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Families covered: Crocker of St. Agnes, Croker (Crocker) of Lineham (Lyneham), Croker of Trevillas

(1) Each of BLG1886, BLGI1912 & Commoners all quote the following "old proverbial distich" to indicate that this family was in Devon before the Norman Conquest:
        "Croker, Crewys, and Coplestone,
         When the Conqueror came were at home."
(2) Commoners reports that "There were no less than eleven John Crokers in almost uninterrupted succession". This indicates that, allowing for the Hugh, it is possible that there were 5 generations of successive Johns before the first one we mention.
(3) Commoners reports that Lineham came into the family in the time of Henry IV (who r. 1399-1413) by marriage with "the heiress of Churchill of that place; the younger branch of which family was the ancestor of the Duke of Marlborough."
William Crocker of Hele, Devon (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. John Crocker of Hele (a 1394)
  A. John Crocker of Lyneham, Devon
  i. John Croker of Lyneham
a. Sir John Croker of Lyneham or Lineham (d 14.03.1508)
  BLGI1912 starts with Sir John, reporting his marriage to Elizabeth Fortescue but not that to Elizabeth Yeo and thereby indicating that the former was mother of the next John. However, Vivian shows that John was Sir John's son by ...
  m1. Elizabeth Yeo (dau of Robert Yeo)
  (1) John Croker of Lineham (d 1520)
  m1. (sp) Jane or Anne Arundell (dau of Humphrey Arundell of Selley/Silly)
m2. Elizabeth Pollard (d 21.05.1531, dau of Sir Lewes Pollard, m2. Sir Hugh Trevanyon)
  (A) John Croker of Lineham (a 1548)
  m. Elizabeth Strode (dau of Richard Strode of Newnham)
  (i) John Croker of Lineham (d 18.11.1614)
m. Agnes Servington (dau/coheir of John Servington of Tavistock)
  (a) Hugh Croker of Lineham (dvp 1614)
  BLG1952 identifies Hugh's wife as Agnes, dau of John Bonvil of Ivybridge. Visitation (Devon, 1620, Crokker) names her Agnes, dau of _ Bamfield of Bamfield. This is repeated in Vivian's article on 'Croker of Lyneham' but that cross-refers to his article on 'Bonville of Shutre and Chewton' where she is (apparently correctly) identified as ...
  m. (c1580) Agnes Bonvil (dau/heir of Richard Bonvil)
  ((1)) John Croker of Lineham (d before 11.05.1647)
m1. Joane Lee (widow of ?? Webber alias Gilbert)
  ((A)) John Croker (b c1610, dvp before 15.01.1633-4)
Vivian shows that John d unm. However, BLG1952 identifies Courtenay (grandson of John of Lyneham who was son of Hugh by Agnes Bonvil) as son of John (b 1610) by the following Jane. This contradiction causes us to be cautious of the following connection but it is possible that either Vivian was wrong or there was a second John, possibly younger brother of the one reported by Vivian to have d young. However, if the father of Courtenay was a younger brother of the John who was b c1610 then it is not unlikely that he would have been son of Elizabeth Champnon rather than Joane Lee. HoP ('Courtenay Croker') supports the view that Courtenay was son of (a) John of Lyneham by ...
