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Families covered: Delaval of Dishington, Delaval of Seaton Delaval
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'A History of Northumberland' (vol 9, H.H.E. Craster, 1909, 'Whitchester of Seaton Delaval and Benwell', p147+) which identifies the following John as "a young lawyer, John Woodman, alias Horsley. The name of Woodman or Wodman is met with as a family of sufficient antiquity but little note in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Some of its members appear to have settled in the neighbourhood of Hexham, where John Woodman, a mason by trade, held some property at the close of the fourteenth century. John Woodman, junior, the mason's son, added to his paternal inheritance by the acquisition of a house and a few acres of land in Horsley, in the parish of Ovingham, and on the strength of this transaction, exchanged his surname for that of Horsley".
John (Woodman later) Horsley, later Delaval
m. (c1423) Elizabeth Delaval (dau of Sir John Delaval)
1. George Delaval (dsp 1518/9)
2. Sir John Delaval see ### near the foot of Delaval1 for an alternative ancestry for Sir John and his siblings
  m. Mary Carye (dau of Thomas Carye (probably not Carnaby))
A. Sir John Delaval of Seaton Delaval, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1553) the first mentioned by BE1883
  m. Anne Ogle (dau of Ralph, Lord Ogle)
  i. Sir John Delaval of Seaton, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1580)
  m. Dorothy Grey (dau of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham)
a. Sir Ralph Delaval of Seaton, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 24.11.1628)
  m. Jane Hilton (dau of Thomas Hilton)
  (1) Robert Delaval of Seaton (dvp 04.03.1622/3)
  m. Barbara Selby (dau of Sir George Selby of Whitehouse, co. Durham)
  (A) Sir Ralph Delaval, 1st Bart of Seaton Delaval (bpt 27.10.1622, d 29.08.1691)
  m1. (02.04.1662) Anne Leslie (bur 26.11.1696, dau of Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven)
(i) Robert Delaval (bpt 02.07.1647, dvpsp 01.08.1682)
  m. Elizabeth Livingstone (dau of James Livingstone, 1st Earl of Newburgh)
  BEB1841 shows Robert as father of the 2nd & 3rd baronets but we follow TCB which shows him as their elder brother who dsp.
  (ii) Sir Ralph Delaval, 2nd Bart of Seaton Delaval (bpt 26.11.1649, bur 30.08.1696, 3rd son)
m. (mcrt 02.11.1684) Diana Booth (d 07.10.1713, dau of George Booth, 1st Lord Delamer, by Elizabeth Grey, she m2. Sir Edward Blackett)
  Wotton & Lodge suggest that Ralph did not succeed to the title and that Diana Booth was his father's 2nd wife (and mother, by the 1st Bart, of the Diana who m. William Blackett). BEB1841 & TCB show that this Ralph did succeed to the title. BEB1841 shows (this) Sir Ralph & Diana as mother of Elizabeth who married William Blount. ## That Elizabeth must have been of an earlier generation (see below). TCB reports that they were parents of ...
  (a) Diana Delaval (d 10.01.1716)
  m. (before 1703) William Blackett (dvp 23.02.1713, son of Sir Edward Blackett)
  (iii) Sir John Delaval, 3rd Bart (bpt 07.11.1654, bur 08.06.1727, 5th son)
  (a) Sir Thomas Delaval, 4th Bart (d c1728)
((1)) Sir John Delaval, 5th Bart (d 10.06.1729)
  ((A)) daughter
  m. John Rogers of Denton
  (iv)+ other issue - Alexander (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Leslie (dsp), Charles (dsp), Barbara (d young), Anne, Margaret, Mary, Barbara, Dorothy
  ## Wotton & Lodge report that one of the daughters married William Blount of Maple Durham but we suspect that his wife was a generation earlier.
(B) Elizabeth Delaval possibly of this generation (see 2 notes ## above)
  m. William Blount 'of Maple Durham' of Kidmore End (d 1676)
  (2) Thomas Delaval of Hetton, co. Durham (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Bellasses (dau of William Bellasses of Morton)
  (A) Anne Delaval possibly the Anne who married ...
