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Families covered: Cotgreave of Chester, Cotgreve of Hargreve (Cotgrave of Hargrave), Cotgreave of Netherlegh
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Commoners reports that "The Cotgreaves of Netherlegh descend from a younger branch of the Cotgreaves of Malpas whose senior line springing from Robert FitzHugh, Baron of Malpas, terminated in 1361, with an heiress, married to Brereton, of Brereton Hall" (see here) and then mentions ...
Randle Cotgreave of Malpas
1. Robert Cotgreave (b 1384, "younger son")
  m. Alice Holme (dau of William Holme of Chester & Frannure)
  A. Hugh Cotgreave (b 1418)
  m. Elizabeth Lowther (d 1468, dau of Jenkin Lowther, Sheriff of Chester)
  i. Thomas Cotgreave of Chester
  m. Dorothy Chamberlain (dau of John Chamberlain, Sheriff of Chester)
  a. William Cotgreave (b 1483, d 1545)
  m. Jane Crosse (dau of John Crosse of Ledsham)
  (1) William Cotgreave, Mayor of Chester (b 1526, d 1592)
  m. Agnes Morville (dau of Christopher Morville, Sheriff of Chester)
  (A) Robert Cotgreave (b 1561)
  m. Frances Brereton (dau of John Brereton, sister of Sir Robert, recorder of Chester)
  (i) Ralph Cotgreave (b 1600, d 1693)
  m. Mary Thropp (dau of Thomas Thropp of Chester)
  (a) John Cotgreave, Sheriff of Chester (b 1640, d 1724)
  m1. Margaret Fitton of Chester
  m2. Elizabeth Wilme (dau of William Wilme, Mayor of Chester)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  ((1)) John Cotgreave of Netherlegh, Mayor of Chester (d 1759)
m. Mary Fernaough of Chester
  ((A)) Thomas Cotgreave of Netherlegh, Mayor of Chester (d unm)
  ((B)) John Cotgreave of Netherlegh (d unm 1794)
  ((C)) Mary Cotgreave (dsp)
  m. John Hignett of Rowton
  ((2)) Margaret Cotgreave (d 1722)
  m. William Johnson of Chester
  ((A)) John Johnson of Middleton (b 1714, d 1772)
  m. Catherine Crosse (dau of John Crosse of Chester)
  ((i)) Sir John Johnson of Scocroft (Lancashire), later Cotgreave of Netherlegh, Mayor of Chester (b 22.07.1770)
m1. (20.08.1791) Catharine Crosse (d 23.12.1822)
  ((a)) Catharine Johnson
  m. Rev. Stephen Cragg of Grat Ilford
  ((b))+ other issue - John Johnson (b 13.07.1792, d 23.07.1811), Mary
  m2. (02.03.1824) Harriet Spence of Chester
  ((d))+ other issue - Thomas (b 12.12.1824), Frederic (b 27.02.1826), Francis Gamull (b 27.08.1831), Elinor Gamull, Frances Brerewood, Alice Holme
  (B) Elinor Cotgreave ## possible duplication below??
  m. William Gamull of Chester (son of Thomas of Chester & uncle of Sir Francis)
  b. Ralph Cotgreave of Guilden Sutton (a 1515) had issue
  ii. Alice Cotgreave (d unm 1492)



John Cotgreve 'of Stubbs' of Hargreve, Cheshire
m. Ellenor Delbird (dau of Thomas (probably not Roger) Delbird of Clopton)
1. James Cotgreve of Hargreve (Cotgrave of Hargrave)
  m. Maud (illegitimate dau of Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton)
  A. Peter Cotgrave of Hargrave
  m. Margery (dau of James/Jameson/Johnson of Waverton)
  i. William Cotgrave of Hargrave
  m. Elianor Walsh of Overpoole in Wirrall
a.+ issue - William, Peter, Alice
  B. William Cotgrave of Cristalton
  m. Margery Smythe (dau of John Smythe of Waverton)
  i. Randall Cotgrave
  m. Elianor Taylor of Chester
  a.+ issue - William, Randall, Robert, Alexander, Mary
  ii. William Cotgrave of Chester
  m. Jane Banaster (dau of Charles Banaster of Bratherton)
  a. William Cotgrave of Chester
  m. Anne Fitton (dau of John Fitton of Chester, relict of William then Ellis)
b . John Cotgrave (dsp)
  c. Elianor Cotgrave ## possible duplication above??
  m. William Gamull of Chester (alderman)
  iii. Elizabeth Cotgrave
  m. John Segerton of Northwich
  iv. Margaret Cotgrave
  m. John Balle of Dublin
v. Jane Cotgrave
  C. Richard Cotgrave
  D. Margaret Cotgrave
  m. Ralph or Richard Aldsey or Aldersey (son of John of Aldersey)
2. Robert Cotgreve of Stubbs
  A. John Cotgreve of Stubbs
  m. (Margery?) Hurlton of Lancashire
  i. Elinor Cotgreve (d 1618)
  m1. Sir Richard Pexsall (d 1571)
  m2. (1572) Sir John Savage
  m3. (06.1599) Sir Robert Remington of Saxby (dsp by 1610)
3. Richard Cotgreve
  m. _ Molineux (dau of _ Molineux of Sefton)
  A. Robert Cotgreve
  m. Elenor Rogerson (dau of Hugh Rogerson of Stapleford)
  B. William Cotgreve of Mouldsworth
4. Jane Cotgreve
  m. Richard Butler (illegtimate son of _ Butler of Bewsy)
5. Margaret Cotgreve
  m. William Mollineux of Moldsworth
  A. Elenor Mollineux
  m. Henry Somerford of Tarven

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol 1, 'Cotgreave of Netherlegh', p530+)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Cotgreve of Hargreve'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Congrave of Hargrave')
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