  m. (23.09.1657) Jane Pole (dau of Sir John Pole)
  ((i)) Courtenay Croker or Crocker of Lyneham (bpt 13.06.1660, d 1740, MP)
  m1. (c1691) Catherine Hillersden (dau/coheir of Richard Hillersden of Membland)
  ((a)) Mary Crocker of Lyneham
  m. John Bulteel of Flete, Devon
  m2. (16.03.1696, sp) Katherine Tucker (dau/coheir of John Tucker of Exeter)
  m2. (11.08.1613) Elizabeth Champnon (a 1647, dau of Sir Arthur Champnon)
  ((2)) Christopher Croker (4th son)
m. (30.12.1603) Phillapa Gregory
  ((3)) Joan Croker
  m. _ Peirse
  ((4)) Elizabeth Croke
  m1. _ Rale or Rule
  m2. _ Moon
  ((5)) Agnes Croker
  m. (John) Worthall
  ((6)) Margaret Croker
m. Richard Koone
  ((7))+ other issue - Francis, Hugh, Mary
  (b) Agnes Croker
  m. John Penhallow of Cornwall
  (c) Frisiwth Croker
  m. (Richard) Challons of Modbury
  (d) Marie Croker
  m1. Henry Knyvett
  m2. Thomas Southcott of Calverleigh
  (e) Ann Croker
  m. John Fowell of Plymouth (b 1557)
  (f) Barbara Croker (b c1575, d 1658)
  m. Walter Elford of Sheepstor
  (g)+ other issue - John, William
  (ii) Thomas Croker or Crocker of St. Agnes or Trevillas (Cornwall), later of Ballynanker (d before 1620)
Vivian (Cornwall) shows Thomas as 'of St. Anne' and shows that, by Margery Gyll, he was father of John of St. Agnes and Hugh but follows his line no further. BLG1952 does not mention this line at all whilst BLGI1912 reports that he was father (by Margery Gill) of John of Tavistock, Hugh of Ballyander (sic), Edward of Rawleighstown, and other issue. Commoners identifies him as initially of Trevillas and reports that, leaving his eldest son in Cornwall, he moved with 3 or 4 younger sons to Ireland, obtaining the estate of Ballanker in about 1600..
  m. Margery Gill (dau of John Gill of Tavistock)
  (a) John Croker of St. Agnes or Trevillas or Tavistock had issue
  m. _ Squire
  (b) Hugh Croker of Ballyanker (d 01.1663) - continued below
m. Alice Taylor
  (c) Edward Croker of Rawleighstown (Rawlinston) (d 1641)
  m. Catherine Downing (dau of John Downing)
  (d)+ other issue
  (iii) Alice Croker
  m. George Kensham of Brixton
  (iv) Agnes Croker
m. Thomas Burrell of Woodland
  (v)+ other issue - Richard, Nicholas, Robert, Edward, Phillip, Samuel, Anne, Joan, Marie, Elizabeth
  (B) George Croker
  (C) Elizabeth Croker
  m. Andrew Maynard of Shilford
  (D) Anne Croker
  m. Edward Drewe of Higham
  m2. Elizabeth Fortescue (dau of Sir Richard Fortescue of Punsbourne)
  (2) William Croker
  (3) Anna Croker
  Vivian notes that some sources show that it was Elizabeth, daughter of William Crocker, who married the following Nicholas but confirms that it was Anna who was wife of ...
  m. Nicholas Carew of Haccombe
  (4) Elizabeth Croke
  m. John Gilbert of Compton (dsp 01.05.1539)



Hugh Croker of Ballyanker (d 01.1663) - continued above
m. Alice Taylor
1. ?? Croker
  A. John Croker of Tallow (b 1695, d 1743)
  i. Walter Croker (b 1728, d 1789)
  m. Sarah Devereux (dau of Edward Devereux)
  a. John Croker (b 1749, d 29.04.1814, surveyor general of Ireland)
  m1. Catherine Welstead
  (1) Walter Croker (dvp 1807)
  (A) Catherine Croker
  m. William Pennell
(B) Margaret Croker
  m. Lovell Pennell
  (2) Catherine Croker
  m. William Miller of Londonderry
  m2. Hester Rathborne (dau of Rev. Richard Rathborne by dau of Admiral ?? Wilson by Mary, dau/coheir of Henry Paschall of Great Beddow)
  (3) John Wilson Croker (b 20.12.1780, a 1832, MP)
  m. (22.05.1806) Rosamund Pennell (dau of William Pennell, Consul General in Brazil)
  (A)+ issue (d young) - son, daughter
  (4) Sarah Croker (d 1820/1816)
  m. (1815) J.T. Bond (Dean of Ross)
  ii. John Croker of Airhill had male issue
  iii. William Croker of Johnstown
  a. (Elizabeth) Croker
  m. (06.12.1800) Frederick Mullins (son of 1st Lord Ventry)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Croker of Lyneham), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Crocker) with a little support from BLG1952 (Bulteel of Leighon formerly of Pamflete), BLGI1912 (Croker of Ballynagarde)
(2) For lower section : Commoners (vol I, Croker)
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