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Families covered: Daunt of Ballingarry, Daunt of Kilcascan, Daunt of Knockatour, Daunt of Tracton Abbey

William Daunt
m. Mary Hutton (dau of Thomas Hutton of Hutton)
1. William Daunt of Gillagh near Dunmanway, co Cork (d before 29.01.1683)
  m. Mary Nowell (dau of Isham Nowell)
  A. William Daunt of Tracton Abbey, co Cork (d 1676)
  m. Jane Dolbear (dau of John Dolbear of Cork)
  i. Achilles Daunt of Tracton Abbey (d 1711)
  m1. (1667) Elizabeth Hungerford (dau of Capt. Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry and/or Inchidony)
  a. Thomas Daunt of Kilpatrick, co Cork
  m. (1692) Jane Saunders (dau of Robert Saunders)
  (1) Mary Daunt
  m. (1719) Francis Harrison
b. William Daunt of Tracton Abbey
  m1. (1700) Jane Bayly (dau of William Bayly)
  (1) Achilles Daunt of Tracton Abbey
  m. (1728) Elizabeth Bullen (dau of Edward Bullen of Oldhead)
  (A) William Daunt of Tracton Abbey
  m. (1753) Anne Austin (d 1783, dau of Thomas Austin of Inskinny)
  (i) Achilles Daunt of Tracton Abbey (d 1831)
  m. (03.06.1795) Mary Gillman (dau of John Gillman)
  (a) Achilles Daunt of Tracton Abbey & Compass Hill (d 1871) had issue
  m. (03.01.1831) Mary Heard (d 20.04.1884, dau of John Isaac Heard of Kinsale & Ballydaly)
  (b) William Daunt (d 05.08.1866)
  m. Judith Anne Heard (d 08.03.1861, dau of Edward Heard of Compass Hill)
  (ii)+ other issue
(B) Edward Daunt
  (2) William Daunt
  m. (1739) Barbara Busteed (dau of William Busteed)
  (3) Swithin Daunt (youngest son?)
  m1. (1746) Eleanor Randals
  (A)+ issue - Edward (bpt 01.10.1752), Jane (bpt 07.04.1760)
  m2. (29.12.1755) Ann Hodder
  (4) Mary Daunt
  m. (26.07.1757) John GiIlman (son of Robert)
  (5)+ other issue - Bayly, George, James
  m2. ??
  c. Angel Daunt
  m. (c1714) Richard Wood
  d.+ other issue - Margaret, Susanna
  m2. Margaret Shuler (widow of Thomas Herrick of Shippool)
  f. Francis Daunt of Ballingarry, co Cork (d before 11.07.1747) not mentioned by BLG1886
  m. (1717) Anne Coppinger of Aghadown (sister of Richard of Kinsale)
  (1) William Daunt of Ballingarry
  m1. (1746) Mary (widow of _ Harding of Kinsale)
  m2. (1749) Elizabeth Hawkes (d 06.1808, dau of John Hawkes of Montteen)
  (A) William Daunt of Woodbrook (d 01.1808)
  m. (c1784) Elizabeth Hart (dau of Bartholomew Hart)
  (i) William Massiot Daunt of Cork (d 07.12.1853, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (30.08.1836) Margaret Lawson (d 03.08.1867, dau of Joseph Lawson of Nottingham)
  (ii) Elizabeth Daunt
  m. Edward Appleton
  (iii) Lucy Daunt
  m. A.B. Orpin
  (iv) Anne Daunt (a 1872)
  m1. Abel Harris
  m2. (26.08.1845) Benjamin Jeffers
  (v) Susan Daunt
  m. Robert Roberts
  (vi) Sarah Hawkes Daunt
  m. Charles Newenham
  (vii)+ other issue - John, Francis, Bartholomew Hart
  (B) John Daunt
  (C) Lucy Daunt
  m1. _ Laidler
  m2. John Murphy
  (2)+ 6 others
  g.+ other issue - John, Richard
  ii. Francis Daunt of Knockatour, co Cork
  m. (1667) Mary Wood (dau of George Wood of Ballymony/Ballymoney)
  a. George Daunt of Knockatour had issue
  m. (1692) Dorothy Knolles (dau of Thomas Knolles of Killeighty)
  b. William Daunt of Kilcascan in Balineer, co Cork (d 1760)
m. (1697) Rachael Knolles (dau of Thomas Knolles of Killeighty)
  (1) Joseph Daunt of Kilcascan (b 1702, d 1783)
  m. (1729) Sarah Rashleigh (dau of John Rashleigh of Cloncoose & Ballindee)
  (A) William Daunt of Kilcascan (b 1750, d 1809)
  m. (05.1775) Jane Gumbleton (d 1830, dau of Richard Gumbleton of Castle Richard)
  (i) Joseph Daunt of Kilcascan (b 1779, d 1826) had issue
  m1. (06.1806) Jane Wilson (d 10.02.1816, dau of Rev Thomas Wilson of Ardstraw, niece of John Wilson, Governor of Minorca)
  m2. (1822) Jane Gumbleton (d 01.1867, dau of Robert Warren Gumbleton of Glanatore)
  (ii) Richard Daunt (Captain) had issue
  m1. Anne Dixon (d 07.08.1823, dau of Rev. John Dixon of Humbleton)
  m2. Margaret Gumbleton (dau of Robert Warren Gumbleton of Glanatore)
  (iii) Robert Gumbleton Daunt had issue
  m. _ Harris of Cork
  (B)+ daughters
  (2)+ other issue including Francis (dsp)
  c. Francis Daunt
  m. (1700) Mary Austin
  (1)+ issue including Samuel of Knocknasillagh (a 1749, Sheriff)
2. Thomas Daunt
  m. Susan Curle

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Daunt) with some support from BLG1886 ('Daunt of Tracton Abbey' & 'Daunt of Kilcascan'), BLGI1912 ('Daunt of Tracton Abbey' & 'Daunt of Kilcascan')
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