  m. Robert Lambton of Newham
  (i) Barbara Lambton (bpt 05.10.1674, bur 31.03.1770,coheir)
  m. (1708) Thomas Younghusband of Budle (d 24.01.1726-7)
(ii) Anne Lambton (bpt 18.10.1682, bur 17.07.1732, coheir)
  m. (05.01.1715) John Younghusband of Newcastle-on-Tyne (bpt 1680, bur 24.11.1718)
  (B)+ issue - Robert of Eddond Dene in Durham, Thomas, Mary
  (3) William Delaval (6th son)
  m. _ Riddle (dau/heir of Sir Peter Riddle of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
  (4) Henry Delaval (8th son)
  m. _ Bowes (dau of Raphe Bowes, brother of Sir George of Sticktham (Streatham) Castle)
  (5) Mary Delaval
  m. George Bowes of Biddick (d 1643)
  (6) Dorothy Delaval
  m. (1625) Sir John Hodworth of Harrowtan (Hedworth of Harraton)
(7) Anne Delaval
  m. _ Turner of Whitby
  (8) Catharine Delaval
  m. Toby Bowes (brother of Sir George of Stretham Castle)
  (9) Isabel Delaval
  m. John Widdrington (d 1648)
  (10)+ other issue - Raphe (d unm), John of Dastrope in Northamptonshire, Edward (d unm), George (d unm)
  b. Sir John Delaval of Dishington, Northumberland (d 12.08.1652)
  m1. Anne Bowes (dau of Sir George Bowes)
  (1) Sir Robert Delaval of Dishington (a 1666)
  m2. Elizabeth Selby (dau of Sir George (not James) Selby)
(2) William Delaval (3rd son)
  m. Mary Widdrington (dau of Sir Henry Widdrington of Black Hedden)
  (3) George Delaval 'of Dissington' (5th son)
  m. Margaret Grey (dau of Edward Grey of Morpeth)
  (A) Edward Delaval 'of South Dissington'
  m. Mary Blake (dau/heir of Sir Francis Blake of Coggs)
  (i) Francis Blake Delaval 'of Seaton Delval' (d 12.1752)
  m. Rhoda Apreece (d 08.1759, dau of Robert Apreece of Washingley by Sarah, dau of Sir Thomas Hussey)
(a) (Sir) Francis Blake Delaval (dsp 07.08.1771)
  m. Isabella Tufton (dau of Thomas Tufton, 6th Earl of Thanet, widow of Lord Nassau Paulett)
  (b) Sir John Hussey Delaval of Ford, Bart, Lord of Redford & Seaton Delaval (b 1728, d 05.1808)
  m1. Susannah Robinson (d 01.10.1783, dau of R. Robinson by Margaret Delaval) @@ below
  ((1)) Sophia Anne Delaval (d 24.07.1793)
  m. John Maximilian Jadis
  ((2)) Elizabeth Delaval (d 11.07.1785)
  m. (19/20.05.1781) George Thicknesse, later Thicknesse-Touchet, 19th Lord Audley (b 04.02.1758, d 24.08.1818)
((3)) Frances Delaval
  m. John Fenton Cawthorn
  ((4)) Sarah Hussey Delaval (b 01.07.1763, d 07.10.1800)
  m. (03.06.1780) George Carpenter, 2nd Earl of Tyrconnel (b 30.06.1750, d 15.04.1805)
  ((5))+ other issue - John (b 1755, dvp unm 1775), Susanna (d young), Rhoda (d young)
  m2. (05.01.1803) Susanna Elizabeth Knight (dsp 20.08.1822)
  (c) Rhoda Delaval (d 10.1757)
  m. (1751) Sir Edward Astley, Bart of Melton Constable (bpt 26.12.1729, d 27.03.1802)
  (d) Anne Delaval (d 23.02.1812)
  m1. Sir William Stanhope (b 20.07.1702, d 05.1772, son of Philip, 3rd Earl of Chesterfield)
  m2. _ Morris (Captain)
(e) Sarah Delaval (d 09.08.1821)
  m1. (20.01.1760) John Savile, 1st Earl of Mexborough (b 12.1719, d 17.02.1778)
  m2. Rev. Sandford Hardcastle (dsp 1788)
  (f)+ other issue - Edward Thomas (d unm 1787), Robert, George, Henry, Ralph, Sarah (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
  A natural son of Sir Francis, probably of this generation, was ...
  (m) Francis Delaval
  ((1)) daughter
  m. ?? Disney-Roebuck
(ii) Robert Delaval (dsp)
  (iii) Margaret Delaval
  m. R. Robinson
  (a) Susannah Robinson (d 01.10.1783)
  m1. John Potter
  m2. Sir John Hussey Delaval, Bart, Lord Delaval (d 05.1808) @@ above
  (iv) Anne Delaval (d 21.03.1765)
  m. Sir Ralph Milbanke, Bart (d 09.05.1748)
  (B) George Delaval of Bavington Hall & Seaton Delaval (b c1667, dsp 22.06.1723, Admiral) probably of this generation
  Wikipedia ("George Delaval") shows Admiral George, brother-in-law of George Shafto, as son of George of North Dissington & uncle of Frank Blake Delaval. See note on the connection for his sister Mary.
(C) Mary Delaval probably of this generation
  m. Edward Shafto of Bavington Hall
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - John, Ralph
  c. Robert Delaval
  m. Alice Riddell (dau of William Riddell)
  (1)+ other issue - Mary, Margaret
  d. Edward Delaval
  m. Dorothy Whitfield
  e. Jane Delaval
  m. Michael Milford of Seghill
f.+ other issue (d unm) - Claudius, Francis, Arthur
  ii. Henry Delaval
  m. Dorothy Heron
  a.+ issue - Ralph, Nicholas, Anthony
  iii. Thomas Delaval (d unm)
  iv. Dorothy Delaval
  m. Gilbert Errington of Washington
  v. Jane Delaval
  m. Oswald Milford
  vi. Anne Delaval (bur 19.01.1615-6)
  m1. Thomas Cramlington of Newsham (d 28.03.1573)
  m2. (before 08.1578) Robert Lewin of Newcastle
  B. Edward Delaval
  m. Phillis Ogle (dau of John Ogle of Ogle Castle)
  i. Peter Delaval (d unm)
  ii. Clement Delaval
  m. _ Milburne (dau of Gawen Milburne of Bedlington)
  iii. Joshua Delaval
  m. Anne Raynes (dau of Robert Raynes)
a. Robert Delaval (3rd son?)
  m. Amme Midd
  (1) Robert Delaval
  (A) Robert Delaval
  b.+ other issue - Edward, William
  C. Anne Delaval
  m. Robert Raynes of Shortflat
  D. Eleanor Delaval
  m. (William) Fenwick of Bickfield
  E. Mary Delaval
  m. John Marton of Barwick
  F. Beatrix Delaval
  m. Edward Errington of Butterley
3. Margaret Delaval
  m. Sir William Ogle of Cawsey Park

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Delaval of Seaton), Wotton (vol 3, Delaval of Seaton Delaval), Lodge's 'Peerage of Ireland' (1789, vol 7, Delaval), BE1883 (Delaval of Seaton Delaval) with some support from BEB1841 (Delaval of Ford), TCB (vol iii, Delaval of Seaton Delaval), TCB (vol v, Delaval of Ford)
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