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Families covered: Copledike of Copledike, Copledike of Frampton, Copledike of Harrington, Copledike of Kirkby

Roger Copledike
m. Elinor Spalding (dau/heir of Ralph Spalding)
1. Sir Alan Copledike of Frampton (a 1273)
  m. Hellen Leake (dau of Richard Leake of Leake)
  A. Sir Roger Copledike of Copledike in Frampton (d by 1324)
  m. Agnes Friskeney (dau/coheir of Raphe Friskeney)
  i. Sir Alexander Copledike of Frampton (b c1300, d 1334)
  m. Joane Huntingfield (dau/heir of Sir John Huntingfield of Huntingfield by Anne, dau/coheir of Thomas Rockley or Rokeley)
  a. Sir Roger Copledike of Harrington (b c1316, a 1363)
  m. Maude Harrington (dau/heir of Sir John Harrington of Harrington)
(1) Sir John Copledike of Harrington (a 1380)
  m. Anne Croft (dau/heir of Rafe (or Sir Richard) Croft)
  (A) Sir John Copledike of Harrington, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1408-9)
  m1. Alice
  m2. Margaret Constable (dau of Sir John Constable of Flamborogh)
(i) William Copledike of Harrington (a 1417, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Clifton (dau of Sir John Clifton of Nottinghamshire)
  (a) William Copledike of Harrington
  m. Eleanor Hawley (dau of Sir Thomasv Hawley)
  ((1)) John Copledike of Harrington - continued below
  m. Margaret Tilney (dau of Frederick Tilney)
  ((2)) Margaret Copledike
  m. Sir Thomas Mussenden of Healing
  ((3)) Elizabeth Copledike
  m. Geoffry Cony
  (b) John Copledike
  m. _ Langton (dau of John Langton)
  (ii) Richard Copledike (dsp)
  m. Anne Bawde (dau of Richard Bawde of Somerby) see here
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1408) - John (priest), Margaret, Anne, Grace
  (2) Sir Thomas Copledike
  m. _ Baldes (dau of Henry Baldes)
  b. Thomas Copledike
  m. _ Cromwell (dau of Thomas Cromwell)
  c. Edmund Copledike
  m. _ Green (dau of _ Green of Greens Norton)
  d. John Copledike
  m. _ Inglethorpe (dau of Sir William Inglethorpe)
  (1) Roger Copledike
  m. _ Tunstall (dau of Sir Cuthbert Tunstall of Yorkshire)
  (A) Cuthbert Copledike
  m. Agnes Tilney (dau of Sir Richard Tilney)
  (i) John Copledike
  ii. John de Copledyke of Frampton
  a. William Copledyke of Frampton (a 1336)
  (1) Ralph Copledyke of Frampton (a 1369, 1382)
  (A) William Copledyke of Frampton (a 1392)
  B. Alan de Copledike (a 1295)
  C. William de Copledike (a 1296)
  i. Gilbert de Copledike (a 1349)



John Copledike of Harrington - continued above
m. Margaret Tilney (dau of Frederick Tilney)
1. Sir John Copledike of Frampton & Harrington
  m. Margaret (d before 18.05.1528, widow of John Etton)
  A. William Copledike of Harrington (before 10.1525)
  m. Margaret Sutton (dau of Hamon Sutton of Burton-next-Lincoln, m2. Nicholas Upton of Wainflete)
  i. Sir John Copledike of Harrington, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 12.12.1557)
  m. Elizabeth Littlebury (d 12.05.1552, dau of Richard Litlebury of Stainsby)
a. John Copledike of Harrington, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b c1527, dsp 04.04.1585)
  m. Anne Etton (d 10.07.1582, dau/heir of John Etton of Firsby)
  b. Francis Copledike of Harrington (d 29.12.1599)
  m1. Anne Chamberlain (dau of Sir Rafe Chamberlain)
  m2. Elizabeth Reresby (a 1614, dau of Lionel Reresby of Thribergh)
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - John, Anne
  c. Thomas Copledike of Claxby, later of Nether Toynton (d before 12.02.1600-1, 4th son)
  m. Esther Palfreyman (d before 03.02.1603-4, dau of Thomas Palfreyman)
  (1) Thomas Copledike of Harrington (b c1588, dsp 04.09.1658)
  m1. Martha Ellis (dau of Sir William Ellis, recorder of Lincoln)
  m2. Mary Enderby (a 1658, dau of Richard Enderby of Metheringham)
(2) Mary Copledike (b 1590, d 23.11.1637)
  m. (c05.1617) Edmund Ellis of Wellingore
  (3) Hester Copledike
  m. (13.10.1612) Hugh Bethell of Wintringham
  (4)+ other issue - Elizabeth (d before 12.07.1603), Anne
  d. Humphrey Copledike of Hetherset, Norfolk
  m. Thomasine Copledike (dau of John Copledike of Kirkby) @@ below
  (1)+ issue (a 09.1599) - Humphry (bur 12.04.1631), Edward, Richard, Susanna (bur 19.10.1622)
  e. Rose Copledike
  m. (after 12.1557) _ Drike of Antwerp
  f. Elizabeth Copledike
  m. Anthony Meres of Kirton
  g. Margaret Copledike (d 01.06.1560)
  m. Thomas Crofte of Bardwell
h. Katharine Copledike
  m. John Read of Wrangle
  ia.+ other issue - William (bur 16.02.1657-8), Mary (a 12.1557), Sythe (a 01.1571-2)
  ii. Sir Thomas Copledike of Rhodes
  iii. Elizabeth Copledike
  m. John Upton of Northolme
  B. Leonard Copledike of Kirby Cane, Norfolk
  m1. _ Richmond (dau of Simon Richmond of Stradbroke, widow of _ Bradock)
  m2. Thomasine Gavel (d 1557, dau/heir of Thomas Gavel of Kirby Cane, m2. Edward Calthorp)
  i. John Copledike of Kirkby (bur 13.04.1593)
  m1/2. Ellen Woodhouse (dau/heir of John Woodhouse)
  a. Thomasine Copledike
  m. Humphrey Copledike of Hetherset @@ above
  m2/1. Maude Highfield (dsp bur 1589, dau of John Highfield of Calais)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1526) - Francis, Margaret
  C.+ other issue - James, Anne (a 10.1526, alice (a 10.1526)
2. Thomas Copledike
  m. _ Lodington (dau of John (or William) Lodington of Scotton)
3. Anne Copledike
  m. Alexander Moigne of Sixhills

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Copledike of Harrington)
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