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Families covered: Crowder of Brotherton, Crowder of Knighton

The only dates given by Dwnn/Meyrick are in notes for the later generations. This makes it very difficult to identify the spouses. It is not unlikely that the following Richard lived around the beginning of the 13th century.
Richard Crowder
1. Richard Crowder
  A. Richard Crowder
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau/heir of Richard Butler, son of Sir WIlliam)
  i. Richard Crowder
  m. Jane (coheir of William Stretton)
  a. William Crowder
  m. Blanch (coheir of Sir William Burnell)
  (1) ?? Crowder
  m. Ann Blount (dau of Henry Blount)
  (A) Thomas Crowder
  m. Jane Mitton (dau of John Mitton)
  (i) John Crowder
  m. Elizabeth Banester (dau of Richard Banester)
  (a) Thomas Crowder
  m. Joan Wilcocks (dau of Richard Wilcocks)
  ((1)) John Crowder (2nd son)
  m1. Margaret (dau of Thomas Byrdg)
  m2. Joan Potter (dau of Humphrey Potter)
  ((2)) Joyce Crowder
  m. Thomas Steinton
  ((3))+ other issue - John (dsp), George
  (b) John Crowder
  m. Eleanor Jenkins
  (c) Richard Crowder
  m. Ann Longford (dau of David Longford)
  ((1)) John Crowder
  m. Ales Nicholas (dau of William Nicholas)
  ((A))+ issue - Richard, Edward, Mary
  ((2)) Richard Crowder (3rd son)
  ((A)) Edward Crowder
  ((B)) Brian Crowder (bur 1534)
  m. Christian Marstey (dau of Thomas Marstey)
  ((i)) Edward Crowder
  ((a)) daughter
  ((ii))+ other issue - Adam, Brian, Richard, Marsli, Elizabeth (d 1602)
  ((C)) William Crowder of Knighton
William is not mentioned by Dwnn but Rose, below, is identified as sister of William Crowder of Knighton.
  ((D)) Joan Crowder
  m. John Hicks
  ((E)) Elizabeth Crowder
  m. Thomas Bridgewater
  ((F)) Ann Crowder
  m. John Burton
  ((G)) Rose Crowder
  m. John Powel (ap Howell)
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), William, Lewis
  (d) Thomas Crowder
  m. Elizabeth Baldwin (dau of John Baldwin)
  (e) Lewis Crowder
  m. Elizabeth Broughton
  (f) Edward Crowder
  m. Ales Wellings (dau of John Wellings)
  (2) William Crowder
  m. Julian Lacon (dau of William Lacon)
  (A) Thomas Crowder
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Walter Hale)
  (i) Joan Crowder
  m. Roger Chapman
  (ii) Margaret Crowder
  m. John Stock
  (iii) Ann Crowder
  m. Foulk Heath
  (B) William Crowder
  m. Jane (dau of Thomas de Hows)
  (i) John Crowder
  m1. Elizabeth Hall (dau of Thomas Hall)
  (a) Cecilia Crowder
  m. Thomas Leycroft
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Willliam, Richard, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann
  m2. Jane Lacon (dau of Edward Lacon)
  (j)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Cassandra, Susanna, Elizabeth, Ann
  (ii) Thomas Crowder (dsp)
  (iii) William Crowder
  m. Joan Mathew



FMG starts with 2 brothers who we show as sons of ...
?? Crowder
1. John Crowder of Brotherton (b 29.07.1742, d 30.11.1816)
  m. (11.05.1778) Elizabeth Oates (bpt 19.01.1748, d 21.06.1789, dau of Thomas Oates of Wakefield)
  A. John Crowder 'of Brotherton' (bpt 07.05.1781, Major) had issue
  m. (04.05.1818) Eliza Pulleyn Mosley (dau/heir of Thomas Pulleyn Mosley of Burley Hall)
  B. Thomas Crowder of Summer Hill, Liverpool (bpt 16.04.1786, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Perfect (dau of John Perfect of Pontefract)
  C. Julia Crowder (b 02.04.1779)
  m. (15.12.1803) John Holdsworth Mallory (rector of Mobberley)
  D. Elizabeth Crowder (b 03.09.1784)
  m. (02.04.1810) John Perfect of Pontefract
  E.+ other issue - William (b 15.06.1782, d unm 1813, Captain), Elizabeth (b 17.08.1783, bur 20.09.1803)
2. William Crowder 'of Wakefield' (b c1744, bur 12.1810)
  m. Susanna Oates (b 1740-1, dsp 04.1806, dau of Thomas Oates of Wakefield)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Dwnn (Meyrick, vol 1, 1846), Wales, 'Knighton', p259)
(2) For lower section : FMG (vol 1, MS114/115, 'Oates-Crowder', p 262+)
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