other issue (a 1548) - William, Robert (rector of Haltham)
  (4) Robert Dighton of Wolley or Wolvey, Yorkshire
  m. Margaret Tothby
  (A) John Dighton of Swaby & Minting (d before 07.10.1607)
  m. Margaret (d by 1606)
  (B) Christopher Dighton (d by 1606)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1606)
(i) Thomas Dighton
  (a) John Dighton (b after 1592)
  b. Robert Dighton, Mayor of Lincoln (a 03.1520)
  m. Anne Dorrington
  (1) Robert Dighton of Lincoln & Great Sturton (d 18.05.1546)
  m. Joyce St. Paul (d before 14.04.1571, dau/heir of William St. Paul, son of John of Snarford)
  (A) Edmund Dighton of Sturton (d before 28.03.1586)
  m. Elizabeth Hall (dau of John Hall of Halsted)
  (i) Thomas Dighton of Sturton (b c1556)
  m. Margaret Jermyn (dau of Sir Ambrose Jermyn of Torksey)
  (a) Mary Dighton
  m1. Sir Edward Clinton (not Fynes) (son of (Henry), Earl of Lincoln)
  m2. Sir William Coney (dsp)
  (ii) Robert Dighton of Branston (dsp)
  m1. Jane Massingberd (dau of Thomas Massingberd of Bratoft)
  m2. Margaret Meres (dau of William Meres, sister of Hugh of Pyver, m2. _ Haselwood)
(iii) Faith Dighton (bur 05.05.1609)
  m. Christopher Randes of Burton-by-Lincoln
  (iv) Mary Dighton (dsp 02.16389)
  m. George Ashton of Minting
  (v) Joyce Dighton
  m1. John Thorpe of Claxby
  m2. Thomas Godingham
  (vi)+ other issue - Anne, Winifred
  (B) Christopher Dighton (d before 30.11.1557)
  m. Mary Littlebury (dau of Thomas Littlebury of Stainsby, widow of Edward Forsett of Bilsby)
  (i) George Dighton (a 1558)
  (C) Gilbert Dighton of Doddington
  m. Elizabeth Topcliffe (a 1603, dau of Robert Topcliffe of Somerby)
  (i) Gilbert Dighton (a 1626, vicar of Croft)
  m. Martha (bur 11.08.1630)
  (a) Everard Dighton (d before 16.10.1677, vicar of Croft, rector of Bucknall)
  m1. (23.04.1638) Frances Upton (bur 03.12.1643, dau of Valentine Upton of Northolme)
  ((1)) Gilbert Dighton (bpt 03.06.1640, dvp bur 07.1658)
  ((2)) William Dighton (dsp c06.1702, rector of Donington-on-Bain & Bucknall)
  m. Helen Boulton (d 1734, dau of Henry Boulton of Stixwould)
  ((3)) Mary Dighton (bpt 04.04.1639)
  m. Thomas Dobbs of Bucknall
  m2. (08.12.1646) Frances Saltmarshe (widow of Charles Dennis)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Dighton (bpt 14.12.1647)
  m. (after 1674) Francis West of Horncastle
((5)) Frances Dighton (bpt 28.09.1650)
  m. Daniel Gregory (rector of Horsington)
  ((6))+ other issue - Everard (bur 21.01.1652-3), Anne (bpt 11.01.1653-4, bur 07.11.1654)
  m3. (23.03.1657-8) Frances Willoughby (dau of Edward Willoughby, son of Charles, Lord of Parham, widow of Henry Andrewes of Bardney)
  (ii)+ other issue - Robert, Anne, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary
  (D) Robert Dighton
  m. Elizabeth Usthwaite
  (i) William Dighton
  (E) William Dighton
  (F) Anne Dighton (bur 14.06.1570)
  m. William Dalyson of Laughton (b c1535, d 26.01.1586-7)
  (G) Jane Dighton (bur 1624)
  m. Sir John Monson of South Carlton (b 1546, d 20.12.1593)
  (H) Elizabeth Dighton (d 1576/8 or d 06.12.1570)
  m1. William Dalyson (d 08.01.1558-9, judge)
  m2. (1559) Sir Francis Ayscough of Stallingborough (d 19.10.1564)
  m3. William Haward
  (2) Susan Dighton
  m. Thomas Wainwright
  (3) Jane Dighton
  m. Thomas Kilbeck of Corringham
  B. John Dighton had issue

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Dighton of Lincoln and Great Sturton), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Dighton)
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