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Families covered: Colt of Auldhame, Colt of Colt, Colt of Gartsherrie, Colt of Garturk, Colt of Inveresk

William Culte or Colt de Strathawan (a 1292)
1. ?? Colt
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Colt
  i. John Colt of Colt (a 1365)
  a. ?? Colt
  (1) Thomas Colt (a 1455)
  (A) ?? Colt
  (i) Blaise Colt of Colt and Leonardley
  m. Egidia Fleming
  BLG1886 shows only Oliver as their eldest son and identifies Adam (Regent of Edinburgh University) as son of Oliver. BLG1937 shows Oliver as the eldest son and Adam as the youngest son, mentioning that there were 3 other sons and "several daughters". Details of the other sons & their children were kindly provided by a contributor (GW, 27.06.07).
  (a) Oliver Colt, Sheriff of Edinburgh (b 1539)
  m. Isobel Henrysonne (Henderson) of the Fordel family
  ((1))+ issue - Blaise, Oliver, John, Thomas
  (b) John Colt
  m. Elizabeth Brown
  ((1))+ issue - Blaise, Adam, John, Catherine, Agnes, Elizabeth, Eline
  (c) Thomas Colt
  m. Margaret Bennett
((1)) Henry Colt (b 1565)
  ((2)) William Colt
  m. Janet Karkiss
  (d) Alexander Colt
  m. Mary Crooks (dau/granddau of _ Walkinshaw of Garturk)
  ((1)) Alexander Colt, later Crooks (b 1638, d 1697, Major)
  m. Elizabeth Ferguson
  ((A)) James Crooks (b 1663)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Crooks
  m. William Colt of Garturk (b 1670/1) @@ below
  ((2)) James Colt
  (e) Adam Colt of Inveresk (Regent of Edinburgh University) - continued below
  m. (1595) Elizabeth Johnstone (dau of Sir James Johnstone of Elphinstone)
  (f)+ other issue - Blaise, William, Helen, (other daughters)



Adam Colt of Inveresk (b 1562, Regent of Edinburgh University) - continued above
m. (1595) Elizabeth Johnstone (dau of Sir James Johnstone of Elphinstone by Margaret Melville)
1. Oliver Colt of Inveresk (d 1678, minister)
  m. (1632) Catherine Logan (dau of John Logan of Bonnytoun by Janet, dau of John Keir of Spittal)
A. Sir Robert Colt of Inveresk (d 1699, Solicitor General for Scotland)
  m. Elizabeth Syme (dau of William Syme of Abirlothie Grange)
  BLG identifies their eldest son as Adam. However, a contributor (GW, 27.06/22.08.07), reporting from both 'The Colts of that Ilk and Gartsherrie' by George F.R. Colt of Gartsherrie (1887) and 'The Families of Colt and Coutts' by Rev. Charles Rogers (1879), identifies Adam as the 2nd son, the eldest son being ...
  i. William Colt of Garturk (b 24.03.1671)
  m. Elizabeth Crooks (dau of Alexander Colt, later Crooks, son of the heiress of Garturk) @@ above
a. Robert Colt of Garturk (b 1703, dspl 09.07.1785)
  partner unknown
  (1) Mary Colt (dvp)
  b. Alexander Colt (b 1705, dsp before 20.08.1767)
  c. Elizabeth Colt (b 1701, d 1780)
  m. (15.07.1727) James Waddell, 6th of Balquhatstone (b 1695, d 1770)
  ii. Adam Colt of Inveresk (b 11.02.1676)
  m. Mary Geddes (dau of _ Geddes of Rauchan, relict of W. Graham)
  a. Oliver Colt of Inveresk, Auldhame & Scoughal (b 1708, d 1778)
  m. (01.04.1755) Helen Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 7th Lord Blantyre)
  (1) Robert Colt of Auldhame, Seacliffe, Inveresk and Gartsherrie (b 22.09.1756, d 29.12.1797)
  m. (22.09.1778) Grizel Dundas (d 27.09.1798, dau of Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President)
  (A) John Hamilton Colt of Auldhame, Seacliffe, Inveresk and Gartsherrie (b 1789, d 1840) had issue
  m. Sarah Mannering (dau of Joseph Mannering of Downe)
  (2) Oliver Colt of Rownhams (d 1838)
  partner unknown
  (A) William Oliver Colt of Rownhams (Major)
  m. (1837) Jane Eyre (dau of Daniel Eyre of The Close)
  (3) Elizabeth Colt (d 05.1803)
  m. James Willis of the India House
  (4) Mary Colt
  m. (08.01.1796) Charles Pye of Wadley (General)
  (5) Helen Colt
  m. Sir David Rae, Bart, of St. Catherine's and Eskgrove
  (6) Margaret Colt (d 1836)

Main source(s): BLG1886 & BLG1937 (Colt of Gartsherrie) with input as reported above
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