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Families covered: Covert of Bradbridge, Covert of Chaldon, Covert of Sillington (Sullington)

Sir Richard Covert
1. William Covert of Bradbridge
  A. Robert Covert of Bradbridge (a 1819)
  m. Ellianor Sillington (dau/heir of Sir John Sillington)
i. Richard Covert (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
  m. Ella, lady of Ashengton, Sussex
  a. Sir William Covert (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Maud Lisley (dau of Sir Bartholomew Lisley)
  (1) Sir William Covert
  m. Alice Walles (dau of Richard Walles)
  (A) Sir Roger Covert (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307, 2nd son?)
  m. Mary or Isabell Camoys (dau of Sir John Camoys, "after Lord Camoys")
  (i) Sir Roger Covert (a 1307)
  m. Isabel Savage (dau of Sir Roger Savage)
(a) Richard Covert 'of Sillington'
  m. Joane Ore (dau of Symone Ore of Ore)
  ((1)) Roger Covert
  m. Elizabeth Bruse (dau of Sir John Bruse (Braose?) of Wiston)
((A)) Roger Covert of Chaldon' (Surrey)
  m. _ Batesford (dau of Sir John Batesford)
  ((i)) William Covert of Sullington, last of Chaldon (d 1444)
  BEB1841 starts its article on this family with this William, having noted that the family had been seated at Chaldon since the time of Henry II.
  m. Grace Barentyne (dau of John Barentyne)
  ((ii)) Maud Covert
  m1. Walter Bolney
  m2. William Blast
  ((B)) William Covert
  m. _ Norwood (dau of Thomas Norwood of Kent)
  ((i)) Joan Covert
  m. John Ashbornham (son of Sir John) ## see here ##
  ((2)) Sir Baldwin Covert
  (b) Rowland Covert
  (c) Sir John Covert
  m. Margaret Lewknor (dau of Sir Thomas Lewknor)
  ((1)) Baldwin Covert
  m. Isabel Shelveng of Kent
  ((A)) Margaret Covert (d unm)
  ((2)) John Covert (d temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
  ((A)) Anne Covert
  m. Philip St. Leger (son of Sir John)
  ((i))+ issue - Richard, Philip, John
  ((3)) Mary Covert
  m. Baldwyn Moyne
  ((A)) Baldwyn Moyne (dsp)
  ((B)) Margaret Moyne
  m. Henry Engayne of Essex
  ((i)) John Engayne
  m. _ Moore (dau of Sir Henry Moore)
  ((a))+ issue - John, Henry, Symon, William
  (d) Issobell Covert
  m. John Lewknor
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, John
  (e) Mary Covert
  m. Baldwyn Mallyns
  (B) Robert Covert
  (i) John Covert
  (ii) Robert Covert
  (a) Mary Covert
  m. Thomas Hussey
  (C) Alice Covert
  m. Thomas Dawtry
  (D)+ other issue - William (dsp), Nicholas
  (2) Maud Covert
  m. Sir John Walles
  B.+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp), Robert

Main source(s): Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Covert)
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