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Families covered: Davenant of Clearbrook, Davenant of Davenant's Lands

Sir John Davenant (a 1272)
1. John Davenant
  m. Maud Chauney (dau of Richard Chauney)
  A. Ralph Davenant (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. Margaret Tey (dau of Sir Henry Tey)
  i. Richard Davenant (a temp Edward II who 1307-1327)
  m. Muriel Staunton (dau/coheir of John Staunton)
  a. Nicholas Davenant (a temp Edward II who 1327-1377)
  m. Anne Delamore
  (1) Nicholas Davenant (a temp Henry IV who 1399-1413)
  m. Juliana Hussey (dau of Ralph Hussey)
  (A) Henry Davenant (a 1426)
m. Elizabeth Colville
  (i) Henry Davenant (a temp Edward IV who 1461-1483)
  m. Joan Read
  (a) John Davenant (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Anne Beanes (dau of John Beanes or Barnes of Writtle)
  ((1)) Edward Davenant named 'Edmund or Edward' by Hoare, Edward by Visitation & JSTOR
  m. _ Bardolph (dau of Edmund Bardolph of Watton)
  ((A)) William Davenant of Davenant's Lands - continued below
  m. Joan Frear (dau of John Frear or Frere of Clare)
  ((B)) Ralph Davenant of Davenant Land possibly fits here
  ((i)) Helen Davenant (d 13.02.1607-8)
  m. Gerard Gore (b c1516, d 11.12.1607, alderman of London)



William Davenant of Davenant's Lands, Essex - continued above
m. Joan Frear (dau of John Frear or Frere of Clare)
1. John Davenant of London (b c1535, d 23.10.1596)
  m. Margaret Clark (dau/coheir of John Clark of Farnham)
2. William Davenant of Davenant's Lands the only son mentioned by Visitation
  m. Agnes (Anne) Harvey (dau of Thomas Harvey of Chilton)
  A. John Davenant, Mayor of Oxford (d before 21.10.1622?)
  (1) Hoare shows that there was a John in this generation but reports no more on him. He is identified by the JSTOR note as the John, Mayor of Oxford, shown by Hoare as son of this John's uncle Ralph. See the note on Ralph below.
(2) Hoare shows Mayor John, son of Ralph, as d 23.04.1662 and his wife as Jane Shepherd of Durham. Visitation, which ends with this generation, indicates that John was still alive in 1634. The JSTOR note is clear that Mayor John's will "went to probate October 21, 1622" and supports the view, given by Visitation, that his wife was named Elizabeth because that is the name of his (recently decesased) wife as reported in his will. Wikipedia ("William Davenant") supports (at 06.01.21) the view that William's mother was Jane Shepherd.
  m. Elizabeth (d 1622) or Jane Shepherd of Durham
  i. Robert Davenant (prebendary of Sarum)
  ii. Sir William Davenant (bpt 03.03.1605-6, d 07.04.1668, Poet Laureate)
Hoare identifies only 1 wife for William, Henrietta Maria, described as "relict of _ Du Tremblay; descended from the family of St. Germain Beaupré in France" . Provisionally we follow HoP ("Charles Davenant") which identifies his mother as ...
  m(3). Henrietta Maria Du Tremblay (widow of St. Germain Beaupré of Anjou)
  a. Charles Davenant (b 17.11.1656, d 07.11.1714, MP)
  m1. (1678, sp) _ Walden (dau of Lionel Walden of Huntingdon) mentioned by HoP
  m2. (c1679) Frances Molins (dau/heir of James Molins of London)
  (1) Henry Molins Davenant (a 1725, envoy)
  m. Frances Bathurst (dau of Villiers Bathurst)
  (A)+ issue - Adelaide Sophia (b 31.03.1713, a 1725), Caroline (b 1715, d infant), Georgiana (b 1716, d infant), Dorothy (b 28.10.1725)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1725) - Charles, Charlotte, Frances, Henrica, Philadelphia, Catharine, Anne
b. George Davenant (Lt. Colonel, 8th son)
  m. _ Ford (dau of John Ford of London (alderman))
  (1) James Davenant of Clearbrook in Pembridge, Herefordshire (d c1771)
  m. Elizabeth Boothby (dau of Thomas Boothby of Tooley)
  (A) Thomas Davenant of Clearbrook (b c1726, a 1786, Colonel)
  m1. Anne Corbet (d 1781, dau/coheir of Sir Robert Corbet)
  (i) Sir Corbet Davenant, later Corbet of Adderly (Adderley) Hall (Salop), Bart (b 06.02.1752, dsp 31.03.1823)
  m. (1772) Hester Cotton (dau of Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton of Combermere Abbey, sister of Elizabeth)
  m2. (1782) Elizabeth Cotton (dau of Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton, Bart)
  (B) James Davenant (b c1728? d unm 14.11.1750?)
  (C) Henry Davenant of Surrey (a 1786)
(i)+ issue - James Henry (clerk), Harriet
  c. Richard Davenant (a 1725)
  m. Judith Boothby (dau of Thomas Boothby of Tooley)
  (1)+ issue (a 1725) - Richard, Susanna, Mary
  d. daughter possibly fits here
  m. Thomas Swift
  e.+ other issue - Edmund, William, Alexander, Augustine, Thomas (d 1693), Nicholas
  iii. Alice Davenant (b c1606, d 29.09.1660)
  m. William Sherborne (Rector of Pembridge)
  B. William Davenant (dsp by 1634)
  C. Edward Davenant
  m. Sarah Lambert (dau of Gilbert Lambert of Elmsford)
  i.+ issue - William, Edmund
  D. Temperance Davenant
  m. (by 1634) John Underwood of Gosfeld
3. Ralph Davenant
  Hoare shows Ralph as father of John, Mayor of Oxford, father of Robert, Poet Laureate William & Alice. The contributor to JSTOR (Killis Campbell) implies that there was no such Ralph, reporting that "Hoare adds a third son, Ralph, whom he makes father of John Davenant of Oxford and grandfather of Sir William Davenant, the poet. This, so far as I can find, he has done arbitrarily."
4. Temperance Davenant
  m. John Coe of Kesterthorpe

Main source(s): 'Wilts' (vol 5 (1837), 'Pedigree of Davenant', p85/349+) with a little support from Visitation (Essex, 1634, 'Davenant') and some adjustments to allow for some 'Notes' on William Davenant, the Poet Laureate, found in JSTOR.org
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